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Article previews are an in-depth way to show previews of articles with full BBCode support within other articles wherever they're linked within your world: hover an article link or an article block to see a tooltip with information from the article. They are a Master-only feature, and can be enabled by checking DISPLAY ARTICLE TOOLTIPS under the Display tab of your World Configuration. They are a part of the Advanced Customization Features described in the Master tier of the pricing page.
  By default, tooltipster previews will be populated from the title, cover, and vignette of an article. You can override this by editing the article to be previewed, and writing whatever you want in the MOUSEOVER SNIPPET box of the Design tab of that article.
  If your links don't display a tooltipster and your account is in the Guild Master tier (or above), make sure that the Display article tooltips checkbox in your world's Display settings is checked:

  Alternatively, if Tooltipster is disabled, tooltips will show the contents of the Excerpt box of an article, which is below the mouseover snippet box. This field does not accept BBcode.
Generic article | Jun 10, 2022

This is an articleblock! Hover it for a tooltip, and click it to go to the related article!

Hover the above block to see the tooltipster!
CSS Selector
.user-css .tooltipster-content


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10 May, 2020 03:45

Is there a way to disable the header image from appearing in the tooltip? I unchecked the "Display Block Headers" option in my world settings, but it doesn't seem to remove the image from the tooltips.

12 May, 2020 06:27

Hello! You can suppress it one of two ways!   First, is to set a rule on your world css to display:none the following selector .tooltipster-content img:first-child.   Second, and more time consuming but rewarding, is to use edit the contents of the mouseover snippet box of each article's design tab, as that overrides what shows up in tooltipster.

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13 May, 2020 02:19

Awesome! That worked perfectly. I may try out the mouseover snippet later on, but I really like being able to see my vignette in a pop-up :) Thank you for your help!

12 Mar, 2021 18:39

I wish there was a way you could disable it for some pages and enable it for others....

2 Sep, 2021 10:54

Hi! Is there a way somehow to show the character portrait section of a character article in the preview? Because so far showing images in the preview only works for me if I put the image link into the vignette or into the subheading section and neither of them looks nive when I open the character article itself. Thanks in advance for your help!