What is an Article Block?

Article blocks are visual links to articles. They show the article's cover, excerpt, type, and creation date.

You can find the BBCode for the article block in the editor of every article, on the right-hand side under the Links collapse (see right image). Keep in mind that this collapsible box is collapsed by default, so you will have to click it to see the tags.

Alternatively, you can get a little tricky with @ linking.

article block tags.png
Generic article | Jul 17, 2020

This is an articleblock! Hover it for a tooltip, and click it to go to the related article!

Tagged Article Lists


You can use tagged article lists to insert a list of article blocks that will always be up to date even as you add new relevant articles.

In its default form, we suggest inserting it at the bottom of the sidebar! With grid styling, it is a great addition to the full-footer as a 'further reading' list.


Syntax: [tagged:TAG|TYPE|TITLE]
Tag: Your tag name with a # in front. Example: #love
Type:"block" or "list". Determins how it presents.
Title: Sets the list's header. For nothing, put "none".
Symple: [tagged:#workflow|block|none]

You can do more with this tag! Read more here!


The default list displays vertically. You can use the following code to convert it to a grid instead!


Sample (as grid)

Styling Articleblocks

If you really want to make your article blocks stand out, there are many editing options for them! Using CSS, you can toggle elements of your article blocks on and off, and can even change how they look entirely!


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28 Apr, 2020 06:37

Hello, none of my article blocks have the cover art. They just look look like plain quote boxes with the name/link inside of it. Also, when I hover my mouse over the article boxes or my text links, no windows pop up. I have to press the link. I would like my players to be able to read the linked article without leaving the page. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ryan

28 Apr, 2020 21:18

Cover Art

Go to the article editor, then to its display tab. You can set the article's cover from there, which should fix that issue for you! If there's no cover set for that article, it wont use one.  


Go to your world config. Then to the display tab. Further down under Global World Display Options you should find DISPLAY ARTICLE TOOLTIPS, make sure that's checked.   Test that to see what pops up on the blocks.   You can customize what appears in that box by filling out each article's "mouseover snippet box on the design tab.

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29 Apr, 2020 03:03

Thank you for your quick reply, you got me half way there. I checked the DISPLAY BLOCK HEADERS and that solved my first problem. I should have been clearer, I am trying to get the article preview to pop up when I mouse over a link. I did check the DISPLAY ARTICLE TOOLTIPS and tried using a test phrase in the MOUSEOVER SNIPPETS box, a block link, a text link, nothing has worked. Is there some other box I haven't checked? I'm basically trying to do the mention links that Janet showed in the Youtube tutorial for forest goblins where the article pops up when she hovers over it.

29 Apr, 2020 04:29

Oh I see the issue. Had to go check your Guild Level.   So, the full fancy preview thing is, I believe, a Master+ feature. I meant to report to Dimitris before that it's not entirely clear how to enable it or what feature level it is. Sorry for the confusion!   What you can do as a Journeyman is populate the Excerpt text box below the Mouseover one. It only supports text, not a full bbcode display, but is handy for players who want to hover a link and get some quick info without opening up the article.

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30 Apr, 2020 06:37

Thanks for sorting that out. And yes, I agree, some transparency would have saved some headache.

6 Jul, 2020 07:31

I think to help new users, a screenshot of where to find the link for the article block to accompany the guiding sentence ("on the right-hand side under the Links collapse") would help a lot.