A5 J19

DataSystem Anomaly

by Doctor Crizdov Clarroy

Initial impressions lead me to assume this anomaly to be an overly elaborate and pointless bit of antagonizational humor on the part of my colleges. Though, upon further inspection, I have come to the conclusion that this is indeed some sort of naturally accruing eccentricity that has not only infected my communication device, but those of others in the facility.

This is including the strange Hija(or bug, colloquially) impedimenta of my assistant, something I find most fascinating indeed. What's more, my messages and responses can be read by her device in her people's unintelligible scriblings.
With not much else to do right now I suppose I can explore this new discovery further as a distraction from the overwhelming boredom that engrips me. I seem to have gotten an unexpected response from someone I'm unfamiliar with. I am considering pursuing interaction with this person at some point, though I loathe the idea. I have unwisely ventured to see what they have written and wish I had not. They speak of Vivie mating rituals and their displeasure in watching them. I suppose my soundness of mind is a small price to pay for advancing my research into this unintended device update.