Great Visionary - Dimitri's Birthday Flash Challenge

So much universe, and so little time.
— Terry Pratchett
  It is our beloved World Anvil creator and developer's birthday! We're reviving a tradition from last year - surprising him with a secret birthday flash challenge! To celebrate his birthday, write a short article about one of your world's greatest visionaries. What did they invent and how did it change your world for good? Bonus if they're called Dimitris!  

Points to Consider

  • How they got their inspiration?
  • What struggles they faced in making their vision succeed?
  • Who supported them in their journey?
  • Did they have rivals (Tesla vs Edison)?
  • What their legacy is or was?

How to Enter

Post a link or article block to your entry in the comments of this page. Posting in Discord alone will not assure you entry. You can find your article block code on the right hand column of your article, below the BBcode Reference dropdown. You can then copy paste this into a comment.  


All participants receive an awesome badge for the Great Visionary 2019, designed by TJ! The winning articles in Standard and Premiere League will be put into the featured article queue.



Winner standard:


Winner premiere:




All users welcome!
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  • Anvil Time: February 18th, midnight (00:00)
  • Midnight (00:00) GMT | 3pm PST | 19th, 10am AEDT
  • Anvil Time can seen on the clock at the footer of every World Anvil page!
Here is a link to a timer countdown


Min Words 500

Max Words 1500

Entries will be judged by Xanthuss Marduk. If there are more than ten entries per league, we will select the ten most liked articles to read! So post to the World Anvil Subreddit and share it in the challenge channel on Discord. You have until midnight Anvil Time on the 19th to share your articles.
Winners will not go into the premiere league.
This is because this is a challenge organised by our admin team and is not judged by our normal procedures.


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15 Feb, 2019 08:59

Here's mine!

15 Feb, 2019 19:40

Dimitris the Steadfast
Character | Feb 17, 2019
  Happy birthday Dimi! Thank you for all you do! (also sorry that your character dies horribly... it can't be helped)

15 Feb, 2019 20:13

Got a bit inspired and even drew a picture :p

Ajada Dimidric
Character | May 29, 2020

The inventor of Refined Cryolidhium Crystal Power

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15 Feb, 2019 20:23
16 Feb, 2019 15:21

Here you go! Happiest days of Birth to you!

Dimitri Silverbeard
Character | Aug 18, 2019

16 Feb, 2019 17:33

Happy birthday! Although there's a difference between a seer and a visionary, in that one sees what WILL be while the other sees what CAN be, thinking about this challenge prompted me to make this character into something of both.

Character | Feb 23, 2019

17 Feb, 2019 03:25

Wish I had time for a better entry. Happy birthday, big guy.  

Dimitrios Zenōn
Character | Jun 12, 2019

17 Feb, 2019 06:23
17 Feb, 2019 07:37

*grunts* Didn't have time to finish an image (need to sleep and go to work) ...but there is a secret there that only Dimitris can far. XD

Character | Dec 22, 2019

The deity of paper

17 Feb, 2019 10:52

Here's my entry!

2% story, 98% non-related lore | Tales of Fabulae | Twitter
17 Feb, 2019 19:58

We already had a software Dimitris, so I created a hardware version:

Dimitris Har'd Ware
Character | Feb 17, 2019

17 Feb, 2019 20:09

17 Feb, 2019 20:15

500+ words for somewhat of a visionary black dragon. Will definitely need to be cleaned up at a future point.

Dimitris of the Draconic Council
Character | Feb 17, 2019

Co-leader of the council of the Vhaskus Mountains.

17 Feb, 2019 20:44

Dimitroux, Disciple of Lightning. The misunderstood visionary of Lightning that changed the world.  

17 Feb, 2019 22:15

Not as long an article as the others, but I want to contribute something.

Character | Mar 19, 2020

Architect and Civil Engineer in Solaris