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The Royal Family of House Harkan

The first and last kings of the alderians

Only one human have ever bested me in the great game. Only one, and his name is Fredrich III Harkan. I shall bear this humiliation for the sake of the Imperium as most you my daughter!   /Eldamir medi Eldarim about the Pact of Dellim
  No other alderian noble house that still exists to this day ever had the level of power and influence that the Harkan family has had over the centuries. For this was the noble house that lead the alderian people in their Exodus from Theuronien. Some would argue that if it had not been for the Harkans the alderian civilization would not exist today. But what is a certain fact is that the map of northern Quentania would look much different from how it looks today.   Those born in to the Royal family of house Harkan have been born to be kings, queens and even emperors. Alas for the Harkan their glory days are now long gone. Yet the family's mark on history can not be overlooked. For the Harkans are not shaped by the world, they shape the world around them.  

House Harkan

The royal family of house Harkan is what is called a "heart family" meaning that all other family's of house Harkan has their origin in this family in one way or another. As such a member of any Harkan family has, in theory anyway, a duty to the Red Harkans. As all alderian high houses the Harkans have spread and have today grown into five great family's of note, including the Red Harkans themselves. As well as a few even lesser cousin family's.   Which is also the case whit most alderian high houses they are given nicknames to distinguish the family's from one another. In most cases the nation said family has it's high seat is used. But not whit the Harkans, the heraldic symbol of the house is a dragon holding a man in one claw and a treasure chest in the other*. The family's of house Harken has those simply changed the color of the dragon on their banners. Those the royal family is known as the Red Harkans as their dragon is red.   The other family's of the house are:   Harkan-Dolchen - The ruling family of the Grand Principality of New Aldian. The last loyal principality of the now ruined Alderian Empire. The two family's are bound by blood not only because the founder of the house was a younger daughter of Emperoress Jennaria the first of House Harkan. But also because Harken-Dolchen has married back into the Red Harkans on two other occasions through out history.   The Black Harkans - A lesser family that rules a small barony in northern Ahtealdan. Tho all Harkans have often been called pitiless at times, the Black Harkans are said to be cursed whit madness. Their first member was a Red Harkan Duke that was exiled to the far end of the then still standing Empire, after attempting to over throw his cousin the Emperor. This short, highly secluded civil war is at times cited as one of the reasons for the final fall of the Alderian Empire.   The White Harkans - A duchy owning family that are said to be more then half helmlanders. They rule the small port city of Williams Hold, named after the first White Harkan. William Harkan was the son of the youngest son of the Emperor Caspian II Harkan. Whom gifted his son a great mass of land and a city in what is today southwestern Vallahelm.   von Fiolandins-Harkan - Also just called the Analatian von Fiolandins. They are a duchy dynasty, much like the White Harkans. But unlike them the von Fiolandins-Harkan,came to be over a conflict between alderian high houses. Namely house Harkan and house von Fiolandins. The conflict was over whom had conquered the city of Fealadiriam*. The young prince Richard Harkan whom had stormed the gates in the last stages of the siege. Or the elderly general baron Xander Samheart von Fiolandins whom had commanded the whole of the siege. Their emperor command his youngest son, Prince Richard, and his general to share. And those Richard married the generals daughter Fiona.
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The reason why the name of the lesser house comes first is a rather humorous piece of history. The emperor, Caspian II, was not pleased whit his son trying to put his father in a impossible situation. As he had told his loyal knights that he had been promised the city by his father. "You would not make me a liar father?" the prince had asked when the emperor hesitated to do so after the battle.   So when the time came for the wedding the emperor Caspian told his future daughter-in-law, that her house name would come before the prince. When she asked why, Caspian replayed "For that is how much my son loves you my dear." When the prince showed his chock at the fact that his wife's name came before his, the emperor called out: "But surly son you would not make me into a liar?"
  * Today known as Fealdirm capital of Analatian.  

The Red Harkans

The currently living members of the family is here listed in order of falling rank. Whit the family's highest ranking members first and their lowest ranking member at the bottom.  

