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Influence of the Shards

The corruptive influences a Shard may inflict upon the unwitting and unwilling.

3870 words

Verdant Haze

A green oasis in the Sunari Wilderness, forever ruined by radiation and pollution.

1935 words


Ideas and imagination made manifest as psychic constructs upon the Dimension of Dreams, to live and die within the span of one's sleep.

2755 words

Naseem Samawi

Champion of the psychopomp Ceyannan and death-touched wanderer.

3938 words

Hanhula Progress so far

12498 words 124.98% completed!

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Hello there, I'm Han! In my regular life, I'm a game developer focusing on the front-end side of things - meaning I get to work on some very, very cool things every day... and also that I can't talk about any of them. Whilst I live in Australia, I'm actually English - I emigrated a little while ago and have been trying to find my way back to Europe ever since.   I'm usually a high fantasy writer with a focus on expansive, meaningful stories with characters that genuinely feel as real as you or I, but you'll find me including just about everything in dashes. There's even a little bit of sci-fi here and there. I draw inspiration from a number of series - Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Discworld, Earthsea, Gunnerkrigg Court... and I'm perfectly willing to nerd out over pretty much anything so long as it's not D&D 5e. I'm a Pathfinder 1e GM through and through!   Talk to me about hit MMORPG FFXIV!

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