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Volume 1: Amberfall

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A band of unlikely heroes undertake a quest in the name of the god Firmaren. Led by a blessed tome, their journey takes them to the city of Ambstalt-- the City of Amber-- in northwestern Yomi. Joining the Order of the Golden Lance, they must root out and dismantle the criminal organizations seeking to lay waste to the city. Will they succeed in their mission before Amber's Fall?
  This is a part of the transcripted session history of the heavily-homebrewed DND 5E Campaign known as HH NSHOT. The chatlogs have been interpreted and written into a readable format and are thus not 1-to-1; much has been revised and clarified for pacing and continuity. You can find the main manuscript for the campaign here: https://www.worldanvil.com/community/manuscripts/read/9970930763-fyzu-hh-nshot3A-the-story-so-far