A small noble family of Perdebiet province in Tiel. They are famed horse breeders in the region. Their family's importance has declined steadily over the years in Perdebiet; in the local area, however, they still had quite a lot of influence before the plague.   It is currently led by Ilse Thimbaum.  


Back when Perdebiet was a slurry of petty kingdoms, the Thimbaum clan rose all the way into nobility. They were renowned for fighting on horseback in forested areas.   However, as the wars became less common, so did the importance that other noble families put into the Thimbaums. By the time Tiel was unified and Perdebiet became a province, the Thimbaums were one of those thousands of small noble families who only had their surname and properties to attest to their nobility.   They managed to retain some local importance, and within Branendorf, their center of power, one of their family has always been in the council of elders.
Most famous member
Donak was a cunning inquisitor of Ketephys, the god of the hunt, who devised a great plan to win both a battle and a war for his allies

Current situation

With the arrival of the plague, the Thimbaums were initially hard hit. They lost every single elder in the family, leaving unprepared young people to lead. But they rose to the occasion. They also lost every one of the little ones, except for Grako Thimbaum.   Branendorf was somewhat lucky in that they were a slightly remote settlement (although connected through a road). Thus, they didn't bear the brunt of the pillaging that occurred in other areas.   The forests which surround the region initially proved useless, as they were composed of species important for timber, rather than fruit trees. However, the wildlife in the forests meant that they were able to live from what they could trap and hunt.

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Cover image: On Horse Races on the Ice by Olaus Magnus
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