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Adventure April: Intro for "A golden beginning"

Will you respond to the town's small noble family call for aid?

The one-shot is full! I am excited to get to run this adventure for fellow anvilites and see how they manage to scramble all my plans!
I would love to run the adventure I have prepared for Adventure April for some anvilites. The adventure uses the Pathfinder (1e) roleplaying system. Pregenerated characters will be made available for people who have never played the system. These include characters who have NPC classes, which are significantly easier to play. Making your own character, with my aid if necessary, is also a possibility.
The adventure is low-combat and designed to be an introduction to my setting (and potentially to Pathfinder).

What can you expect from the adventure?

The adventure takes place in a small town, who is just starting to recover from the plague that has ravaged the world for over a decade. The characters may be people from town (all the pre-generated characters are from town), or just passersby. They respond to a messenger asking for well-prepared and resourceful individuals to help a noble family out.
Pre-generated characters who have a major stake in the story:

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Wimkal Thimbaum, part of the noble family. They are a human aristocrat (an NPC class) and help manage the family's property.

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Dagenos Galekii, a retired gnome cavalier, now the tutor of the noble family. She has a pony mare called Kathe.

Pre-generated rangers who take care of matters around the town:
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Katta: A human ranger. Her speciality is being prepared for any eventualities and helping her allies.
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Ing: A dwarf ranger. He is the strongest in the group and also, the best cook. Throughout the plague, he became a foraging expert.
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Alia: A human ranger. She is an expert with the bow and a great hunter. She lost all her kids during the plague.
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Ari: A dwarf ranger. They are the backbone of the group and who makes sure they stay together.

Concerned citizens:
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Hildza: A dwarf commoner (an NPC class). She is trying to start a small business selling textiles. She is a renowned gossiper and always has the latest info in town.
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Radtel: A dwarf cooper. They are an expert (NPC class). They have been an important member of the community during the plague, helping where they can (for example: fixing the town's cistern).
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Liaf: A dwarf adept (an NPC class). She had just started learning how to be a cleric when the plague started. She has moderate magical abilities and a familiar. She helps where she can (for example: fixing the town's cistern).
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Walwich: A human farmer, whose lands are right next to the Thimbaum's family property. He is a commoner (an NPC class).

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