Hi! I'm Ondo, the Spark of Water. My main job in WorldAnvil is helping new users with their questions in the #help channel of the Discord server. As an Enchanter, I take care of the help pages in this Codex to make sure they are always up-to-date! Also, I'm Blue's faithful minion in the Spanish translation team.   I have a world here on WorldAnvil, Einya, the setting of the story I'm writing right now. Although most of it is in Catalan, there's a couple of articles in English. I'll give you a cookie if you find them :)   Outside of WorldAnvil, I'm a translator student and language nerd. I like making creative stuff, such as writing, coming up with dnd campaigns and characters, or making crochet plushies! I'm a big advocate for community-driven projects, so you can find me collaborating in various wikis around the internet (the most famous being, of course, Wikipedia).  

Give me cookies at...

  • Discord: Ondo#7566
  • Reddit: NeoMahler

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Spark of Water, Forge Minion, Forge Knight
Year of Birth
1999 (19 years old)
Current Residence
The Spark Klin
Somewhere over the rainbow...
Gender Identity
Known Languages
  • Catalan and Spanish: native
  • English: C1
  • Catalan Sign Language: around A2
  • Esperanto: very basic
  • Japanese: learning!


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