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The High Life

A Cyberpunk 2020 game In the world of Cybersmily's Cyberpunk 2020 World
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Life in space is hard, real hard. Oxygen, water, food, and pressure environment is the top of everyone's mind while living in space. But high riders have one more: Freedom. The corporate oppression is exponential worse than what is for the ground pounders. When will it stop? When will the people rise up against like their ancestors from the past? when?

This story is told by



  • Earth Orbit
Supporting Cast
  • Agni Gunnolason
    Leader of the Frozen Brothers pack on Galileo
  • Ogagun Angelo Boehm
    Man trying to figure out his place in orbit. Keeps his loyalty to his crew and what's good for the team.
  • Lilly Bai
    Lilly is the leader of the Pipa Pembuangan family. She is a strong Highrider activist.
  • Malcom Proffer
    Ambition Highrider looking to secure his place amongst the Watu wa Pilule nation.
  • Warden Marcus Fulton
    Marcus is the warden on Orbital Penitentiary 6V. He can be likable to some, but will often talk about people behind their backs.
  • Captain Marissa Bailey
    Captain of the guard on ESA Orbital Penitentiary 6V. She is stoic, loyal, and can be harsh with retribution.
  • Moyo Rapace
    Leader of the Ngozi Coureurs family on Galileo
  • Tyrell Idowu
    Quiet introvert. Follows his captain and loyal to the crew.
  • Yasmina Hopf
    Leader of the Kinder der Sonne family on Galileo.
  • Yin Yimu
    Leader of the Gui Ti family on Galileo.

The Protagonists

Sergeant Timothy Butusov


Epi One