WorldAnvil FAQ

Regarding Guild Membership

  How do I join the Guild? Visit the Membership page and select the rank you wish to join: Journeyman, Master, Grandmaster or Sage.   What are the benefits of Guild Membership?
  How do I upgrade my Guild Membership? Visit the same Membership page anytime to change your support tier! Upgrading brings more Co-Authors, World Slots, Subscriber Slots, and more special features! If you upgrade before your current subscription ends, you will only be charged the difference.   How long does it take for my Guild Membership to take effect? The membership should immediately activate after processing the payment. If you are in our Discord server, make sure to connect your World Anvil and Discord accounts to get your Discord Guild benefits!   Do my Co-Authors or subscribers need to be Guild Members as well? Absolutely not! Only one user need be a Guild Member for Co-Authoring to work. Take a look at the Guide to Authors and the Guide to Subscribers for more information.   What are apprentices? Grandmasters and above can spend 30 Ingots (see below) to make another user their Apprentice. The Apprentice will get all Journeyman features and a special role in the Discord server. Sometimes, Apprenticeships can also be prizes in a raffle or a competition.  


What are Ingots? Ingots are virtual currency earned and used solely in World Anvil. Guild Members earn a set amount of Ingots every month based on their support tier, starting with Grandmaster Worldsmith.   What can I do with Ingots? Currently, Ingots can only be used to gift the Apprentice rank to another user in one month increments, which costs 30 Ingots.  

Revoking Membership

What happens to my content if I revoke my Membership?
  • Private worlds are accessible for Viewing only
    • editing rights are removed for the User and thier Co-Authors
  • Subscribers can no longer view private articles
  • The User is presented with a choice to:
    • re-initiate their membership to get access to edit
    • OR
    • make their World Public
  • Once implemented, the User is able to ALWAYS export their data
  • If the User has more than 2 non-archived worlds they will be prompted to choose 2 of them to be editable. The rest will be locked. This choice will be reversible every X number of months and will never include Private Worlds

Regarding Private Worlds

Is there a way to link certain people to your private world?
  1. By changing the Article's state to Open in the Access Tab of the Editor
  2. By creating a Subscriber Group and assigning Users to it. You then select Subscriber Groups able to see an Article via the Access Tab of the Editor

Regarding Content Ownership

  Can I use images I don't own? World Anvil has no rules against content ownership, but will act on behalf of the art owner if asked to, and may have to close your world temporarily until the problem art is removed as World Anvil will not directly edit your articles in any way. Best practice is to ask permission from the artist and give them credit.   Can I embed images from other sites without uploading them to WA first? You cannot currently for the following reasons.
  1. The whole site loads in one go so your experience isn't degraded by another sites slow servers.
  2. With the images locally hosted, should the World Anvil Team recieve a takedown request they need only to delete the image rather than the entire article as they are not allowed per the TOS to edit your works.
  Can I post violent content? Violent works may be considered NSFW depending on the level of detail or gratuity. Use things like PEGI & ESRB to help gauge what is and isn't Mature/NSFW content.   Can I post sexual content?
In both public and private worlds the distribution of child pornography is NOT allowed. Documentary like sexual reproduction material is allowed 100%. Lewd content in private worlds is allowed.
— Dimitris
  Do I own content I post? As much as you would writing it in a notepad. If a work is your intellectual property it remains as such on WorldAnvil.  

Other FAQs

  Is there a World Anvil mobile app? There is no plan for a Mobile App, however, once the site is feature complete, work will begin on much better optimization of the Mobile Site. Additionally, an offline WA Notebook app is being planned that will hopefully be able to sync to your account Notebook on the site, allowing for easier additions to your world's!

Important Guides

  Take a look at these for an in-depth look at various parts of the World Anvil workings!   How to begin using WorldAnvil   Oneriwien's CSS Guide   Using the Campaign Manager   WorldAnvil Discord


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22 Nov, 2018 04:57

DO you have a ETA about "Additionally, an offline WA Notebook app is being planned" Iwant this but not unless there is a offline due to the fact i have little to no internet most off the time

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It's still pretty far out, I believe. Here is the current priority list.