A5 J21

White Rock: First Impressions

by Doctor Crizdov Clarroy

I am learning of a white stone with dangers that parallel those present in cryolithium. The purpose of such an item, and why one would carry it about if it has none, I do not know.
First hand account, dubious as it is, describes the item's abilities as 'thralling'. This leads me to assume it is having a mental effect of some sort, perhaps it is also Colossi related.
This account also claims that it 'glows under the presence of highly volatile power' and I wonder if one might use it to detect cryolithium leakage. This is tangential and not my focus though.
The item is said to react to technology as well, though with my base assumptions of cryolithium power suspended for now, I can not think of why it would do such a thing.

While I can not rule out foolery in the matter, I still find myself intrigued by the idea.
I would very much like a sample of this rock.
Source: The Thrall by Syoni Carav

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