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The Imperium of Nadrac

The Kingdom above the Kingdoms

By this rules and articles shall we rule ourselves and our subjects. This we swear by the will of the gods, until the ends of the earth.   Article one: Non of us mighty kings shall remove the crown of one of our brothers. We are free kings that rule together. Non here in this council of kings is the servant of another. By our own free will, or a majority vote, shall we follow the will of the Imperium. Only in war may the Imperator, the king of kings, command us!   Article two: Non of the nations of the Imperium may attack another. And should one of our brothers come under attack we shall all rise to meet our foe. It is the duty of the Imperium to protect all whom live whit in it's bounds.   Article three: All nations of the Imperium shall pay a yearly tribute to the Imperium. This wealth we shall rule over together when this council meets. Only in war may the Imperator use this founds as he sees fit.   Article four: All nations of the Imperium shall keep a core of Prefects and at least one company of Imperial Militia to uphold the laws of the Imperium and the peace of the Imperium.   Article five: All nations of the Imperium shall keep at least one company of Blood Knights to safeguard the Imperium.
  /The Articles of the Nadrac Imperium
  Most commonly known as the Imperium. Do some of it's detractors call it the Empire of Elves, which is a somewhat incorrect name. Tho it is true that elves hold much power in the Imperium most of it's population is human. And it's chief culture is that of the Alderians. Truth be told one could even question if it should be called a "imperium" or "empire" at all. As the mighty nation functions more like a confederacy then a empire.   The Imperium is as a matter of fact made up of nine sovereign nation and one vassal state. Each whit their own monarch and laws. The nations of the Imperium stay loyal to the Imperium for three reasons.
  • Fist of the Imperium protects it's lands whit all the combined might of it's nations. Any nation under the protection of the Imperium is more or less guaranteed greater security and more trade as a result.
  • Secondly, the Imperium makes trade between it's member nations far easier. As all nations make all of their trade agreements at the Council of Kings, once every five years. Those the people of the Imperium have a easier time traveling and trading whit in the Imperium.
  • And lastly, tho the articles forbids the monarchs to interfere whit the affairs of one of the nations of the Imperium. Trying to leave the Imperium is seen as a act of betrayal of the phrase "It is the duty of the Imperium to protect all whom live whit in it's bounds", and those a king that tries this will soon find himself killed by the Imperiums armed forces.


The Imperium is a feudal confederacy where the monarchs of its member nations rule their own nations as by the laws of said nations. The overall organization of the Imperium is ruled by a council of said monarchs. At it's head is the Imperator, whom functions as a chairman of the council and the Imperiums highest martial authority.   As it is has a feudal structure that means that its ruled by a landed elite. Said elite make pledge loyalty to the monarchs and the monarchs pledge loyalty to the Imperium. Most of its population is however not part of this elite at all and are ruled by the elite and the monarchs. In such systems personal loyalty often lead to power struggles and betrayals.   This could make the Imperium a confusing mess of a nation at odds whit one another, but thanks to the Great Institutions of the Imperium it functions far smoother then one would expect. This institutions are:  

The Council of Kings

The Council rules the Imperium and depending on whom it is that wheres to crown the Imperator as well. The power of the council is distributed so that every monarch has just as much power as the rest. The Imperator does not have the power of veto, but a Imperator can chose not to put a issue to a vote as only the Imperator may call for a vote. For a proposal to be agreed upon at least two thirds of the council most vote in favor of said proposal.   The Council makes the laws of the Imperium. Only "the Articles of the Imperium of Nadrac" being the one set of laws that not even the council may change. It is also the Council that declares wars and makes Imperium vide proclamations. The Council only meets once every five years, unless called to an emergency meeting by the Imperator. Those the daily running of the Imperium lies whit it's five other institutions and the monarchs of it's member nations.  

The Prefect Corp

The Prefects are a group of highly educated nobles, mostly of elven blood, that act as the Imperiums arbitrators. They sit in judgment over common criminals and traitors to the Imperium. It is there duty to uphold the laws of the Imperium, and it's member nations. To help them do this they command the Imperium Militia. A armed force that is trained to deal whit outlaws and ensure the peace of the Imperium.   They also act as counselors to higher nobles and even the monarchs of the Imperium.  

Imperium Militia

The Militia, or green cloaks as the commoners call them, carry out many duty's. First and foremost they are lawmen, they hunt down thieves and bantids where ever they can be found. They are also soldiers, always kept whit in the Imperium to guard against surprise attacks or raids when the regular armed forces are called away to war. They also often escort Officers of the Ministry of Commerce when they are out collecting taxes.   Unlike most soldiers of the Imperium, whom answer a liege lord of some sort, the Militia answer to the local Prefect. They do that to prevent local nobles to misuse their power. A common problem in many nations that are not part of the Imperium.  

The Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry has three inglorious tasks. Firstly to keep track of all trade the Imperium does. Both whit in itself and whit nations beyond its borders. And secondly to collect the taxes to the monarchs of the Imperiums nations and the tribute to the Imperium itself. And thirdly to tally all the state expenses for all of the Imperium. They are to put it simply the accountants of the Imperium.  

The Blood Knight Order

The vanguard of the Imperium. This elite force of steel-clad orc warriors are breed by the elven nobility to protect the Imperium. Created by the first Imperator to protect the newly formed Imperium this orcs have come to be seen as heart of the Imperium. They are the sons and daughters of elven noblemen and their second, and sense it tradition started centuries ago, human wife's. Those all members of this knightly order is part of the elven nobility.   This practice of elven and human crossbreeding is put in practice in all nations of the Imperium, except in the elven kingdom of Elutiahan. The last true hold of the Elumian Elves civilization.  

