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The 20th Year of Modern Lands

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Many years ago, around 2,000 by now, a shocking event claimed the multiverse, and information about Pantheons were filled everywhere, what do they mean though? How did this happen? Are they Even True?   The Solar System of the Material Plane, a wonderous location where many planets reside, they all have been here for so long, nobody even remembers when they first saw the other Planets. Thousands of Vast Planets, all forming this Small Galaxy of around 400 Stars. The strangest part is, grand portals known as the Unbound Gates can link them all, from the Foggy Oceans of Alethia, to the endless wonders of Aitso, or the wastelands of Rao with volcanoes and ash covering the entire surface. Perhaps you wish to go to a more iconic planet, maybe Faerun, Eberron, Ravnica, Theros, or even Dragonlance. The limits are far apart, and are open, for all to see.