King Gottfrid IV Harkan

The king of both Dellim and New Aldian he is perhaps the most respected of alderian monarchs in the world. And despite his high age, being one and eighty, one of the strongest voices on the Council of Kings. He was once a mighty warrior, said to even have taken part in the New Aldian raids, that plagued The Imperium of Nadrac under his fathers rain. He also fought to put down a rebellion against his own rule only three years after taking the throne at four and thirty.   Today the king is a aging, fat and feeble old man. But only of body, the mind of the king is as sharp as ever. And for the last fifteen years he has pushed for a war between the Imperium and his kingdoms blood foe, the Tharn Republic. Those whom know him think, he might succeed. For Gottfrid never make any endeavors he is not sure to succeed in.   He sits the throne secure in the knowledge that his family loves him and that whit them on his side few things are impossible. The kings only sorrow is that his wife, Mellira Harkan-Bloont died six years ago in of the gray flue.   Gottfrids Children - Anna von Fiolandins-Harkan, Ericha Harkan-Dolchen, Drakan Harkan, Jaqlien af Thorten-Harkan and Hansen Harkan  

Crown-Prince Drakan Harkan

As king his name would become, King Drakan V Harkan. The eldest of Gottfrids sons, and third of all of the kings children, he is often called the iron fist of the throne. Just as cunning as his father and grandfather, but rather lacking where it comes to takt. Drakan is most at home in battle or at weapons practice. Never far from his side is Sir Quilburn, a massive warrior that the prince knighted himself after the man saved his life from a ghoul attack.   He holds the title of Prince-Commander and leads the armed forces of Dellim. The title also places him on his fathers royal council. A role he only at times takes part in. Only when called by his father does the crown-prince do anything that is not ruled by his own whims. He is a married man to a women almost half his age. He being five and thirty and she, Helena Harken-von Strouten is three and twenty. They have two sons together.   Drakans Children - Caspian Harkan, Deamion Harkan  

Duchess Nealinadia Harkan-medi Eldarim

The kings sister-in-law and one of the youngest daughters of Imperator Eldamir medi Eldarim. When they married Nealinadia was a hundred year old elven maiden that wedded a eager seventeen year old prince, Viktor Harkan. But as time past the young prince became a duke as his brother became the new king and then the duke was a old man whom died in bed. Whit his wife if one is to believe the gossip.   Tho respected and much loved by her family, the people have come to truly hate the widow-duchess. Most likely because some see her giving birth to orcs that are also of pure Harkan blood as a abomination. Calling her "The Harkans elven whore!" Some going so far as to claim that her children are all the kings bastards. Something both she and the king violently deny. During the years as part of the Red Harkans she has come to resent her father and his house. Often voicing a wish to place a Harkan in his place.   Tho she has a place of honor on the royal council, it is via her children her true power stems. Her oldest, Sir Xander Harkan often acts as the kings emissary. Her daughter Felichia af Galadim-Harkan is married to the royal palaces steward, baron Simon af Galadim. But it is oddly her youngest son, the one who's father is not her late husband as he was born five years after the dukes death.   Many believe that this young orcs father is non-other the king himself. Others say that its the Prince-Commander offspring. But one thing is for sure. The old king loves the boy dearly and treats him as he was just another of his grandchildren.   Nealinadias Children - Xander Harkan, Felichia af Galadim-Harkan and Will Flexur Harkan   (More coming after "A Family Affair" challenge is over)



House Harkan is not only one of the 13 great houses that lead the approximately 1.8 million alderians from Theuronien to their new home on the islands now known as new Aldian. They are also one of the nine first houses, and those claim kinship whit Baltazar the Prophet himself via his younger son Alderune. According to the Harkans their ancestress, and first house member, was non-other but Harkania.   Aldrunes third daughter, and fourth child over all. She was according to history a mighty warrior and was said to only have given birth to sons. Where of the eldest ,whom was named Xander, is the ancestor of the today living bloodline. Tho that is highly debatable as most of the lines of house Harkan, including the now dead ones, claimed to be his blood.   Which is most likely because his three brothers where drunkards and rouges where as he, the eldest was a warrior like his mother and father.  

