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The Chronicles of Evalaw

The Fifth Age; 28,226 TW.

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The holy war is over, and the evils that once plagued these lands have been vanquished. But was such a sacrifice truly worth paying? The Creator god lies dead and the heavens torn asunder, our world cries out into the darkness for salvation, haunted by the sins of the past as the faith of its people begins to wane.
    Welcome dear Wanderer, to Evalaw, once a bright and vibrant world brimming with hope and limitless potential. Until the great upheaval of the The Cadence and the dark days of The Sundering. that changed Evalaw forever. Take heed wanderer, for despite all the wonder and splendour that still remains here, Evalaw is a dying world. The hubris and bitter enmity between the gods have long made them blind to the plight of the world and its people.   Choked by ancient evils that festers deep in its heart, corrupting what was once whole and pure into a cruel mockery of itself. Yet despite the hardships of such growing adversity, there is still a glimmer of hope that could lead to the worlds salvation. For it is Evalaw's people that could still steer the course of fate and save it from catastrophe, just as easily as they could be tempted to seal the worlds fate forever. Such feats of infamy and heroism by such intrepid souls, are recorded in these chronicles for all time.  
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