A5 J21

Kert: First Impressions

by Doctor Crizdov Clarroy

I was considering giving this no more though than most of the blither I find in this communication system. But the idea of a chunk of purple Cryolithium hidden in a cave, and untouched, is of interest. If not on its own, then at least in that it gives me something to spend my time on for a while, as I do believe when treated with the right compounds the substance can turn many different colors.
It has been claimed that it reacts differently when different shades, I haven't had a chance to work with many different types. I'm curious what effects different colors would have had on the Bori Project.
Perhaps when the Harbinger gives up on finding Bori2 I will be allowed to start on a third.
I wonder how difficult it would be to process it on my own. I'll have to see if Coar can bring me samples of the various types.
(Edit: I failed to mention that this rock too had a 'thralling' effect similar to the 'White Stone' mentioned in a previous paper. Is there a correlation between colored Cryolithium and being called to poison yourself with it? This will require further investigation. It would seem that some people, to this day, still do not understand the dangers of Cryolithium poising.)
Edit: The Source files have gone missing, this is unfortunate and I am considering saving new files I come across myself, in the future, to avoid this issue.