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Gods, Guns, and Grimoire

Sandalphun is a realm teeming with magic and life. From the Dwarven Makina Wielders of Ur to the Elven Spiritwalkers of the Skytree, the races of the planet of Lysi forge onwards with their mastery of the world-- both natural and supernatural. The gods that lord over this land are nine in number, and together comprise the Ennead. Below them are the Ethereals; living, breathing incarnations of divine power as diverse and colorful as the cultures that worship them.   Yet, this world is not without its dangers. Ever since the Awakening over 3000 years ago, when the meteor Wormwood crashed into the continent of Nifl, the world has only grown increasingly more hostile. Supernatural disasters sweep the across continents, destroying anything in their wake. Ferocious beasts infused with magical power known as Cryptids slaughtered countless multitudes. Magic, once a rare and coveted power, was now commonplace-- and as all creatures are wont to do, it was used by the mighty to tread upon the weak. This lasted for a thousand years-- known as the Dark Age.   In the Modern day, Year 3122 of the Awakened Era, the tales of the Dark Age have long since faded into ancient history. Even the formerly mystical nature of magic was now understood and harnessed for the betterment of civilization. However, another threat looms on the horizon-- one that may spell the end of this world in its entirety: Thrymmosis.  
"Thrymmosis ... it's like how the normal proliferation of cells results in the mutations that create cancer. Normal magic warps and corrupts to become Thrymmotic ... and like a cancer... it will eventually grow and destroy the host body."
— Myza Mysneiris, CEO of Novaurum Technologies

The Twisted Magic

Thrymmosis is a force of nature. As magic is used with increasing frequency and intensity, it begins to corrupt, twisting and warping beyond the bounds of its initial source. Though its effects are rarely seen so far, they have had catastrophic consequences-- the Wastes of Belus Island or the Shifting Expanse of Central Aaru are two such examples. Every spell, every supernatural disaster, every cryptid that walks the surface of the planet-- each and every one pushes the world one step closer to the end of the world: the Turning.

Seeing the threat that Thrymmosis posed, the Ennead devised a solution. Certain individuals that exhibited the traits of Thrymmosis corruption retained their sanity, and gained strange newfound powers. These include the ability to share memories and swap locations with other similar individuals, as well as an unnatural magical aptitude. These individuals became known as Resonants. Thus, the Ennead would seek out these Resonants, tasking them with the burden of saving the world-- through an as-of-yet unknown means.   Yet not all individuals are so keen on stopping the end. Shadowy individuals bearing the insignia of the Diachor pull the strings at every turn, seeking to thwart the Ennead's goal. Be they Mindwalkers that traverse the dreams of those asleep, or unstoppable Champions of combat that steal the abilities of those they slay-- they are not to be trifled with.

The Task at Hand

These Resonants, with the weight of the world upon their shoulders, must now set out and accomplish the tasks the Ennead have ordained them. Be it quelling a rebellion in the great human city of Ambstalt, or stopping a civil war between the Dragonborn Tribes and the Dominion of Kur, they must have faith in each other and the powers that be-- and hold on to the hope for the salvation of this land.
"The Ennead also seek to avert the effects of Thrymmosis. They seek to avert the Turning. However... their knowledge is far more expansive than yours ... suffice to say, they see you all as an experiment-- one that may bear the fruit of salvation for this world."
— Hyxlodrun, Councilor of the Diachor

Novence Eternal: The Story So Far

Thought I'd go ahead and catalog the adventures you've all had so far, in case you want to reminisce. You can find my notes above! Hope this brings back some fond memories. --Morgan