Artemis Dynamic Search

ARTEMIS is the global search and navigator!
  Simply press Ctrl+Enter on your keyboard and use any of the verbs suggested to go anywhere and start creating everything. With Artemis you will never have to search through a menu, everything is there for you!  


Ctrl+Enter and then write "list articles" or even simpler "l art" click enter and you are at your articles list!

Ctrl+Enter and then write "Create character" or even simpler "c ch" click enter and you are now creating a new Character!

Ctrl+Enter and the write "View" and "home" and you are now at the presentation of your world!

Global Scrapbook

The Global Scrapbook is integrated directly inside Artemis. Simply activate Artemis (Ctrl+Enter) and press the Tab key to jump down to the Scrapbook! Anything you type will be automatically saved and viewable throughout your world by accessing Artemis again! Easily copy chunks of text, click anywhere outside Artemis (or press Escape) and paste!

Note: This updated version of Artemis should not interfere while you're writing inside an editor or text box. If Artemis isn't showing up when pressing Ctrl+Enter, then simply click somewhere on the page outside an editable portion, or simply use the Artemis icon in the navigation bar at the top of the page!

Worldbuild, faster!

Commands & Shorthands

To use Artemis, first enter a command, then either choose from the provided options or type in something to narrow down the list. You do not have to enter the entire command, just the first letter.
activate—a: Sets a world, campaign, or character as your active—the one which you are currently adding articles or content to.   create—c:Create an article, timeline, event, secret, category, or map.   edit—e: Edit any of your articles on your active world.   list—l: List your articles, categories or anything else.   open—o: Open Account or Interface settings, Image Manager and other configuration pages.   view—v: View the presentation side of any of your articles, categories, timelines, maps, and histories.
Artemis 2 Interface
by Dimitris


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22 Mar, 2021 05:54

Do the 'e' and 'v' commands not work for free users?

Kyukon's Nest
Flying Kyukon
5 Jun, 2021 13:57

I'm having the same problem, and I'm free as well, so probably?