Guide to Character Interaction

If you have created a hero character, you can make it interact with other characters! This article is not about the characters you can create using the template article, but about the ones you can create for Heroes. More information in the Guide to character creation.  

Let's get posting!

In your character's profile, and also in the Heroes Stream (acessible from the left sidebar), there is a text box you can use to post from your character. It looks like that:  
  When the post is ready, click the Share button and it will be published! You an always click on the Private button if you don't want other people to see it. Remember that you can make the post date display as your world's current date for more immersion! To do that, edit the "Current date" field in your character's profile.   Under the text box there are six icons for different kinds of post. For example, clicking on the trophy icon will change the post type to Event, and two new fields will be added:  
  Additionally, all events automatically generate a character timeline you can view in the History section of your character's profile.   The other four icons, from left to right, are for quotes, pictures, out-of-character content, and journals (see below).  


Any picture you post in your profile using the picture post type will be automatically added in your gallery, accessible from the top menu in your character's profile.

Out of character

You can use out of character posts to share your own thoughts. These posts will be dimmed down (unless you are hovering them with your mouse) and a small crossed microphone icon:


Journals are a special kind of post designed to write more long-form prose (from your character's point of view). The journal edit window has its own page and lets you title the journal, write the prose, and sign it in a specific in-world date. Journals are published in your stream, and will also be added in your profile's Journal page.  

Make friends!

Of course, Heroes wouldn't be a social network without having the ability to interact with other characters! So, go to the Heroes dashboard and choose a character you like from the New Heroes profile.  


If you go to any character profile, you will see a Follow button under their profile description. If you click the button, the character will be added to your followed characters and all their posts will appear in the stream of your Dashboard.


If you liked or enjoyed a character's post, you can click on the Renown button under their post. Renowns are the Heroes equivalent of "likes" or "thumbs up".


Of course, you can also comment on the character's post!
  Write in the text box and click the Leave comment. Keep in mind that all comments are public and can't be edited (but can be deleted, clicking the bin icon next to it).

Mentions and hashtags

You can also mention other characters! Type @ followed by the three first letters of the character you want to mention, and choose from the drop-down. You can also go to the character profile and copy the mention code from the bottom of the profile sidebar.   You can also add hashtags as you would in any other social media; # followed by a keyword. Clicking on a hashtag will take you to a page with all posts that have been tagged with it.
  Following, giving renown, commenting, and mentioning characters will send a notification to the character's owner.   And that's about it! Your characters are now ready to make some friends. So go ahead and spread the love!


Character interaction? What are you talking about?
Heroes is designed as a social media site for your characters! You can not only make them post as if they were writing in any regular social network, but also interact with each other through follows, comments and the renown system!
Can I follow or message characters without having an active character myself?
Yes, you can do so with the usual method described in the guide. This is especially useful for GMs to contact their players and keep an eye on what they are saying.


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26 Jul, 2019 04:33

What about collaborative writing posts, between characters? Is there a means of sharing a peice of content between players, or rather, characters?

26 Jul, 2019 11:33

The only thing that comes to mind is the author system, but that's for the worldbuilding side of the site, not characters. If you think that would be something nice to have, you can request it using the feature suggestion form! You'll find it in the "Need help?" link at the bottom of this page (or the "Suggest a feature" link at the bottom of the editing interfaces).

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
1 Aug, 2019 17:33

I've done the needful! Thanks for clarifying that!

14 Sep, 2019 05:45

I came here to rp. How the heck do I rp? I was told I would be able to. This is way too complicated. I can't figure it out for the life of me. I didn't come here to make social media posts as my character. I came here to rp him. I don't even make social media posts as myself. I use it to rp. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

14 Sep, 2019 22:31

I need more details. Are you a GM trying to set up your campaign/sessions/campaign world here? Are you a player in an existing campaign? Are you trying to find a new group to play in? I'm more than happy to help, but I need more information on what you want to do other than "how do I rp".

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
15 Sep, 2019 03:38

I get the feeling that I was misguided. The vast majority of my characters are not heroes or villains and definitely don't go on campaigns or whatever. They are centered around character development, building relationships, and creating a cohesive story. They aren't like video game protagonists that go on adventures or missions or quests. Exploring the site, it seems to be made for characters that are like that. There is occasionally fighting, but not regularly. The character I was hoping to rp, for instance, is just a construction worker, and not like Mario. I used to rp him elsewhere, but the site closed down. His rp focused on developing his character and him dealing with trauma, anger issues, and depression and learning to cope with his loss and be able to form personal bonds again. He doesn't go on campaigns. He goes to work. He goes to the library. He goes on walks. He goes home. He definitely isn't a hero. This isn't the only kind of storyline I do. I rp a queen struggling to rebuild her kingdom after a devastating war and a failing economy, a severely mentally ill man with a very rough past just trying to move on from his mistakes and live his life, a murderer trying to avoid getting caught, a woman trying to start a business in the fashion industry, and so much more. Even the characters I do have that would go on things like campaigns, that isn't the main focus of the rp. If this is not something you can provide, then this isn't the place for me.

15 Sep, 2019 18:55

Hi! Thank you for the details, that's helpful.   So, first of all, even if it's called "Heroes", any kind of character can have a place here, this is just the name of the rpg part of World Anvil —your characters are perfectly valid here. That said, it was designed with tabletop role-playing games in mind, either in-person or by computer, but with groups (you know, DnD, Pathfinder, FATE, and so on). There are some people that have characters that are not part of a campaign group, but then the only option you have is to use it as an in-character social media. You can use it to interact with other characters, explain your day (either through regular posts or journals), and so on —all from your character's perspective.   I hope this clarifies the issue!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
15 Sep, 2019 19:50

Yes. Thank you for clarifying.

13 Aug, 2020 19:39

Is there any way to have only my current world's inhabitants as a filter for the interactions?

13 Aug, 2020 21:16

If you mean in the character stream, you can have a followed-only stream! So you could follow only people in your world and use this as the filter.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
13 Aug, 2020 21:22

Awesome, that is what I am seeking. cheers,

29 Oct, 2020 11:36

Sorry to necro, but is there a way to bind a stream to a campaign so it cannot be seen by people outside of the campaign?

21 Oct, 2022 01:44

(More Necro) I'm not sure, but I think there should be a way to make your posts "private" before publishing them. Only those in your game/world *should* be the only ones who can see it