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Phonetically Said as; Dahdskogen

Artists!; Cover Art -   Brannvegg -    Giftigt träsk -   Huleliv -    høy vert -
Dødsskogen (said as Dahdskogen) is the sentient plant that pillaged the lands of Plöntukúla ( said as Plontikula) , making it one of the largest planets in the Outer Abholos. It acts as the Prime conscious being for the planet known as Plöntukúla, being the plant that surrounds the planet in many different layers. It is unknown to beings what created it, as it has no sort of parental figure, or even hinting to it being an entire species. Some have speculated that it belongs to the Divine Being known as Rallaster , who planned for it to be a torturous being, according to old Lore Transcripts. The Plant itself can eat creatures of any size to be used as fertiliser for other sections of the plant, it does this whenever either; a creature gets close to the centre of the plant itself or when it dies to a Carrier. Around 1/10 victims of Dødsskogen become creatures known as carriers, who aid parts of the plant at any given moment. They aimlessly wander with fertiliser built into them to give close vines and trees enough nutrients to survive.

Common Carrier Symptoms



Often in Carriers, they grow to abnormal sizes. Tiny Turns to Small, Small Turns to Medium, Medium Turns to Large, Et Cetera (using standard 5e sizes) . This involves in the DNA of the Carrier creating another version of itself to weld itself to. This is most common on the Surface Layer in creatures like Flies, Cockroaches, Humanoids, Wolves, Mounts, and other creatures that are closely associated with Humanoids. If a Carrier is weakened before changing, the replicated tissue will be replaced with a wave of leaves and vines matching the colour of the closest Plöntukúla layer. If the carrier is not weakened however, it's skin will crack into different pieces during the change in size, and will be replaced with Bark skin.

Cellular Respiration

In those which can travel long distances, such as a Horse or a Quickling, those with these symptoms are the ones that usually feed to younger parts of Dødsskogen by spraying some sort of fertilizer onto the area it needs to be applied to. The fertiliser is often made with bones and corpses of those deemed unfit to be Carriers, which is around 6/10 of all victims to the Plant.


Mostly found on The Crimson Forest, are Welding Symptoms, they weld 2 objects with liquid that resembles glue. This symptom is primarily given to large creatures like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or a Sangheili. This makes for good materials and webbing if they can be recovered and sent out onto another planet.


The most common fate of all who enter Dødsskogen's domain. Vines matching the colour of the Region would wrap themselves around a victim and drain them of their blood and nutritional materials. Some may be able to escape this fate but have new appendages of Vines, similar to that of the Demogorgon. There are different variations of Entanglement, with some of the more Rare cases being that the Vines act as a puppet-master, or even be used with a natural weapon if mastered correctly.

Layers of Dødsskogen

Dødsskogen has complete control over the complex habitats and locations above it. Directly Above is known as Brannvegg (said as Branveg), The Crimson Forest. This layer is the hottest of all of the layers, water being hard to find except from geysers and Hot Springs. It's filled with gray trees with ash grounds, turning solid from a certain kind of Carriers, known as dýralíf hita. They are common beasts turned into horrific Carriers, wrapped in Blood Vines and blisters. Most of the absorbed nutrients are transported to an oceanic area at the Southern parts of this layer, which has been given the Nickname by survivors being 'The Lake of våre venner' (pronounced as Vare Vener). The ocean is seen as a storage area for the plant's many locations across Plöntukúla.
The next layer is known as Giftigt träsk (said as Yiftig Trask), which roughly translates into Toxic Swamp. This is where most of the transformations take place for Carriers. The entire East Hemisphere of this layer is filled with eggs, corpses, and pools of acid, and the other is also filled with acid, but thick swamps cover most of the land. It's primary non-carrier species consists of Black Dragons, who are attracted there by the many pools of Acid. The Black Dragons that become infected have their skin covered in Moss, and they guard the eggs from enemies at all costs. They usually eat the smallest eggs for nutrients, killing the soon-to-be Carriers that are inside the egg.
Huleliv (said as Huleev) is a dense set of jungle life with many kinds of rare flowers growing, it appears to be the safest of all of the layers. It holds no Carriers, but instead evil Plants and Constructs from past exhibitions, along with their undead exhibitioners. The plant life here is mainly built around large stone caverns made from a pre-existing layer to the original planet,  Plöntukúla.
For the very few species here, they are mainly what would normally be seen in caves, and Jungles. These include; Tigers, Moles, Rats, Bats, and Crocodiles, along with others. It is currently unknown why this lair has no Carriers, but it is theorised by scholars of Herbs and plants that Dødsskogen is may have split, and that a younger offspring of the original self is protecting this layer. It is also unknown why the surface layer is still infected, despite Huleliv not having any traces of the original species.
Lastly is the surface layer simply titled høy vert (said as hoy vet) , which is where most of the Carriers reside. They usually rest in large thick trees. The layer is mostly composed of thick forest trees, with roots that connect to one another. Most abandoned settlements and vehicles are found here, and it is seen as the most dangerous placing on the planet, mainly as most people do not understand what lurks below. There are few humanoids that live on this surface, mainly as Outlanders or people who survived their abandoned settlements/vehicles. Though mostly what is inside of these abandoned areas are the drained corpses of the civilians and travelers.

