A5 J21

Modification: A closer look

by Doctor Crizdov Clarroy

I'm intrigued by this recounting I read, and am quite unsure to how much truth lies within it. If it is a work of fact, and I have some doubts, I would very much like to see the research papers relating to it.
There are a many issues I have with the practices mentioned within this document. The most being that there are many extremely inefficient and unnecessary components to this supposed treatment, should it be true.
For a bit of reference, there was mention of a process that could not use anesthetic due to a previous process that could have very easily been done secondly. Why go in this bizarre order? I feel they were trying to cause more pain than was warranted, and the idea is worrisome to say the very least.
Another point of contention I have with this article has also to do with pain. A body in pain will take to changes and healing much slower and be less than ideal when done as well. A much better process would be to do things in smaller amounts over a much longer time. While that seems a counter to my efficiency comment, the long term gains are much higher and well worth time. Not to mention that these were still people and they had no will in the matter. I know from a moral standpoint I have little ground under my feet, but I never went out of my way, even under orders, to cause pain. I am well aware the long-term effects having to recover from unnecessary pain does to a body. It ricks the whole project for a bit of shortsighted sloppiness.
Lastly is the point of nanobots. What are they? I am picturing, quite unpleasantly, tiny rovers used in medical procedures. It brings thoughts of what the Harbinger and Edwards' self important grandson have done to Mecdir, with my help no less. Though, thankfully, I was able to mitigate some of the damage, it still seems to me an overall terrible practice.
Source: Modification by Angel