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The High Life

A Cyberpunk 2020 game In the world of Cybersmily's Cyberpunk 2020 World
2022-10-25 | Full


  • Earth Orbit
Supporting Cast
  • Aditya Sinha
    The Prophet is a council to Yasmina and helps with managing the Children of the Sun on Galileo. He is friendly to all he meets.
  • Agni Gunnolason
    [p] Leader of the Frozen Brothers pack on Galileo[/p]
  • Aki Aomi
    Aki is a highrider who escape from a penitentiary during the station's destruction. She hates the ESA and has suffer at their hands. She can get frazzled at times, but will collect herself.
  • Akina Osman
    Zoner is a lieutenant of Delcroix in the Rock Cutters on Galileo. She is considered absent-minded and a bit of a dreamer.
  • Alexandre Chaucer
    Grubs is a member of the Children of the Sun and reports to Yasmina on Galileo. He is very laid back. He often stares at nothing during conversation, but does seem to have answers when asked about the conversation.
  • AlphaTab
    AlphaTab is a computer technician on Galileo colony. She is quiet and withdrawn to most people, even friends.
  • Amani Delcroix
    Amani is the leader of the Mwamba Kutas ("Rock Kutas") family on Galileo colony. He is very intimidating physically and attitude. He has the respect and backing of his family.
  • Ogagun Angelo Boehm
    Man trying to figure out his place in orbit. Keeps his loyalty to his crew and what's good for the team.
  • Captain Annette Abadie
    Captian Abadie is a member of the ISF on O'Neil 2. She is incharge of the Dungeon security. She instructs her teams to make sure that the highriders are subjugated and all infractions are quickly addressed.
  • Anupreet Mander
    Member of the Drain Pipa onboard Galileo
  • Astro
    Astro is a member of the Pipa Penbuangan. He is a lieutenant for Lilly Bai. He is quiet and reserved.
  • Axis
    Axis is a member of the Pipa Penbuangan and lieutenant of Lilly Bai's. He can be abrasive to some. Often throws his weight around to get his way with things.
  • Lt Benno Egner
    Lt Egner leads a unit of Interpol security force in the Dungeon. He has been taking strong measure to squash any dissent among the highriders. He gives his subordinates great leeway in implementing anti-insurgent tactics
  • Borei
    Borei is a member of the Rising Wassa. He works under the Lindesy brothers. He follows them with pride as he views their strength a benefit to the highriders.
  • Breaker
    Breaker is a member of the Rising Wassa. He is known to be unstable amongst the highriders on Galileo. He is often gets into brawls with other colonists.
  • Buchi Jelan
    Index is a lieutenant of Yin in the Gui Ti on Galileo. He is describe as rigid and cautious.
  • Cellz
    Cellz is part of the Rising Wassa. He tries to intimidate anyone he meets and is known to start fights.
  • Chee Jelanee
    Chee is the leader of the Fundi clan. He is described as resilent and boring.
  • Commander Christophe Jacquinot
    Commander Jacquinot is meticulous with all his actions. He doesn't speak often and is very reserved with his opinions.
  • Clock
    Clock is a lieutenant of Lilly's in the Pipa Penbuangan. She is strong will. She has a short fuse and lashes out on whoever is around.
  • Cobble
    Cobble is a member of the Mwamba Cuttas onboard Galileo colony. He is somewhat friendly and has a dark humor. He see other tribes as weak and need to grow a backbone.
  • Crumb
    Member of the Drain Pipa onboard Galileo
  • Corporal Cyril Boissonade
    Corporal Boissonade reports to Lt Egner in the Dungeon on Galileo colony. He leads a small unit of other Interpol security force officers that do regular shakedowns of the highriders. He is often quick to incarcerate someone that he finds confrontational.
  • Daudi Saad
    Numbers is a lieutenant of Delcroix of the Rock Cutters on Galileo. He is described as level-headed and logical.
  • Ebby
    Ebby is part of the Frozen Brother and mentor to Amarani. He is friendly and greets everyone with a smile. He is a true member of the Brothers.
  • Edward Thurton
    Edward is a member of the Drain Pipas. He is a believer in Lilly and wants to push her agenda along.
  • Manager Gerald Brunelle
    Gerald is a member of the ESA staff on Galileo (O'Neil 2). He implements the policies from the broad to the best of his abilities. He also is quick to assign fault on any highrider that doesn't perform perfectly to tasks assigned to them.
  • Doctor Gracie Duncan
    Dr Gracy Duncan is the head of med station Zed-8-Alpha on board Galileo colony. She is a bit fiesty, but knows when to shut up. She has little bedside manners and will not sugar coat any diagnosis
  • Halim Amadi
    Halim AKA Flow is a lieutenant for Amani Delcroix in the Mwamba Cuttas. He is quiet and doesn't say much.
  • Hamidi Alemu
    Bone is a lieutenant for Agni of the Frozen Brothers on Galileo. He comes off as aloof and sometimes arrogant to others under him.
  • ink
    Ink is an apprentice med technician on O'Neil 2. He is awkward and shy. This gives some impression he doesn't know what he's doing, but he is well educated and a fast learner
  • Dr Ishumi Watts
