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Naive acolyte of the Path of Light who decides to step out of the temple to do good and noble works elsewhere.

13th, Eyre, 998YK

Campaign & Party

Played by
Steph Nicnevin

Hey, my name is Steph and I have no idea what I am doing. I'm 30, Scottish and use the pronouns she/her.

Other characters
17th Sypheros, 999 YK

Night In Sharn

by Kalshana

The murmur of people clutters
as lanterns splutter in the wind.
Music leaks at the edge of hearing
as people dance and drink away.
The night appears still -
busy underneath, when senses
search for the movement
the muffled noises.
Illusions advertising stores -
long since closed for the day -
bright as the moon
which we cannot see below.
The towers climb ever higher,
the stairs feeling steeper
to aching muscles and bones.
So far from home, so far from sleep.
A scuffle stumbles out of a bar close
by - reasons unknown -
quickly dissolved by
alcohol and bouncers.
Up the stairs, clambouring up,
gasping for breath,
awaiting to be silouetted
by the kind moons.

Kalshana's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. On the Shores
    3rd of Aryth, 997 YK
  2. Birds
    3rd of Aryth, 997 YK
  3. What
    10th of Aryth, 997 YK
  4. Pursued
    17th of Aryth 997 YK
  5. The Split
    Aryth, 997 YK
  6. Warden
    Aryth, 997 YK
  7. The Refugees
    3rd Zarantyr, 998 YK
  8. Blue Hoods
    20th Olarune, 998 YK,
  9. Growth
    23rd Olarune, 998 YK,
  10. Supplies
    25th Olarune, 998 YK,
  11. Beasts
    10th of Therendor, 998 YK.
  12. Is Cyre Good?
    10th of Therendor, 998 YK.
  13. The Road
    17th of Therendor, 998 YK.
  14. Klemens and Gold
    24th of Therendor, 998 YK.
  15. Wroat
    8th Eyre, 998YK
  16. They're A Menace, Frankly
    8th Eyre, 998YK
  17. King's Table
    9th Eyre, 998 YK
  18. Emotions
    9th Eyre, 998 YK
  19. Towers
    10th Eyre, 998YK
  20. Something Is Rotten in Sharn
    10th Eyre, 998 YK
  21. Magmin
    11th of Eyre, 998 YK
  22. Labour and Freedom
    11th Eyre, 998YK
  23. Tunnels
    11th Eyre, 998YK
  24. Academic
    11th Eyre, 998YK
  25. Shamukaar
    12th Eyre, 998YK
  26. This Drink Tastes Weird
    12th Eyre, 998YK
  27. Pain
    13th of Eyre, 998 YK
  28. Not Ideal
    13th Eyre, 998YK
  29. Homesickness
    13th of Eyre, 998 YK
  30. Gathering Light
    13th Eyre, 998YK
  31. Lakashtai
    13th of Eyre, 998 YK
  32. Nightmares
    13th Eyre, 998 YK
  33. Gnome Hospitality
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  34. Her.
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  35. Terel Is A Total Bastard
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  36. Sewers
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  37. The Flayed Man and The Flayed Mind
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  38. Silence
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  39. Books
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  40. Fv doha aol mbjr?
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  41. No.
    14th Eyre, 998 YK
  42. The Bonds That Tie
    15th Eyre, 998K
  43. Shatter
    15th Eyre, 998 YK
  44. Trudge
    20th Eyre, 998YK
  45. Mountains
    21st Eyre 998 YK
  46. Tunnels...Again...
    22nd Eyre 998 YK
  47. Melody On Water
    22nd Eyre 998 YK
  48. Why Are My Friends Acting So Poorly?
    14th Nymm, 998YK
  49. Dah'mir
    14th Nymm, 998YK
    31 Jan 2021 07:12:28
  51. Dah'mir
    06 Feb 2021 10:48:07
  52. Fiery
    06 Feb 2021 10:49:41
  53. Lightning on Water
    06 Feb 2021 10:51:04
  54. Elegy for Tetkashtai
    14th Nymm, 998 YK
  55. Regrets Inexplicable
    14th Nymm, 998 YK
  56. With Many Hitches, Actually
    17th Sypheros, 999 YK
  57. Night In Sharn
    17th Sypheros, 999 YK

The major events and journals in Kalshana's history, from the beginning to today.

On the Shores

We have just arrived in Khorvaire and it is such a strange place! Stranger than I had imagined but that can only be a good thing - the stranger it seems now, the easier to understand even the more stranger things that will pass. The faster I get used to t...

01:15 pm - 25.04.2020


Dark winged and flighty, elegant as ink writing in a holy book. Starving now as food falls in hard times; fast as they blink. Flying high, as fast as their wings allow - head to the stars, the sun, far from the stink of the famine - fly strong and d...

