Guide to Character Creation

Having a character on Heroes is necessary for players in an RPG campaign, but it can also be useful for writers and worldbuilders in general in order to find the voice of that character.  

Creating your character

On your Global Dashboard, click the My Characters button (or the Characters link in the left sidebar) and click on the Create a new Character button, at the bottom of the screen. If you have never created a character, this page will be empty, but otherwise it will contain all your Heroes characters.   Once you click the button, this form will appear:  
create new character.png
  In the above screenshot you can see an already-filled form for a character called Aiuei Eimaui (see her current profile here: Aiuei Eimaui). This information will appear in your character's public profile, and you will be able to change it later. Click the save button to finish creating the character!  

Your profile

Your character's profile will look like this:  
heroes profile general.png
  Let's break down its different elements:
  • Character profile (red): this box contains everything you entered in the character creation step. You can click the Edit button to change it.
  • Player profile (cyan): this box has the name of the person who created the character, together with their World Anvil profile bio, a list of all public characters and links to social media (also from your World Anvil profile).
  • Embedding box (yellow): this box contains a simple unique bbcode tag that you can copy and paste anywhere else on World Anvil. The code will generate a link to your character's Heroes profile. Note for Guild members: if you change your character's URL slug, this code will change too!
  • Menu bar (purple): this contains links to different sections of your character's profile. The About section contains an extended profile for your character (see below). The rest of the tabs are explained in the Guide to character interaction.
  • Post box (green): post on Heroes as your character! See the Guide to character interaction for more information.

Creating your extended profile

In order to fill in the About section of your character, click on the Edit button of their profile. A new page will open with the following menu bar:  
edit profile menu.png
  The Basic Profile tab is just the information that appears in the simple profile box, what you entered when creating the character. In order to add content to the About section, you need to go to the Extended Profile tab. This will open a form with multiple text boxes, similar to the character article template. Fill them in as you wish and click on the Save changes button at the bottom of the page to update the profile!  

Guild features

If you are a Guild member, there are three more options you can set for your character:
  • Privacy: you can make the character Visible (anyone can see it) or Hidden (only you can see it).
  • Custom URL: if you want your character's profile URL to contain instead of a random string of letters and numbers, use this field.
  • Hero Profile CSS: use this box to define custom CSS that will be applied to your Hero profile only.


What can I use characters for? Heroes helps you give life to your characters! Thanks to its social network-inspired design, all characters can interact with each other, which can help you develop their personality and history. Additionally, you're also able to use your characters in an RPG campaign, since Heroes is also a campaign manager!   Will my characters be public? Yes, all characters are public by default. If you are a Guild member, you have the option to set them as hidden.   Can I track my character's stats? If your character has an associated RPG character sheet, there will be an additional Sheet option in the menu bar of the character's profile. Not all character sheets have a trackable version, but, if they do, it will appear there, allowing you to track your stats directly from their profile.   What about equipment? You can also track your character's equipment from the Equipment tab of the profile's menu bar! You can add an item name, type and quantity.   Can I edit my character from the world itself? Yes! Edit the character profile and connect it to their campaign world. After the page reloads, you'll be able to edit the character directly from the worldbuilding interface (instead of Heroes).  

Character connections

If you go edit your character and look at the right side bar, you will find this box:  
Anotació 2019-08-15 120933.png
  You can use the first buttons to connect the character with one of your worlds. The world will then appear in the character's profile, and the character will appear in the world's main page.  

Giving access to the GM

Using the button at the bottom of the same box, you can give the GM of your campaign edit access to the character (provided the character has joined a campaign).


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8 Jul, 2019 10:58

how do I delete a character I didn't want to make?

8 Jul, 2019 11:03

Edit character profile -> Delete button (red) at the bottom of the page

20 Jul, 2019 10:58

Is there a way to merge this character with the character article? How about changing NPC protagonists to protagonists (PCs)?

20 Jul, 2019 19:28

Hi! You can connect a PC with a world by editing a character from the Heroes interface and using the sidebar ("Connect to [world]" button). This will automatically create an article in the world using the information you provided in the character profile. You'll be able to edit the article/profile from "both sides" IIRC. I don't think there is a way to merge a character with an already-existing article, but the character article template and the Heroes profile both have the same fields.   As for the second question, you can just edit the NPC -> "Make NPC to PC" section in left sidebar -> enter the player's username.   Hopefully that helps!

7 Aug, 2019 13:28

Perhaps I'm being really daft, but I can't find this NPC-->PC option anywhere. What screen is it in?

7 Aug, 2019 18:14

Hi!   It's in edit Campaign -> Supporting Cast (NPCs) -> edit the NPC you want to change -> box in the sidebar with the title "Make NPC to PC".   Hope this helps!

9 Aug, 2019 11:39

Ah, marvellous, thanks! The step I'd missed was adding the character into the campaign in the first place. Sorry, still very much the noob.

2 Aug, 2019 19:42

Hi there, I would like to know: 1. if and how I can get a new RPG system into the available selection? 2. can I connect a character to more than one system? i.e. I would like to use DSA (the dark eye) stats as well as D&D

4 Aug, 2019 19:02

Hi! For the first question, not all systems have character sheets available, as it's a volunteer effort (there are so many systems that if the WA developer made them, he wouldn't be able to do anything else!). Unfortunately, only Grandmasters (and above) can create new templates for sheets and blocks for a system that does not have blocks yet.   As for the second question, I'm afraid that's not possible currently!

11 Aug, 2019 01:01

Hi, I can't answer your questions, but I just wanted to give you a signal that I might be working on a template for DSA5 - but that might also take a several weeks (I am fairly new to the System). I'm currently facing the same problem that I'm using a mix of DSA and Pathfinder (I know it's not D&D :-) ) for a single campaign. BTW: You don't happen to play the G7? :D

11 Aug, 2019 10:18

Sorry mate, I primarily play homebrew and even that mostly in our own world. Furthermore, only have basic knowledge of the G7. Still, thx for the DSA5 info.

17 Aug, 2019 09:06

Hi A few of my characters have created elements of their backstory that are secret. Is there anyway to filter who can see that information? If they connect their character to my world and therefore create an article, can I set that information to secret to hide it?

20 Aug, 2019 16:32

Hello,   Yes, you can use secrets (Guide to Secrets) to make some parts of the content private, because you're a guild member. They should work in character profiles too, but I'm not sure.

22 Aug, 2019 10:50

Thanks, got that all setup now.