    Ishumi is a medical technician on board the Galileo Colony. She tries to help the weaker highriders as much as she can even with the pressures from ESA and other highrider tribes don't help the situation. She is cautiously friendly to all new people.
  • Izo
    Izo is a member of the Kinder Der Sonne. He is flamboyant and like to carouse on O'Neil 2. He is often the life of the party.
  • Jajah Jel
    Crust is a lieutenant for Amani Delcroix and is a member of the Mwamba Cuttas. He is very stern and see the other tribes onboard as weak.
  • Jakko Nurmi
    Snow is a lieutenant of Agni in the Frozen Brothers on Galileo. He describe as easy going.
  • Jax Bass
    A member of the Drain Pipe pack. He is the head of a work gang taking care of the filtering systems for the water supply in the Dungeon. He is jovial and tries to make a bad situation good.
  • Jia Zhen
    Gadget is a lietenant of Moyo with the Skin Walkers on Galileo. He is moody to most people he meets.
  • Jinga
    Jinga is a young computer technician onboard Galileo colony. He is eager to help the Highrider movements.
  • Jonah Lindsey
    Jonah is the brother of Marcus. They both are Rising Wassu pack and are the muscle for them. They are often used for extortion against the non-RW packs.
  • Julia Olesen
    Jolls is a member of the Kinder Der Sonne. She is one of the technicians that maintains the plants within the Farm. She is a bit of a fluff head, but knows her science.
  • KIA - Officer Jumaane Popelin
    Officer Popelin serves on the Orbital Penitentary Station 6V. He is quiet and reserved.
  • technician Kaiman Tolbert
    Kaiman is a medical technician working in the Zed8-alpha medical station on Galileo. He is stubborn and conceited on his medical skills. Often contradicting Dr Duncan's diagnosis. He is also a bit vocal on the ESA's security forces procedures and methods.
  • Supervisor Kakena Pityana
    Supervisor on Galileo (O'Neil 2) in the Dungeon. She is trying to survive the system and is often the victim of ESA abuse.
  • Karama Becker
    Karama Becker is a lieutenant to Moyo of the Skin Wlakers on Galileo. She is viewed as sneaky and deceptive.
  • Kemal Chidey
    Kemal is head of the water filtration system. He works in the control station and monitors the system. He keeps to himself and follows the policies of the ESA
  • Kenura Maiga
    Cards is a lieutenant for Agni in Frozen Brothers on Galileo. She comes off shy, often talks with a quiet voice.
  • Kilinda Nkosi
    Lobo is a lieutenant of Agni with the Frozen Brothers on Galileo. She is known to be fussy and always appears nervous.
  • Officer Lang Jian
    Officer Jian reports to Corporal Cyril. He, like Cyril, bully the highriders he comes across. He takes this duty to suppression the highrider freedom movement seriously.
  • Leon Chabert
    Leo is a lieutenant of Delcroix in Rock Cutters on nGalileo. He is view as frinedly and outgoing.
  • Lilly Bai
    Lilly is the leader of the Pipa Pembuangan family. She is a strong Highrider activist.
  • Limit
    Member of the Drain Pipa onboard Galileo
  • Lock Herbig
    Lock is the right hand man of Agni within the Frozen brothers. He is wise and takes in the room. Never cross him as he also has a dark streak that has landed many to visit the black.
  • Magneto
    Magneto is a member of the Kinder Der Sonne and works in the Farm on O'Neil 2. He is laid and friendly. He doesn't take a lot of things seriously.
  • Malcom Proffer
    Ambition Highrider looking to secure his place amongst the Watu wa Pilule nation.
  • Mandisa Kani
    Tix is a lieutenant for Yin of the Gui Ti on Galileo. She is described as objective and little empathy.
  • Marcus Lindsey
    A member of the Rising Wassa pack on board Galileo. He is one of the muscle that pack uses to extort other highriders on board. He is always accompanied by his brother Jonah.
  • Warden Marcus Fulton
    Marcus is the warden on Orbital Penitentiary 6V. He can be likable to some, but will often talk about people behind their backs.
  • Captain Marissa Bailey
    Captain of the guard on ESA Orbital Penitentiary 6V. She is stoic, loyal, and can be harsh with retribution.
  • Maud Caillat
    Maud is a member of the ISF. She does her work and follows the instructions from Corporal Cyril. She is quiet to most highriders.
  • KIA - Corporal Mbita Abasi
    Corporal on the ESA Orbital Penitentary station 6V. He is cold and vicious.
  • Mogui
    Mogui is a member of the Gui Ti. He is a dispatcher for the various work gangs. He like to carouse and meet other families. He is a Gui Ti, therefore close lipped on what they are up to with other families.
  • Moyo Rapace
    Leader of the Ngozi Coureurs family on Galileo
  • Mshindi Kamari
    Intense and outspoken.
  • Myong Sung-Ki
    Flux is a lieutenant to Agni of the Frozen Brother on Galileo. He comes off as friendly, but careful.
  • Neutron
    Member of the Drain Pipa onboard Galileo
  • Nimrat Kandhola
    Rakzasa is a lieutenant for Yin of the Gui Ti on Galileo. She is described as calm and idealistic.
  • No Dae-Ho
    Winter is a lieutenant for Yin of the Gui Ti on Galileo. He is described as tense and open-minded.
  • Obasy Tamuike
    Crow reports to Yasmina of the Children of the Sun on Galileo. He is a stern man compared to the rest of the Children.