Josef "The Seer" Harkan

Josef was born in 3070 of The Age of Hero's according to the History of the World and was only 19 years old when the darkness of the ghouls started to spread. He was the one and only son of a elderly duke, named Fredrich, whom ruled a small duchy in the kingdom of Aldian. The boy was not much of a warrior, but he was gifted when it came to the higher learnings.   He was a mage simply put. He was especially at shamanistic arts. Such as scrying, through this arts he watched the ghouls and vampires and Changelings. And what he saw was death, unstopping and unbeatable death. Those he asked all he could to leave their homes and flee over the Summer seas.   But the king of Aldian refused. And many claimed that the darkness was a punishment from the Allfather on the wicked Old Empire. And that it would not spread to Aldian or any land that held true to the true faith. In the end only 13 noble family's and their loyal commons followed Josef Harkan.   Even Josefs own father, and his most steadfast old retainers stayed behind to give the fleeing a better chance of geting away. Which turned out to have been just as well because a horde of ghouls attacked just moments before the last ships set sail and many thousands of alderians died in the battle by the ships.   Seven horribel months later the ships landed at the shores of New Aldian. And their under the open sky the Patriarch and Matriarch thanked the Allfather and Allmother for their grace and Josef "The Seer" Harkan was crowned, Josef the First of house Harkan King of all Alderians.  

