Dagenos Galekii

A retired cavalier, she has found the peace and quiet of this village a good spot to rest and wait the plague out.   She used to be part of a group of cavaliers who vowed to serve the nobles of the province. The noble family they were serving died early during the plague from riots, as did several of their colleagues. She decided to retire to a quieter area, deep in the countryside, where they were hoping things would be a bit better. While the plague was raging everywhere, after a few years she settled in the town. While she no longer considers herself a cavalier, the idea of serving the Thimbletree family, a noble family no matter how small, pleased her somehow, even if it was just as a tutor of the young boy.   She tutors the kid about the nobility of the region, handling animals (wild and domesticated alike), fighting techniques, as well as diction and general diplomacy.   She lives in town and has a beautiful brown mare as their steed, Kathe. Kathe 's fur has an orange tint to it, particularly in the socks and muzzle area. The mare was a gift by the Thimbletrees, given to them when they agreed to tutor the kid. Her previous mount died during the riot that also killed the noble family they were serving for.
Cavalier Order
Order of the Lion

Cover image: by Stefan Keller
Character Portrait image: (made with Portrait Workshop)


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