01:30 pm - 25.04.2020


The smell. The stench of rot, of earth, of death - I do not understand what happened. I remember so little and I feel it. Some of them had two mouths (what where they?) Some of them had tentacles. I remember vague names from lessons long ago, in books...

01:40 pm - 25.04.2020


It's been a long time since I have managed to take enough time to shelter to collect my thoughts. Running and running and running. Chased by monsters, chased by people who are unpleasant - this has been nothing but running! I don't know what to think ...

02:15 pm - 25.04.2020

The Split

Virikhad has left. The two strangers who are not Warden have left. We will soon be sailing again. Sailing isn't too bad once you get used to the waves and the hard work is good for contemplation but I cannot but help feel sad to see him go. I should restr...

02:33 pm - 25.04.2020


Steel clad soldier through the dusk and the dark [br] with bright blue gaze cut through the coming storm. [br] Healing and nature; metal, blood and bark - [br] an anchor in a place that transforms. [br] Strange ways and stranger now in the silence [br...

02:59 pm - 25.04.2020

The Refugees

In their tents, they mourn the loss of their land [br] and silent sorrow is death's deep refrain,[br] broken now and scattered but still, they stand.[br][br] As memories are lost like steps in sand,[br] those that are not lost are shrouded in pain.[...

03:59 pm - 02.05.2020

Blue Hoods

There was an attack today when that...Princey person tried to do a speech. It was quite enlightening but I suppose not so enlightening for the attackers. One of them got me with their longsword (I'll need to remember to sow this later) and when we tried t...

08:05 pm - 02.05.2020


Mud and grass grow tall amongst indifferent trees. Blood stain on the rocks Now, what happened here? Well paid thieves stalk from the growth and spear the party. Spared lives - mouths kept shut - loosened only by epics told by the warforged....

02:14 pm - 09.05.2020


This place is stranger than I thought but I am happy to learn what I can. There is this group called Swords of Liberty who are dead set on "freeing people from the monarchy". I suppose I can understanding that but they are harming the very lives they ...

03:15 pm - 09.05.2020


Creatures unseen and unbound in the wood; [br] in cities covered in mists and in sky.[br] Screeching, swooping - are they misunderstood?[br] What is good and not fades in their sigh. [br] Is nature neutral now in their dark wood?[br] Can evil infect ...

05:57 pm - 18.05.2020

Is Cyre Good?

It was a creature. Incredibly tall, gaunt, spindly lanky limbs but it had no head but two...cones. The cones had teeth. Humanish looking teeth. It made a sound that is still ringing in my ears. It scared an owlbear and those are certainly fearsome creatur...

07:11 pm - 18.05.2020

The Road

Along the dusty roads, we make our trail - [br] ships cutting through water, wind cut by sail. [br] Trees rise like masts as we tread earthy sea[br] and misty cities and creatures we flee.[br] Though now in memory's rose-colour tale,[br] the fears th...

02:04 pm - 23.05.2020

Klemens and Gold

Terfel explained he does not know what the Siren creature is. His people made a warning system but it wasn't alive like that is. Still very strange. It must be frightening to suddenly be alive and alone and not understand what you are for or why you are t...

03:18 pm - 23.05.2020


Elemental trains lug primordial thoughts across country, scoring the land bright. And slowing of huddled passengers in plush chairs, to see the most marvelous sight. Piled high slate roofs, peaking up to see the busy people pouring past in daze. ...

02:58 pm - 13.06.2020

They're A Menace, Frankly

Politics is not something I thought I would ever get involved in. It seemed to be some clandestine game of dragonchess that only a few people really knew the rules to but most people pretended to know the rules and it somehow affects people's lives. We ar...

05:05 pm - 13.06.2020

King's Table

Cornucopias fill out on tables, strangers feasting as if long known friends - regaling histories now mere fables. Their charm and wit compete to enable polite conversation as night lends. Cornucopias fill out on tables - Food rich and people...

02:45 pm - 20.06.2020


This room is the most comfortable place I have ever been to the point it feels too decadent, too much to really take on without it somehow being wrong. The simple lodgings I have had up until this point - either at the monastery or at New Cyre - seem to p...

03:35 pm - 20.06.2020


Here in the dark, huddled around fires, clinging to scraps of light - like old men holding to memories. Stench curls up, tendrils of smoke that clog the air. Dirty rain pours over flimsy canvas. Shivers echo through the camp. Hidden in the s...

02:33 pm - 27.06.2020

Something Is Rotten in Sharn

Sharn is so much bigger than I remember. The spires seem to stretch up so ridiculously high into the sky and seem to go down deep. I forgot how dark it was inside, away from the skies. And so busy! So much more busy than Wroat and wildly more so than New ...

04:09 pm - 27.06.2020


Twisted creatures made of sulphur and fire erupt from the forge, blinding and anew, clutching at the rags of flesh and attire. Flames and molten metal their gnarled maws spew grasping, frantic like escaping a mire. From which strange realm did these ...