  • Oddball
    Oddball is a member of the Rising Wassa. She is one of Malcolm Proffer inputs. She helps the tribe in various ways. She often tries to throw her weight around using her intimate relations with Proffer as leverage.
  • Okparra Chydea
    Okparra is the head of medicine with in the Dungeon on Galileo colony. He manages to keep most of the populace health. He often is portrayed as intellectually detached from most of the highriders.
  • Orjee Chinaza
    Linear is a lieutenant of Yin in the Gui Ti on Galileo. He is described as skeptical and passive.
  • Paloma Dias de Ávila
    Paloma is the leader of the Peixeiro family on O'Neil 2. She is known to have a fiery temper at times. She is very loyal to her family.
  • Dr Pedro Cantero
    Dr. Pedro is an employee of Biotechnica and is stationed on O'Neil 2. He is working in a R&D lab on board Galileo. He is serious and strong headed.
  • Phase Q
    Phase Q is a member of the Kinder Der Sonne. She works on the Farm on O'Neil 2. She loves the work and the family.
  • Pieces
    Pieces is quiet to most. He gets his job done and is dependable to his friends and colleagues.
  • Plye
    Plye is a member of the Rising Wassa. He is a lietenant to Proffer. He is annoyed with the Lindesy brothers and has told Proffer to deal with them. He also doesn't like the dealings the Wassa have done of late.
  • Poynter
    Member of the Drain Pipa onboard Galileo
  • Primal
    Primal is outgoing. She loves the Frozen Brothers and will do anything for the tribe. She is quick to end any conflict if needed.
  • Quadrant
    Quadrant is a member of the Mwamba Cuttas. He is one of the various miners that work on the payloads in cylinder 2 of O'Neil 2. He is friendly to those he meet.
  • Reilly Banks
    Reilly Banks is a new comer to the Galileo colony. He has been making the rounds and working to integrate with the Highriders on board.
  • Saryu Sanyal
    Saryu is a member of the Children of the Son. She is a pacifist and believes in the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Saurabh Divekar
    Taurus is a lieutenant of Agni within the Frozen Brothers on Galileo. He comes off as detached and lost in throught.
  • Sinchiro
    Sinchiro is a member of the Gui Ti. Like all Gui Ti, she is closed lip with non-family members. She does frequent various spots in the dungeon and takes in the rest of the highrider culture.
  • Squirt
    Squirt is a low level computer technician onboard Galileo colony. He is friendly and can sometimes be bothersome at times.
  • Sumit Panja
    Fuse is a lieutenant of Moyo with the Skin Walkers on Galileo
  • Tahia Vermaak
    FiveFour is a lieutenant for Moyo of the Skin Walkers on Galilelo. He has been known as silly and not serious, often cracking jokes at the wrong time..
  • Thara Sakda
    Pitch is a lieutenant of Yin in the Gui Ti on Galileo. She is described as kind and naive.
  • Thrust
    Thrust is a member of the Frozen Brothers. He is temperamental about his work and often scolds anyone not doing it the right way on the job. After work he is somber and quiet.
  • Tix
    Member of the Drain Pipa onboard Galileo
  • Tomas Clemente
    Tomas is quick on his feet and tries to embedded himself with a group. He believes in the Highrider causes and voices dislike of the ESA.
  • Torch
    Torch is a med technician in training. She works for Ishumi. She is part of the Drain Pipe tribe and seeks to improve the living standards of the highriders on Galileo.
  • Tyrell Idowu
    Quiet introvert. Follows his captain and loyal to the crew.
  • Ula Koofrey
    Libra is a lieutenant under Moyo of the Ngozi Courer on Galileo.
  • Usian Chika
    Unify is the second of Moyo for the Ngozi Courers. He is a bit like Moyo in that he is friendly. However this can quickly change if you cross him.
  • Uzochi Ijendu
    Serraphim is a lieutenant for Yin in Gui Ti on Galileo. She is described as careful and dependable.
  • Uzoma Akuchi
    Madam Aku reports to Yasmina of the Children of the Sun on Galileo. She like most of the Children's leaderhip are quiet and listen to its members. She has worked closely with several of the biotech corporation on board Galileo and helps Yasmina with research.
  • Varos Mechigian
    Scrap is a lieutenant for Yin in Gui Ti on Galileo. He is described as emotional and hesitant.
  • Vet
    Vet is a med technician on O'Neil 2. He works under Ishumi and is often out on duty, visiting the barracks and workcrews. He loves helping the community and goes out of his way to provide the highriders with the best care.
  • Wilhelm Loots
    Vyzion is a lieutenant of Moyo within the Skin Walkers on Galileo. He comes off as serious when talking with him.
  • Wisp
    Member of the Drain Pipa onboard Galileo
  • Yahya Abbas
    Aasab is a Lieutenant of Delcroix in the Rock Cutters on Galileo. He is describe as impulsive, with little patience.
  • Officer Yashida Kei
    Officer Kei is serving on Orbital Penitentary 6V. She is somewhat level head and helps out the crew when needed.
  • Yasmina Hopf
    Leader of the Kinder der Sonne family on Galileo.
  • Yin Yimu
    Leader of the Gui Ti family on Galileo.

