Lightning Challenge #33 (Complete)

When Disaster Strikes

Hosted by TrueUndeadHero

Sometimes it takes a natural disasters to reveal a social one.
— Jim Wallis
  Let us discuss disasters, man-made or otherwise. What caused them to occur? Was it a lightning strike at a munitions factory? A saboteur with a bomb? An earthquake in a peasant kingdom. Whatever it was, it happened and it was devastating. In your article, I ask that you describe a disaster, what happened, how it happened and how its aftermath affected the world around it. It could be as small as a lightning strike or as large as a planet ending meteor.   You will have 48 hours to complete this challenge.   Please do not submit until you are done, as the Emcee will be reading them as soon as he notices them and early submissions may be read in an incomplete state as a result.

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All users welcome!

Min. Words 500

Max Words 1500

Template Generic or Document
Time Limit
  • PST:Start at Sept 14th at 12:30
  • BST:Start at Sept 14th at 20:30
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This challenge has no prizes!
The Emcee will be reading and commenting on all articles. The spirit is to get you to worldbuild!   If you have any questions about this, contact the Emcee, Barbarossa, in the discord, or comment with your questions below.

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