Wed 5th Jun 2019 03:56


by Angel

Angel Spent 10 years within the walls of that arctic facility, slowly being broken down and built up stronger, both mentally and physically. First was the genetic enhancement, which took 27 horrible, painful days, which started upon arrival to the facility, where Angel was hooked up to an iv drip, strapped down to her bed and injected with a serum, a chemical cocktail that washed and prepared her genetic code for rearrangement as nanobots in the injection did basic repair work, riding her of any genetic diseases and changing her code in minor ways, making her age slower and live longer. As the serum worked its way through her veins, rearranging code and breaking down bad genetics, Angel was in a world of pain, screaming and kicking, this serum burning its way through her body, making her feel like every nerve ending on her body is on fire. This was the easy part, however, as each subsequent serum only got more and more painful, more of her body being changed and DNA being edited, making her grow stronger, smarter, and more resilient over time as compared to normal human grown. Then, once her body had endured all it needed to of genetic editing, came the mechanical changes. The scientists behind this were not complete monsters though, they knew the pain endured by these children would be taxing physically and mentally, so before the implants, they did allow the children a one week recovery break. After this was over, however, came what Angel still describes as hell, Angel had a lighter load in this than some, but it was by no means an easy time. There would be daily surgeries and injections for angel, replacing bones with metal and skin with Cybernetics, no anesthetic in the lab, as it would wreak havoc on the nanobots that were being injected daily. Eventually though, the surgeries started to slow down, her body becoming more used to the pain and coming closer and closer to its completion, as much machine as flesh, an Endoskeleton attached to her skeletal system, giving her enhanced strength and mobility, self replicating nanites in her bloodstream, closing up wounds as they happen and killing any diseases that dare to try and infect her, and most importantly of all, a nano-drone control module implanted into her brain, allowing her to take complete mental control over a swarm of hovering nanobots.

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