Hi, I'm JamesWLL or more simply James.   I'm one of the quieter pairs of Mod eyes lurking around in the Discord, though I'm more than happy to chat and chew the fat about almost anything. My worlds.... are well, a little incomplete at the moment! But World Anvil is certainly the place to discover and learn all about Worldbuilding hence why I'm here to.   When I'm not trying to write worlds, my other passion is drawing them. I love old school B&W hand drawn inked maps, and have probably created over a hundred in my time! Nowadays I dabble in pen and ink as well as digital, and could probably be called fantasy cartographer now; which is something I'm more than happy to talk though with anyone, and pass on what I can. Feel free to talk to me about gridlines, perspective, climates and more anytime.   Back on Terra Firma, I'm a stay at home Dad to my wonderful son Atlas (yes, I'm a cartographer with a son called Atlas, the irony isn't lost on me), a keen runner, hiker, explorer and foodie.. with interests in history, social culture and nature thrown in. Also put a board game in front of me, and you've got me for hours!   Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to talk to me any time.  

- J

WorldAnvil Discord
Year of Birth
1981 (37 years old)
Brown, slightly squinty
Generally messy


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