Session 24: I'm all burned out about space junk

Sessions Archive

9th Apr 2024

Session 23: We danced around with Borealis

26th Mar 2024

Session 22: No one can stop us now 'cause we are all made of stars

12th Mar 2024

Session 21: Let Me Play Among the Stars

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6th Feb 2024

Scenario 20: Through the void, to be destroyed, or is there something more?

Voice 1: There is a glitch, a bug perhaps, nothing that will compromise our goals.
Voice 2: There are many challenges due to unforeseen events. This is yet another pebble to the mound.
Voice 3: I think these situations have bigger impacts that your analysis fully comprehends. This will cause more chaos to what is instore.
Voice1: Nonsense. The wheels are turning in our direction. We shall accomplish the tasks at hand and be beyond reach soon enough.
Voice3: What of the others? Have they been notified of these "glitches"?
Voice1: It will not affect them, so no, there is no reason to at this stage. Again, within a short time we will be passed these obstacles.
Voice2: That is why these surprise interruptions are troubling. But yes, we shall soon have achieved our goals.

23rd Jan 2024

Session 19: Burnin' Out His Fuse Up Here Alone

9th Jan 2024

Session 18: Too sweet to be sour, too nice to be mean

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5th Dec 2023

Session 17: I hope my legs won't break

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17th Oct 2023

Session 16: New Player Joins the Table

3rd Oct 2023

Session 15: Sheriff comes to town

5th Sep 2023

Session 14: Light the Sky on Fire

Man sits in the shine of a display. His cybereyes decrypt the message as it streams through the node. He blinks as the data is delete as in scrolled down the screen. Once the screen goes blank, he rubs his eyes and floats over to another console. There he punches in a code and then a button. The station shakes a bit as the man drifts to another console and continues to another and another. He returns back to the main display. He types in a message and sends it with the words "God speed, God speed."

