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A dance of orc's and elves

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The Year is 1307 After the Conquest
A dance of orc's and elves is a fantasy world that's a mix of sword and sorcery and classic fantasy. In this world orcs are the children of men and elves*. A world of magic, ruled by the blade and governed by the power of blood!   This world is about what happens when the rules or expeditions of society are broken. How it is to be diffrent and out of place in the world.   *Or men and goblins. Or orcs and elves/goblins. Or Orcs and other orcs!  
  Then Eluina did weep. For her child whit her mighty lover was not elven nor a man. For behold it was a orc! No great cat or mighty wolf had grown in her womb. But a foul and deadly viper.   But Haaur Redwolf started grinning. For he saw what the boys mother could not see. For the world of man is one of combat and betrayal. And in that world a child destined to become deadly could one day come to rule many a great man.   /From the Song of Haaur the Conqueror

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A dance of orcs and elves

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