A5 J21

'Less Shitty Eye': Considerations

by Doctor Crizdov Clarroy

When I first came across this design I was amused but unimpressed. Upon closer inspection though, it seems there are some interesting ideas I would much like to explore. As I have very little to do with my time, and plenty of materials, I believe I'll start iterating on the concept.
Perhaps it will keep me from loosing my mind any further to boredom. From what I know of my son, I feel replacement eye such as this one would amuse and delight him to no end. He does so enjoy his snooping and I feel he would find many ways to abuse it for his amusement. If nothing else perhaps Mecdir could find a use for it as well.
Hopefully, this time, my prosthetics project won't grow reason and leave on its own accord. I simply want a project that will follow the very basics of logic and reason, or perhaps, obey the laws of physics and reality. I really don't believe that is too much to ask.
Source: Blueprint to make this shitty eye a less shitty eye by Syoni Carav

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