02:43 pm - 04.07.2020

Labour and Freedom

A lot has happened in a short time so please excuse if the artifice is lost within the translation from reality to the written word. We managed to successfully join the Cliftop Adventurer's Guild however they have a strange rivalry with the other one,...

02:13 pm - 26.07.2020


Winding, ragged and long; the tunnels bore down the the core. Warm and cold, impossibly old. Navigation impossible to all but the natives used to the shadows that surround and suffocate. Maps and signs are useless as it moves with the planet....

02:34 pm - 26.07.2020

People Are Strange

Given that this is my second entry today, you can tell that a lot has happened since the last entry. Indeed, I was only writing during a rest before heading into Kyhber's Gate. I am now in the Guild Hall, in a fairly comfortable room. I think out of all t...

04:05 pm - 26.07.2020


The tavern bristles in the quivering candlelight. Strange people meeting here now, large, burly, fearless in delivering a silent promise, an unspoken vow. The swiftest retribution, shivering in anticipation, matter of how. Tables mended, already s...

07:08 pm - 27.07.2020

This Drink Tastes Weird

Quick uodate whilst I can. Dax and Terfel are trying to see if they can sniff out K'zzal within the back room. We met a gnoll who advised there was a large lozardfolk acting as a butcher in this tavern. Warden and I are still sat at the table, waiting. I ...

08:32 pm - 28.07.2020


In dark tresses, her face is framed like art - [br] a familiar yet new sensation. [br] Green eyes that pierce through to the soul, the heart.[br] Eyelashes whisper quiet flirtation[br] and dreams that soft lips gracefully impart, [br] a price paid in...

02:18 pm - 08.08.2020


Ripped flesh and sinew, howling like wolves to the full moon. Searing pain flashes through and will fester all too soon. Dizzying, ears rushing as the conscious dips between the calculated logic of man and the hunger of a beast. Frayed edges o...

02:53 pm - 27.09.2020

Not Ideal

I will be brief as it is getting very late and we will likely have much to do in the morning and if I am truly honest, I would rather see this day end rather than have to stretch it out even further. My faith has not been shattered but my ego has certainl...

03:19 pm - 27.09.2020


It has been many months since I saw my homeland and I suppose I have been a little homesick. After a while, you lose something. I can still feel the cool mountain air, the smell of the grass and trees, the singing of sweet birds in the air. I can still re...

04:05 pm - 27.09.2020

Gathering Light

Calming voices, familiar and yet unfamiliar still. Gathering Light - shining beacon in Sharn, a sweet vignette to beloved Adar. Faces, warm, bright in candlelight. Psionic singing sets the incense mood. Questions - soft and polite sweeten the foo...

05:37 pm - 02.10.2020

WIP dont read pls

It has increasingly strange day, I must admit. How can I travel from the lows of being injured to the highs of being so close to Lakashtai in the matter of a few hours? With fights and a spiritual awakening inbetween no less? I wonder if tomorro...

07:56 pm - 02.10.2020

The Bonds That Tie

That...Daelkyr tried to sever the tie between myself and Shana. How is that even possible? The exact magic used to fuse the human and the quori are long since lost but to be possible to tear it apart? It certainly explains how my eye has been acting of it...

05:45 pm - 03.10.2020

Gnome Hospitality

That gnome woman is...peculiar. She manages to elicit a sense of danger, of that you are somehow in deep trouble just by standing there and being overly polite, by being a gracious hostess. It is the most unsettling thing I have seen today and I have seen...

05:08 pm - 15.11.2020


Count the six birds in her room, see them fly and fail to defy their ornate cages. Alina! Mystique that transcends ages and yet a threat muttered upon the sigh. Power corrupts and yet all signs are shy. Stories untold but lessons burn pages and al...

05:31 pm - 15.11.2020

Terel Is A Total Bastard

I do not have much time, we will be leaving for the labatory that Olalia knows about. Stupid, how could I be so stupid to not try to mindlink with her before? Perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh to myself but we could have sorted this entire mess out days ago...

06:42 pm - 15.11.2020


Clean; spotless and clean yet the stench of decay lingers still. Winding; paths travelled only by refuse and desperate escaping the ooze. Thin; thin spiderlike pipes connect everywhere, feeding it. Many; Many places to hide and hide ...

06:47 pm - 15.11.2020

The Flayed Man and The Flayed Mind

Just when I think I understand this Light-forsaken continent, it throws this at me. We got through the sewers quickly and were reunited just as quickly with Daine and Llyr. Daine was extraordinarily angry, fuming at the situation, at Lei being missing...

07:38 pm - 15.11.2020


In the dark, mouth closed by mourning there is a silence that cannot be broken. Isolation in stone from mist and murk only met with psionic handwaves music with unintelligible lyrics filter through, words from friends and family make no sense...

