Season 2: Them

Argus heard Diavae's words in her mind, repeating them in thought like a mantra, "They will begin with an Appraisal. For both our sakes, don't look away."   Argus stood before them, an Eden tribunal. Each matriarch was more beautiful than the last. Their eyes were locked on hers. She struggled just to breath, her eyes adjusting to the symmetry and revealing something terrifying underneath. The more she stared back, the more of their true form she saw.   She felt the urge to run as adrenaline pumped through her veins. She wanted to look away, to hide from their judgment. Argus only asked for help. It was one simple favor. Why was she here?
Hello! Welcome to the teaser for season 2 of The Void Between. It wont be much, but hopefully it will generate a bit of hype for what's to come. This will be kind of a "world meta" for the season. Season 1 focused more on the setting at large, highlighting key elements of the world and telling a story with the big picture in mind: the story of humanity and its struggles. Season two will focus more on the characters themselves and expanding things on a smaller, but just as epic, scale. Their struggles, their hope's, their histories, and their secrets will all drive the plot as they try and navigate a new set of problems.
Since this is a world meta article, I want to start by talking about the musical inspirations for this season. Season one, and the setting itself, had a "theme song" in the form of Bring Me The Horizon's In The dark. This song expressed the settings themes and conflicts quite well for me, and season one kept to those themes as well. Season two, will expand on those themes.

Paper Thin

Season two will double down on the themes of hope, both as a blessing and a curse. Hope is flimsy and fragile. The characters will learn how unforgiving the universe can be, making this season a little darker, despite this hope and its brighter connotations.  
  • Caydie is home, but friends have died in a war she didnt even know about. Her anxiety torments her everytime she ponders entering the void, and adjusting has proven difficult.
  • Mute enrolls as a potential wayfarer, allowing you to see how they train and teach. The archivist struggles to understand a new enemy that threatens humanity, a group known to the The Origin Exiles as The Sin Eaters.
  • Something stirs under the surface of Safeharbor, a powerful burst of energy never seen before. Is it a weapon? Could it be an answer to the many mysteries of the planet, or is the planet wide city struggling to keep itself running. The expedition below is dangerous, and some will struggle to make it back alive.


You will see significantly more of The Others in season two including the beasties below the surface of Safeharbor. We will also look at the relationship of Argus and her adopted mother, an Eden Warsaint. You will learn of other species, from the siliue and others among the galactic community, to the sin eaters, themselves.   The sin eaters are a death cult, an antagonist unlike any other. Their ships have no weapons, they dont need them. Their soldiers are unarmed, invisible to the naked eye. They aren't a threat to most species, but to humanity, they may as well be an unstoppable force.


Something only a select few realized from season one: the archivist was from earth... why doesnt he reveal what happened? Shouldn't he know? He remembers Invicta well enough. Are you suspicious, dear reader? You should be...   This season will reveal many secrets. Most will be small, a mere blip compared to the plot at large. These secrets will come to reveal truths about the characters themselves, particularly with Invicta and The Archivist.
The archivist spat out the words, as if goading them from afar. He taunted them to step forward from whatever black, empty patch of space they called home, "The sin eaters are scavengers, bottom feeders. How could a species so inconsequential pose such a threat to our existence?" He saw nothing, cycling through the various settings on The Archive's cameras. Infrared, ultraviolet, and even microwave imaging revealed nothing.

Caydie watched with her head tilted to the side. It was a curious thing to say. "Lorne?"

The archivist spoke again when he heard the faintest shifting of air in the room. "I suppose we will never know more about these creatures, not without a body to study." he raised a hand, the steel frame ending in sharp, jagged fingers.

The archivist laughed. Perhaps he should try something new. He tried a new algorithm, tricking his vision. He primed himself to perceive the most peculiar of optical illusions.

He didnt react when he saw them, 3 humanoid silhouettes dancing in stygian colors. He didnt need to catch one alive, a corpse would answer his questions just fine. He stepped forward and stopped near one of the intruders and straightened his knife like fingers.

"Lorne? Are you alright?" Caydie asked.

He shushed her, a drawn out sound not unlike static. "Careful, miss Caydie. We don't want to scare off the fish."

