Lightning Challenge #36 (Complete)

Great LGBT+ People

Hosted by Xanthuss

We, the weird and sideways folk, have always walked the line of rejection. It's what makes us visionaries. We who are pushed away, to the edge, can see beyond the borders of reality. We frighten the privileged with our possibilities.
— Gail Carriger
  Write about a living person or mythical figure from your world who loved just a bit outside the box and achieved great things!   Whether they were gay, lesbian, trans, genderfluid, polyamorous, bisexual, or something else, tell us about their lives, their strengths and weaknesses, what great deeds they achieved. Whether they were ordinary people or gods, they impacted people, and left a legacy

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All users welcome!

Min. Words 300
Max Words 1500
Template Character or Myth

Start Time
  • PST: September 30th at 01:00
  • BST: September 30th at 10:00
  • AEST: September 30th at 18:00
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This challenge has a prize


The winner will receive a one month WorldAnvil apprenticeship from XanthussMarduk and The Creative Closet.   If the winner is already a guild member, second place will receive the apprenticeship.


Isaac will pick his favourite article as the winner. All entrants will receive a detailed comment on their entry.


Writing quality, completeness in painting a picture of your character, and presentation (CSS-themes and other guild privileges not counting)

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Lightning Challenges are community created challenges to inspire you to think about aspects of your world you might not have before!   Challenges may be hosted by users and staff alike. Contact Ademal to host your own in the future.  
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1 Oct, 2018 05:37

Saint Tagara. I was in the middle of revising the articles for all of the Saints anyway, so this just seems like good timing. Plus she has a far happier ending now than she originally did, so Tagara thanks you.

1 Oct, 2018 06:52

2 Oct, 2018 00:19

Kalan Mera is a main character and a transgender woman.

2 Oct, 2018 00:44

Grystine Fau
Character | Oct 2, 2018
  Super cool lady that I’ll def revisit and improve upon later on! then i can add her gf’s when i get around to them!

2 Oct, 2018 04:42

2 Oct, 2018 06:38

My entry is here:   (I apologize in advance if the way I've submitted is inappropriate. I have a learning disability which makes using the site rather difficult at times.)