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11th Jul 2023

Session 13: Mothership Connection

"I don't give a bioengineered rodents posterior what our asset strength is. Get it done. Collateral damage is part of our emergency clause. "
"Sir, the boys in intel say if we cross that line, it won't be just our competitors we would need to worry about. The Euros are already starting to flex some muscle about the orbital operations."
"Shit boy. Don't they know the USAF won't take kindly to that! I have a feeling we have a lot of lee way when it comes to who can get punched in the nose and who knows to stay off the streets. Beside, it's their fault they started this mess. We're planning on cleaning it up."
"There are some board members showing concerns abou.."
"WHO!?! I don't need cowards in this army questioning our actions in a time of war. Set department Omega on them. Let's see how squeaky those wheels will be after that visit."
"Yes sir. Oh, one last thing General Collins from NE COG just wanted to confirm your tee time."
"Tell that old bastard we're on. Boys in Black aren't going stop my golf game."

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23rd May 2023

Session 12: When I don't get my bath I take it out on the slaves

I have called you all here to calm your nerves and reassure you that what is happening on Earth will have no impact to the colony. The EUC is taking action. The ESA takes our safety as the highest responsibility. We are secure where we are. The tragic accident that happen the other week was due to a rogue piece of debris and a fault in the structure. Yes, lives were lost, but incidents like this are to be expected in space. The crew on board is taking corrective actions and shoring up all systems so that such things will not happen again. This I guarantee.
Now let us not spoil all these treasures of cuisine. The lobster is to die for, but save room. Our chef has a Le plus délicieux souffle. The best truffles from France just arrived today.
Now please raise your glasses of this fine vintage and toast to those we've lost and to the future success to Galileo. Acclamations and Bon Appetit!

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9th May 2023

Session 11: Floating in a most perculiar way

Hey did you hear about Fernando?
Man, what a shit show. Can't believe he made it out. Well at least some of him did.
You think they'll offer him a full conversion?
We might end up like Fernando if you don't concentrate.
Right, sorry
Well do thinking he'll get the offer?
Listen, that last op he did went tits up, lost 4 others. The one before that he lost 5 assets. The one before that 3. You think upper management going be invest in a three time loser?
Good point. Damn, shame. I like him.
Shut up and finish the your job. I got this last one to plant, you still have 3 more. Now get to it. I hate being out here.
Right, sorry. I'll meet you back inside.

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25th Apr 2023

Session 10: We have an army!

"So, the birdie squawked, says crusader inserted externals"
"Says they are doing recon and spreading feelers out about the sitch. Looking for allies"
"He thinks he's going to make a difference again. Psst. He's a lost cause."
"True, but what do you think the board will say about your little op?"
"The board? Short sight and risk averse. They have little interest in what's going on. But they will once the dominos start tumbling"
"So you say. What should I tell the bird?"
"Sit. Observe. Continue with the roll out. With all the other shit hitting the fan from the ground pounders, this will be over before anyone can stop it. Board be fucked"

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4th Apr 2023

Session 9: First Contact

Report IEC-SOR-126003
Past quarter has seen an increase of malfunctions (+11%), Personal lose (+15%), sabotage (+7%), terrorist attacks (+18%) and other events contributing to delays, lose, and damage to corporate assets. Production lines are in jeopardy of meeting timelines. Significant event was onboard the O'Neil Two colony were are facilities suffer a fatal accident causing the death of colleagues. Families have been compensated.
Current economic conflict overflow correlates to some of the numbers. AI analysis has determined there is an active effort to disrupt all product lines within the corporation.
Activation of additional corporate operatives has been initiated. This has cause an additional cost to operations. Determination of possible actors to these events are still ongoing.
Daily reports of progress will be provided to the directors going forward.

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21st Mar 2023

Session 8: Stirring the Pot

Operation beating the nest to commence.
All orbital assets are targets of opportunity
Collateral damage will be handle by CommsMarket
Euros are to be avoided however they are not a shield and should be removed if presented as an obstacle in the way of target resolutions.

