M. Damion Otter (a.k.a. Oneriwien, Oner, or Oneri.)

I'm Damion but most of my online friends, and friends in general, know me as Oneriwien or more simply, Oner Currently I am prepping for my continued education hopefully into a computer-related field. My past employment has been primarily blue-collar work focused on the food industry but after a bad leg injury, I have started to focus on my true passion: computers and programming.

From a WorldBuilding perspective, I like dark, morally-questionable settings that make people think or just call me edgy. I am hoping that with WorldAnvil's help I will finally get Ravare, my setting, into an eligible setting that isn't years worth of notes.

I have been on WorldAnvil since the start of January, 2018 and have been on daily ever since. Around the community I am likely most known for my themes and talking about random stuff.
I don't know, I didn't ask people what they know me for. I am just guessing.

Divine Domains

WorldAnvil Themes, Badly Timed Organization

Holy Books & Codes

Divine Symbols & Sigils

* { ? }

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Broke my leg getting out of bed. Acquired a pretty great scar on my head falling off a bunk bed. Ripped my meniscus in 4 places getting out of bed. I have a minor fear of getting out of bed.

The earthquake of 2018 in Alaska has left me with some serious PTSD. Not the joking kind. If the tub shakes too much while I am in it, I can freeze in place and plan my "let's not die" escape. It's so fun.

Morality & Philosophy

Aethist Absurdist that just wants the best for humanity. Absolutely a socialist.
The purpose of humanity should be the reduction of suffering.
— Someone smarter than me.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Alcoholic (Haven't had a drop since September of 2018. Yaaay.)


Have issues with being dirty. Must maintain cleanliness.


Family Ties

Got a mother. Got a wife. Got a daughter. Got a son. Don't need more, please!

Religious Views

Attack and dethrone God.

Hobbies & Pets

Four massive dogs.


Sometimes I can't think of words in the middle of speaking and it basically shuts down my brain for a few seconds. Maybe caused by previous brain damage involving a moving vehicle. I also never shut up.

Wealth & Financial state

Broke as hell. Send help.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
1995 26 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born unplanned, but well received.
Anchorage, Alaska
Current Residence
Anchorage, Alaska
Biological Sex
Straight, but I can fake it.
Gender Identity
Hazel, kind of droopy
Long, brunette with a tint of red.
180 (Plagues make you fat)
Known Languages
English, 3 years of High School Latin, and some Spanish.
Character Prototype
Man, I would love if Hugh Jackman played me in a film.


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29 Oct, 2020 15:35

Oneriwien, do you have a customization guide for your Dungeons & Dragons CSS? Or even just the raw CSS so we can easily make changes to different things?

29 Oct, 2020 23:01

Hello there! I don't have a guide for the CSS, but if you PM me on Discord (Oneriwien#8825) I can give you the raw CSS AND help you with anything you might need!

Author of Ravare.
16 Sep, 2021 21:24

Hi Oneriwien, I really like the lines above and below header 1 in you Stranger Worlds theme. Could you tell me what CSS you used for that or which CSS changes you made to the standard header 1? That way, I could apply it to a different theme that suits my world better.