Anatomy and Morphology

    The centre point of Dødsskogen is a circular object, similar to that of an Egg. The 'Egg' itself is around 19 inches long and has a height of 26 inches. It is surrounded by a thick layer of a jelly-like substance. There is also another shell around it, making the total volume of the egg approximately 115.83 Cubic Meters.    

Sensory Capabilities 

  The plant uses Truesight to locate outlines of creatures that haven't become carriers for it. It can also use Carriers to see into areas without any need of Truesight.      

Genetics & Reproduction

  Saying how it is an Egg, Dødsskogen has been hinted at having a parent, or some sort of creature inside. This has been proved false by beings with Tremor-sense, as they have recorded that there is no movement or connections inside of the egg. Weaker Carriers have been taken by Spacecrafts and researched on, finding small pores that when near a non-Dødsskogen area, will burst with Moss and saplings if it is still on the original Planet.
Scientific Name
Gigantorcino Plantae
Not Available
Discovered by

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6 Apr, 2021 01:49

Amazing idea! I always love ancient terrors. One thing I think would improve the article is better organization. The layout is a bit all over the place, which makes the information harder to digest. I would suggest reorganizing the sections of the article and splitting some of the longer paragraphs to be more bite-size.

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7 Apr, 2021 13:33

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to make it look more Appealing!

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Oh wow, that is one creepy and fascinating plant! The information you give out is very interesting, though I'm sad to see there are no links to other articles. Oh also, you should be sure to credit the artwork you use (even if you're the artist!), not doing so could bring disqualification ^^

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7 Apr, 2021 13:26

Thanks for telling me! The changes will be coming soon, also thanks for the feedback!

7 Apr, 2021 21:34

This seems like a creepy but cool type of plant! The order is a bit confusing and layout is sometimes a bit confusing though so perhaps you could use larger headers and subheaders to divide the text. Perhaps you could also add how creatures become carriers.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'll get onto it ASAP! Your Article is amazing also, feel free to check out the other planet I have made so far!

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Thanks, really appreciate it! :) Oh what article is that? Will check it out! :)

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well i haven't made an article on the planet itself. Hzowever most of the articles on my page have to do with it, it is called Aitso

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8 Apr, 2021 07:27

This is a really cool plant, very creepy XD And I really love the illustration, they really give the right ambiance for the article XD   Here are the notes I took while reading the article:   I’m not sure how to pronounce the name of your plant, you could use a tooltip to give the IPA pronunciation.   I think that in the introduction you have to tell us what are carriers first or the second section is rather confusing. Start by saying that it's a carnivorous plant that can eat prey of any size, but that a small number of those prey are kept alive to become egg carrier instead to help with the plant reproduction. Also with that sentence " that surrounds the planet in many different layers." I would explain that the layers are not stuck to each other but that they form plane with plants and creatures living on each ones (as that's not something I understood at first).   "Often in Carriers, they grow to abnormal sizes. Tiny Turns to Small, Small Turns to Medium, Medium Turns to Large, Et Cetera." Here do you mean that the plant makes it hosts becomes bigger? You could also add tooltips to explain the designation tiny, small etc   You could also add subtitles when you start talking about the layers since you're not in the carrier section anymore. And then use a lower level of subtitle for each other layer. Some for the carrier section. Use h1 for "common carrier symptoms" then h2 for the name of each of the symptoms.   I could how you end that with saying that there are still people living on this planet on the top layer and that they have no idea of the danger that are below their feet XD   Although when you say " Most abandoned settlements and vehicles" do you mean that the people have left, or are there still non-abandoned ones?

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Thank you for the feedback! i'll be sure to check out your plant challenge article, the notes are greatly helpful for future editing. Ty!

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Thanks :D I'm glad you find my comment useful. Rereading it now, I noticed a typo: at the end I meant "I love how you end that with saying that there are still people living on this planet on the top layer and that they have no idea of the danger that are below their feet XD"

To see what I am up to, my latest article is Geography of magic for the River Challenge
16 Apr, 2021 02:23

Hey Sai! Love all the artwork you've included in your article - they're all very nice pieces. A couple suggestions for you:

-Try not to center align your entire article
-Consider moving your credits into the actual image using the image manager or into your footer rather than the very top of the article
-Consider make your artist links actual likes by moving the urls into the url bbcode

Keep up the great work!

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Eek! Eek! O_O Okay, definitely don't want to get near that. Note to self: Be wary of moss-growing dragons.