The lines of Kings and Emperors

  • Josef "The Seer" Harkan - was crowned at 21 years old and reigned between 3091 - 3143 AoH.
    His reign was one of peace and prosperity. Know mostly for the building of Harkans Hold, today called Harkhold, the capital of New Aldian.
  • Viktor "The Grandfather King" Harkan - was crowned at 49 years old and reigned between 3143 - 3188 AoH.
    One of the eldest ever reigning Harkans to ever live. Even exceeding the normal human lifespan whit four years. Often recalled as the Grandfather King, as he outlived some of his own children and was inherited by his grandchildren.
  • Gottfrid "The Feeble" Harkan - Crowned at 33 years old and reigned between 3188 - 3195 AoH.
    Gottfrid was one of two heirs to Viktor Harkan, tho the oldest of the two Gottfrid was sickly, small and afraid of his own shadow. Those it only took his cousin Caspian seven years to get the backing of nearly all the high houses of New Aldian. The sickly Gottfrid is even recorded to willingly giving the throne to his cousin.
  • Caspian "The Elves Friend" Harkan - Crowned at 36 years old and reigned between 3195 - 3232 AoH.
    Tho he took the throne from his cousin few had any trouble whit his rule. Where Gottfrid had more or less let the royal council and barons rule his kingdom Caspian knew what he wanted and made clear commands to make it so. He spent much of his time learning all he could about the elves. Under his rule trade and contact whit the Elumian Elves grew.
  • Ursula "The Betrayed" Harkan - Crowned at 17 years old and reigned between 3232 - 3272 AoH.
    It is seldom talkad about but King Caspian the first of House Harkan, had trouble geting his wife whit child. And most of the few children they did have more often then not died soon after birth. So it was that Ursula the royal couples sixth child became his heir, and the first queen of the Harkan line. She was a strong and strong willed queen. Which often lead to her clashing whit the king of the elves. An enmity that caused her death when she was shot dead by elven archers when she attempted to come ashore at a peace talks called by king Arthulation medi Felanfin himself.
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    I called a meeting of my Alderian friends, how she could have ever believed I counted her among them is her fault not mine!  
  • Arthulation medi Felanfin when accused of murdering Queen Ursula the first of House Harkan
  • Drakan "The Conqueror" Harkan - Crowned at 21 years old and reigned between 3272 AoH - 39 AC.
    Drakan toke his mothers death as a attack on his people and family by the Elumian Elves. And as such he felt it was his duty to act. Those after preparing for five years he lead an invasion of the elven mainland. The humans toke the elves utterly of guard, the elves had little armed forces at the coasts, not believing the humans to be any threat to them. Whit the fast first victory's Drakan re-crowned himself "emperor" and called the whole of his land holdings the Alderian Empire.
  • Viktor II Harkan - Crowned at 41 years old and reigned between 39 - 73 AC.
    Often called "the Stonemason" as he spent more time restoring the citys conquered by his generals and building castles then he did at war. Many say that if it had not been for his brother, Xander, he would have lost the throne to another player of the great game. But according to history he was in all ways that truly matter a good emperor. And under his rule and his brothers armed might all of the southern provinces of the Elutiahan Empire fell to the Alderians.
  • Caspian II Harkan - Crowned at 48 years old and reigned between 73 - 96AC.
    Emperor Caspian II is mostly known for two rather odd choices. Firstly he chose to forgive king Arthulation medi Felanfin, whom was still king of the Elutiahan Empire. And to instead invade the Analatian Empire, the elven empire to the north of the Alderian Empire. Unlike his father, whom he had seldom seen growing up instead spending most of his time whit his uncle, he was a warrior and tactician. But the Analatian Elves had learned from their foes and had acquired horses. Those the war between the two empires toke far longer then emperor thought it would.
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    Even so he did succeed in conquering all of modern day Nadrac and most of the south of modern day Analatian.
  • Jennaria I Harkan - Crowned at 51 years old and reigned between 96 - 133 AC.
    Often called the Matron Empress because of her numerus children and grandchildren. She is also known for being the one ruler during the Conquest not to expand the Alderian Empire. Some have come to blame her for the fall of the Empire as the Helmlanders toke about half of what still existed of the Analatian Empire.
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    She was also the one to divide the Alderian Empire into the four Grand Principality's. This being the Grand Principality of the West, North, New Aldian and the Crownlands.
  • Fredrich "The Gambler" I Harkan - Crowned at 57 years old and reigned between 133 - 153 AC.
    Most notably known as the emperor whom conquered the northern half of modern day Analatia, the kingdoms of Teth, Nadrac as well as the southern halfs of Urdhaim and Vallahelm. And then lost all of the Grand Principality of the North in a civil war whit his cousin. A war he lost because he insisted on leading his troops by himself, even tho he was a notoriously bad commander.
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    Said cousin was non other then Xander von Fiolandins-Harkan whom styled himself, high king of Analatian Empire, a title that only existed for two generations of man. As his son would one day be forced to see the newly created empire is father built fall to pieces.
  • Ursula "The Crazed" II Harkan - Crowned at 31 years old and reigned between 153 - 156, and later between 161 - 166 AC.
    Know as the first monarch of the short time period between 153 to 169 AC called, The Heirs Great Game. In which Ursula, the only blood heir of Emperor Fredrich made war on her cousin Duke Drakan Harkan of Karlsford. This civil war arose because the Emperor had many times denounced his daughter for her cruel nature and her unwillingness to take a husband.
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    Some even say that if Ursula had simply wedded her cousin, Duke Drakan, all of the Heirs Great Game could have been avoided. But instead she married only a day after her fathers death. And the man she married was a common mercenary named Sallwill "The Blackspear". A brutal and greedy man that had been her lover for many years before their married.
  • Drakan "The Thrice Crowned" II Harkan - Crowned at 41 years old and reigned between 156 - 161, and later between 166 - 169, and lastly between 174 - 180 AC.
    Called by some "the Usurper" and "the Savior of the Empire" by others. Darkan the second was indeed a most dividing person. As a direct descendant of Viktor II Harkan, he had a rightful claim on the throne. And he had from time to time been chosen by the late Emperor Fredrich to be his heir, as Fredrich had much trubbel geting children. And where Ursula was cruel and petty, Drakan was just and forgiving.
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    He often proclaimed that he regretted having to rebel against his own kin. And it was by his skill in diplomacy more then anything ells that kept the Grand Principality's of the West and New Aldian out of the civil wars.
  (More Coming soon)

Ours is the Flame!
Ours is the Glory!

The house sigill is made by me whit the aid of Worldspinners heraldry editor
Timeline abbreviations
AoH = The Age of Hero's
AC = After The Conquest
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
The Dellim Harkans, The Royal Harkans or the Red Harkans
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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Cover image: March of Empires "Thanksgiving" by Jaime Martinez
Character flag image: Made whit Worldspinner's Heraldry Artist by Erik Fallgren AKA Swedish Uruk


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