08:01 pm - 15.11.2020


So Terfel has a symbiont now. That is...well, it could go either way. On the one hand, change isn't necessarily bad and it could be a beneficial relationship and on the other it is from the same place as those mind flayers and dolgrims. Not that I really ...

09:05 pm - 15.11.2020

Fv doha aol mbjr?

endless screaming it asked my name endless screaming what i am endless screaming it does not know what a kalashtar is endless screaming it wished me a good day endless screaming and closed the door endless screaming endless ...

09:16 pm - 15.11.2020


So, that's what Warden's people have been fighting all along. Those things. My mind can barely keep up with it, like it was understandable but incoherent and painful. Every syllable, every fragment of a word, every like seared with pain. I no longer w...

09:35 pm - 15.11.2020


Fragment lost in the soul to be brought back the seperation of Kal from Shana is unthinkable; concept too ...

09:47 pm - 15.11.2020


The rain tears down, mud thick under foot as leg mechnically falls into place, monotonous as grey and brown meld together; stone, field and sky reflecting each into each, muddying the barriers between. Churning feet, like oars parting the sea arms...

09:54 pm - 17.11.2020

wip babyyyy

It's been a while, hasn't it? It's not that I didn't want to write but your energy sometimes wanes like the moons in the sky - that the words that could so easily ...

09:02 pm - 19.11.2020

Why Are My Friends Acting So Poorly?

I had to attack my friends today. It was not a decision I made lightly but it was necessary. They were attacking Dah'mir! How could they? In that moment, I knew my allegience and I cannot believe Terfel and Warden betrayed me! Singe...I do not know as wel...

12:50 am - 31.01.2021


Copper scales hue hinting at soft mint green[br] and emerald eyes that pierce through the veil -[br] dark and light glints that hint at places seen[br] and unseen; the mountain, swamp and the vale.[br] That dark, confident voice, smooth as sateen,[b...

01:12 am - 31.01.2021


At least when trudging through the mountains, the scenery would at least change now and then. These tunnels seem to be endless - rock upon rock upon damned rock. Sometimes smoothed away by those wretched roiling masses, sometimes rough, only softened with...

06:58 pm - 31.01.2021

Melody On Water

Chorus of dawn, lullaby of dusk and endless light and song intertwined. Undefined - the singers that speak and whisper in harmony. Ghosts or sirens; people or monsters - the notes trickle languid down the walls like moss, growing and growing, ...

07:05 pm - 31.01.2021


In comparison to the days of walking with little in terms of change, today has been packed with...trouble, to say the least. The Shining Valley is home to a community of harpies - these strange bird people. ...

07:12 pm - 31.01.2021


[to the tune of Macavity the Mystery Cat from Cats] Dah'mir's so mysterious He's called the Dear Revered For he is the copper dragon that all the wicked fear He's the bafflement of Gatekeepers the shifter's depair for when they reach the sacred s...

10:48 am - 06.02.2021


[to the tune of Shiny from Moana.] [To Singe] Well, Hrucann hasn't always been this glam A nonchalant dolgaunt once Now you know your little victory was a sham Because I'm undying, baby Did your General say, "Remember, keep cool"? "Follow ord...

10:49 am - 06.02.2021

Lightning on Water

[To the tune of Hakuna Matata from the Lion King] [WIND] Lightning on Water! What a wonderful ship [VENNET] Lightning on Water! They've not gave the slip [WIND] We'll catch up with them And then slaughter them all [BOTH] It's our guaran...

10:51 am - 06.02.2021

Elegy for Tetkashtai

Down in the resting place of the great Dhakaani scholar, she passed into Kashtai, fragments reunited and the soul faded away. Her voice and flesh linger still like an echo off marble. Separated and gone, still here and fighting, quantum bereavement in...

03:44 pm - 06.02.2021

Regrets Inexplicable

I do not have much to say today. This day has taken a lot out of me and I am not entirely sure how to manifest these into words, into coherent thoughts. I attacked my friends. I killed Kelarth. Dah'mir got away and I could have stopped it. Tetkashtai ...

03:58 pm - 06.02.2021

With Many Hitches, Actually

This was a long day and I am unsure whether there will be consequences for our actions. If there are, they may be significant. The day started somewhat well. After a light breakfast in Clifftop, we went to the Morgrave University administration offic...

10:59 am - 13.02.2022

Night In Sharn

The murmur of people clutters as lanterns splutter in the wind. Music leaks at the edge of hearing as people dance and drink away. The night appears still - busy underneath, when senses search for the movement the muffled noises. Illusions a...

11:24 am - 13.02.2022

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Kalshana.

Played by
Steph Nicnevin

Hey, my name is Steph and I have no idea what I am doing. I'm 30, Scottish and use the pronouns she/her.

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