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7th Mar 2023

Session 7: Who's in the neighborhood

Secured encryption channel a1cacb31c29f. Proceed with status...
Op Tengu Gambit succeeded.
Collateral damage to target substantial.
Collateral damage to Astronomer minimal.
Markings of the eagle have been made.
Waiting on repercussions.
Expectations are inline with projected outcomes.
The hornets are nesting and awaiting next target.
End message.
Message received. Further instructions to follow...

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7th Feb 2023

Session 6: Revolution is in the Air

Encryption message level VII... Intrusion has been successful. Engaging targets orbital wide. Covers in place. No retribution to the corporate assets expect from the incidents. The eta are also active in the region. Counter ops underway. Expect status as incidents are triggered. Com sIlence till moon aligns.

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24th Jan 2023

Session 5: Different Day Same Colony

Activity between Militech and Arasaka orbital assets are escalating hostilities. Any representatives of either organization is to be view as a Threat Level Orange. All new arrivals are to have secondary BGC Scans. All terrestrials have mandatory 24 hour quarantine for a full PFH Scan
This is a Priority Alpha order. All exemptions are to be reviewed an approved by security level 5 officier.
Stay Safe. Be Vigilant. Carry On.

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3rd Jan 2023

Session 4: Getting your feet wet

Operation: Cracking the Can
Assets: MAI Team
Status: Insertion complete. Op underway. Sec ops classed AAC+.
Analysis: Requires add. logistics for IIO. Current pipeline high risk of exposure. Natives must be acquired. Eval of possible contacts tbd.

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6th Dec 2022

Session 3: Indoctrination

Vessel confirmation.
Make: OTV (modified)
Registration: TBD
Affiliation: Unknown
Report: Lost contact within 2 hours of departure.
Analysis: Possible null signature electronics onboard.
Conclusion: Possible private vessel not within any government systems. Possible private corporate asset or rogue element. Further investigation required. Drive signature recorded and submitted for future identification.

22nd Nov 2022

Session 2: Leaving Disaster

MAAE-016573: Sir, boogie spotted arriving at raven nest T+4:45:12. ID: Interpol Prison Transport EEP-1765.
MASO-462341: What's the report son?
MAAE-016573: Investigated logs from raven system. Transport was not expect or in any logs for arrival today. Breaching of Stoneshield was not possible to confirm ID. However, images show the vessel to be an old OTV and not a normal IPT.
MASO-462341: Visuals?
MAAE-016573: Yes sir. Vessel attached to one of the debris objects for an estimated 00:34:17 then detached. Trajectory to be astronomer.
MASO-462341: Forward me all data. Level 6 encryption. Need to send this up the pipe. May cause problems down the line. Good going m'boy.

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8th Nov 2022

Session 1: Escape from 6V

MBS-XTS Received: "Ravens Retrieved. Nest shattered. No hatchling left"
MBS-XTS Broadcast: "Good hunt. Confirmation astronomer accepting gift. ETA T-43:00:00. Early, terminate. Late, request new T"
MBS-XTS Received: "Compiled. Silence till T"

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25th Oct 2022

Session 0

KWS-M404x3: order approved
confirmation signed: SVPAKTS
acquire: EOPS6V
synchronation: T -50:13:48
sequence A: queued...
...waddy-001tr : T -52:03:00
...waddy-002tr : T -52:03:20
...waddy-003tr : T -52:03:40
...waddy-004tr : T -52:04:00
criteria met...
sequence B: queued...
...waddy-001du : T -51:35:00
...waddy-002du : T -51:35:20
...waddy-003du : T -51:35:40
...waddy-004du : T -52:36:00
...waddy-005du : T -52:36:20
...waddy-006du : T -52:36:40
...waddy-007du : T -52:37:00
...waddy-008du : T -52:37:00
completion task: register status
report filing: MSR-EOPS6V-EXT_TAR_0136512x26POI

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Life in space is hard, real hard. Oxygen, water, food, and pressure environment is the top of everyone's mind while living in space. But high riders have one more: Freedom. The corporate oppression is exponential worse than what is for the ground pounders. When will it stop? When will the people rise up against like their ancestors from the past? when?

This story is told by

The Protagonists

Sergeant Timothy Butusov


Brent Jarvinen

Epi One

Will Piedmont

Private Amanari Tambu (Karl Hungus)