The Order

Tho technical independent from the Imperium this wizards order was founded by the first Imperator and has it's head quarters in the Imperiums capital. That and the fact that nearly all of it's members serves the noble family's of the Imperium and where also born whit in the Imperium it is as good as a part of the Imperium. As such it is used as a source of magical power, research, the training of Bestianaders and wisdom.   Any young man or women of the Imperium whit the right talents might well come to learn in one of the Orders black towers. And one day that young person might be the counselor of a noble or even monarch.

Public Agenda

To protect and govern the people of it's mighty land holdings. Something its armed forces do very well as they are among the largest and best trained in the known world.


Tactical Assets

  • The Nations of the Imperium - This is of course the Imperiums greatest asset. The ten states whit in the Imperium provide all the resources the Imperium could ever need. Only the most rear of luxury items is imported to the Imperium as it's member nations produce nearly all other things.
  • The Order - One of the most powerful wizard orders. Tho it is technical independent of the Imperium, all of the Orders major holdings are whit in the Imperium. This and the fact that all Meisters of the Order most give an oath to there liege lord to serve them, the Order is as good as apart of the Imperiums power structure.
  • The Prefect Corps and the Imperium Militia - As the prefects of the Imperium uphold the laws of not only the Imperium. But also of it's member nations. Whit the aid of the Imperium Militia, whom enforce said laws, law and order dominate the lands under the rule of the Imperium. This causes better trade and more prosperity.
  • The Blood Knight Order - Most likely the best armed, trained and motivated army of orcs in the world. This knighted orc warriors are the great vanguard of the Imperium. They are the steel fist of the Imperium that not only all but guarantees victory for the Imperium, they also guarantee that their elven fathers remain in power.

Natural resources

See the member nations of the Imperium.


The Imperium military can be divided into three parts. This are the Vassal Forces, the Imperium Militia and the Blood Knight Order.  

The Vassal Forces

This are the armed forces of the monarchs and their loyal elite. Their nobles and their men-at-arms as well as freemen or ungbhana warriors. They are sent into battle by their monarchs and are loyal to the member nations of the Imperium rather then the Imperium itself. This is by far the largest of the Imperiums armed forces. It is also the most varied of its forces. Much of it is made up of villagers conscripted into battle and mercenaries. The strength of this forces depend greatly on the monarchs of the Imperium, as they might chose to not send their best if they have little intresset in whatever war the Imperium is fighting.  

The Imperium Militia

Tho the Militias prime function is to uphold the law they are a trained armed force. They are however never sent to any offensive war as their role is to keep the nations of the Imperium safe. They are trained, and have at a few times even done so, to defend the Imperium in case another nation where to attack the Imperium when it main forces are of fighting a foreign war. This armed force consists nearly solely of conscripts from the nations towns and countryside. Making most of its soldiers common folk, this seams to add to their determination to fight for their homes however and a number of Militia men have over the history of the Imperium been knighted by monarchs for their deeds in battle and loyalty to the Imperium.  

The Blood Knight Order

The Blood Knights are the steel fist of the Imperium. This order made up solely by the orc children of elven and human members of the elite are raise to fight for the Imperium. Form the moment they are born to the day that they die this orc knights are told that their place in this world is in the defense of the Imperium. And the elven fathers. When the foes of the Imperium see one of this scarlet steel-clad warriors in battle many flee rather then face one of this death-bringers of the Imperium.  
Never had I seen such a warrior. Even tho I had seen orc mercenaries in battle they where kittens compered to this great tiger. He was clad in blood red steel from foot to brow, his cape billowed in the breeze like blood in water. A sword far to big for any man to hold in one hand he held in his right hand. A massive shield was strapped to the other.
My brethren came at him from all sides by they where are puffs of wind against a mighty cliff. One by one he slew them as they did all they could to slay him. At last only he and I where left on the field. "Do you yield?" he asked in a voice like rocks falling in the mountains. And to my shame I fell to my knees and begged him not to slay me.  
  • An account form the Uo'Gala Imperium war of one of the Blood Knights in combat.
  • Religion

    The Imperium has no official state religion as much of it's population worship different faiths. Some of the Imperiums member nations have state religions but not even they can claim to have any greater power over the state.

    In peace, safety and freedom!
    In war, power and unity!

    Geopolitical, Empire
    Alternative Names
    The Imperium or the Empire of Elves
    Head of State
    Government System
    Monarchy, Constitutional
    Power Structure
    Economic System
    Market economy
    Often called the coins of the North as next to all nations of the north of Quentania use this coins. The coins of the system are:
    1. Gold Crowns - Their called this because they have a crown stamped on one side and the likeness of the nations monarch on the other.
    1. Silver Swords - So called because an image of a sword is stamped on one side of the coin. One Crown is worth 100 Swords.
    1. Copper Shields - Whom get their name because of the shield stamped on one of the coins sides. One Sword is worth 100 Shields.
    Legislative Body
    The Council of Kings
    The laws of the Imperium are based on the Articles of the Nadrac Imperium at the first Council of Kings. All other minor laws of the Imperium are written by the Council of Kings. Only when a six of the nine monarchs of the Council agrees on a change to a existing law or the making of a new one are any legal drafts ratified.
    Judicial Body
    The Prefect Corp
    The Prefect Corp are the Imperiums law keepers. Not only do they carry out the duty of judges in the Imperium Courts of Law. They are also the authority that the Imperium Militia answer and report to. Some Prefects, tho that is rear, even lead the Imperium Militia in raids on outlaw strongholds.
    Official Languages

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