SummerCamp 2019

What is SummerCamp?

  SummerCamp is the greatest worldbuilding challenge of the summer!  
Over the course of July, we are releasing 30 writing prompts related to various aspects of world building.   Write a minimum of 300 words per article, and finish as many as you can to get a bronze, silver, or gold badge on your profile!   There will also be various prizes, surprises, and activities, so stay tuned for more!

How do I Join?

  If you don't already have an account, Click Here to create one. Then check out the getting started guide and start your world.   If you do have an account, then you're already set! Once SummerCamp begins you will be able to hop right in!

When is it?

SummerCamp begins on the 1st of July, 2019 00:01 PST / 8am BST.   At that point, the main landing page will go live with the full rules, and you will be able to begin writing your articles to fulfill the prompts!

How do I Prep?

You won't know what the prompts are going to be until July 1st, but you can still think about what part of your world you want to focus on.   You can also watch some of the recent streams for ideas on how to get ready!

How do I Share?

Tweet your articles with #WASummerCamp2019 and @WorldAnvil to get our attention!   You can also stream your progress with writing streams, or join the discord to brainstorm with other worldbuilders!

Homework Prompts!

Prompt 1!

June 3rd--Summary
Summer Camp is a marathon, and all Marathons needs some planning. They get you motivated and get you ready to go right out of the gate. Write an article that summarizes what you want to cover in Summer Camp!

Prompt 2!

June 12th--Scope
Getting your scope right can make your Summer Camp more focused! Hone your ambitions and creativity by setting the scene for what you will work on. Make or refurbish a world introduction to help establish the project you'll be working on!

Prompt 3!

June 16th--Inspiration
Keeping inspired is a great way to help avoid burning out. We want you to make an inspiration board on World Anvil. Image Galleries, Roll Tables, Sound Tracks, anything that helps keep you going and sets the tone for your world!

Prompt 4!

June 24th--Outreach
It's time to get your name out there! We want to see how you've established your presence on Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, wherever it may be! Share with us your WorldAnvil user profile with social media filled out!


Author's Notes

Any questions about Summer Camp? Let us know! Either leave a comment here or join the community and talk to us directly! All credit to TJ Trewin for assets and CSS.

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25 Jun, 2019 22:13

Do I have to make a new world or use an old one

26 Jun, 2019 05:58

You can use an existing world! It just has to be new articles!

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Benjamin B
1 Jul, 2019 17:29

Hello there! I'm looking for the first prompt. Is there a link to it?

1 Jul, 2019 21:12

Yep! The challenge is now live!   You can also find it by from the left-hand bar from your dashboard! Expand "Community" and click "Challenges"!  

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Benjamin B
2 Jul, 2019 01:22


28 Mar, 2021 23:47

Will there be another Summercamp for 2021 or any later years?

"Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don't we consider it his duty to escape?" —J.R.R. Tolkien
29 Mar, 2021 05:52

Yep! Every Summer!

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