Artemis Dynamic Search

ARTEMIS is the global search and navigator!
  Simply press Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard and use any of the verbs suggested to go anywhere and start creating everything. With Artemis you will never have to search through a menu, everything is there for you!  


Ctrl+Enter and then write "list articles" or even simpler "l art" click enter and you are at your articles list!

Ctrl+Enter and then write "Create character" or even simpler "c ch" click enter and you are now creating a new Character!

Ctrl+Enter and the write "View" and "home" and you are now at the presentation of your world!

Worldbuild, faster!

Commands & Shorthands

To use Artemis, first enter a command, then either choose from the provided options or type in something to narrow down the list. You do not have to enter the entire command, just the first letter.
activate—a: Sets a world, campaign, or character as your active—the one which you are currently adding articles or content to.   create—c:Create an article, timeline, event, secret, category, or map.   edit—e: Edit any of your articles on your active world.   list—l: List your articles, categories or anything else.   open—o: Open Account or Interface settings, Image Manager and other configuration pages.   view—v: View the presentation side of any of your articles, categories, timelines, maps, and histories.


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