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Forespoken, Forbidden, Forgotten: The Ancient Tongues of Aluvia 1E by Sirus Albright

By Stoutesie

2316 0 0 1531

The Ancient Tongues of Aluvia delves into unexplored elements of the links between the tides of history and the language that binds it.

Volume 1: Amberfall

By fyzu

69047 0 0 46588

A band of unlikely heroes undertake a quest in the name of the god Firmaren. Led by a blessed tome, their journey takes them to the city of Ambstalt-- the City of Amber-- in northwestern Yomi. Joining the Order of the Golden Lance, they must root out and...

Novence Eternal: The Story So Far

By fyzu

24218 0 0 2322

An unlikely band of heroes, chosen as Resonants by the Ennead, embarked on a journey that will decide the fate of the world. This is their tale, as recorded by Morgan, the spirit of the Living Library. -- This is a transcription of the session history of...