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Cybersmily's Cyberpunk 2020 World

2022 January 29

Cybersmily's Night City is unofficial content provided under the Homebrew Content Policy of R. Talsorian Games and is not approved or endorsed by RTG. This content references materials that are the property of R. Talsorian Games and its licensees.

This is the world of Cyberpunk 2020 and contains information about the campaigns I ran or currently running. My players can find details about the world, NPCs, places, etc here to help them navigate the campaigns I run here.

You will be able to find articles for my various Cyberpunk 2020 campaigns here. Currently I am working/running a campaign for the Highriders in space. The Space section will have many articles being added to in over the coming months as the campaign progresses.


The High Life

Cyberpunk 2020

The year is 2022 and living as a high rider is about to get interesting.