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24 May, 2021 17:18

Whoooaaaaa, it's here!!!! I'm so looking forward to this! Great, mysterious opening, as always. I've always been just a tad suspicious of the Archivist. Now you've got me VERY suspicious :-)

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
25 May, 2021 14:14

Absolutely, I imagine most have a natural suspicion of him. Lol he is very sus. I'm glad your excited! I am as well! Thank you!

24 May, 2021 18:16

Awesome! I can't wait to see what happens next. I absolutely adore this setting and the characters!

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Sage Dylonishere123
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25 May, 2021 14:26

I'm so glad u enjoy it! Thanks so much.

25 May, 2021 10:52

I'm *SO ON BOARD* for this! Great opening. Hooked me right away. I've loved the mystery around the Archivist. I've wondered if the Archivist had an ulterior motive this entire time!

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Sage Dylonishere123
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25 May, 2021 17:31

Maybe??? I mean he is a machine. He may not even know his own maybe his secrets have secrets. O.O

Sage Dylonishere123
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25 May, 2021 17:32

Also thanks so much! Sorry for spamming the notifs lol

25 May, 2021 18:02

No problem!

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25 May, 2021 11:28

Mission accomplished, the hype is real!!! I'm so excited!!!! Also I am -.- suspiciously at the Archivist!! Season 2 babey!!!

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Sage Dylonishere123
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25 May, 2021 17:32

He is sus... he is so sus. Lol I'm glad you're hyped. I am SO READY!

Sage Rynn19
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28 May, 2021 07:32

I am so looking forward to the new season!

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2 Jun, 2021 14:57

Thanks so much! Sorry for the delay. I'm excited too!

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No need to say sorry. Work and life simply get in the way sometimes. :)

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Grandmaster AzounIV
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29 May, 2021 16:28

For a teaser does exactly what the name suggest ^____^

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2 Jun, 2021 03:27

Well now the archivist is looking a bit darker... veeery interesting... I wonder how adept he is with them knifey fingers of his... You have also successfully ripped away my unshakable faith in his character; Anything could happen now; I just hope it's a red herring.   You're doing something rather unique here, I think. Not making a World Anvil page in order to write down your story seperately later (though you might be doing that) but telling a story in wiki format, in different 'seasons'.   Interesting that you refer to the sin eaters as a cult. Perhaps Invicta killed the space station's inhabitants simply so no one else would hear the 'good news' as it were... But judging from the fact that they use no weapons and are somehow innately invisible, there's probably more to it than that.

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
2 Jun, 2021 15:04

Dont worry, its PROBABLY not what you think... probably...   I'm loving the format and plan to really play with it this season. Css changes will effect season 2 articles, maybe a secret article here and there (still trying to figure out how that would work) and more. We shall see. I'm glad you seem to enjoy it! The wiki format is really interesting to work with... difficult but interesting.   There is alot to the sin eaters, especially in conjunction with their relations to humanity and the exiles. I'm excited for them! Thanks so much! Also. Are you still interested in voicing a character? Alot of people cancelled on me and I remembered you offered

2 Jun, 2021 16:28

Yes I am TOTALLY still interested. If you want a sample of what my voice sounds like you can look at this video: (Just keep in mind I was sick at the time) We could do some private messages if you want to exchange Discord tags or something.

2 Jun, 2021 18:08

I actually need the full name + the tag, but you might use the direct message function just so not everyone who reads this article can spam you.

1 Jul, 2021 12:44

YES! The next part is coming! I'm so excited for what comes next in this story.

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Sage Dylonishere123
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1 Jul, 2021 21:21

Yessss! I'm so glad. Soooooon

14 Jul, 2021 22:50

Gosh. This is all so epic. It's basically the equivalent of a trailer. It never even crossed my mind that the archivist was from Earth and may be involved into breaking into heaven, which could be a part of his fixation on regathering information. It's also interesting how you explained the characters having arcs and their own stories as it's a very unique way to consider world building. I'm excited to begin.

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Sage Dylonishere123
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14 Jul, 2021 23:03

Yess season 2 is a blast so far. Dont feel rushed. I still gotta hit you back for the stellar comments you gave before.   Better yet, the plot I've laid out lines up with summer camp beautifully thus far, just out of order. I'm glad you're excited!

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I can't wait! Oh, right, I don't have to!

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