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Tanai Progress Report


A half-ogre who led a unit of ogres from the Unstoppable Force

964 words

Siblings of the Scale

A group supposedly dedicated to helping dragonborn who had been treated unfairly

1203 words

Shaby’s Wand

A magic wand created by a less than capable goblin spellcaster

257 words

Andaxius’ Domain

The region ruled by Andaxius

1060 words

Unstoppable Force

A large hobgoblin army

1676 words

Legion of the Mktulax

The typical army in the Mktulax domains

1884 words

Siantrin Tower

One of the colleges of magic

1676 words


Capital of the Mktulax domains

1518 words


A group which protects the Forest Kingdom through covert means

841 words

Prayer of Regeneration

A ritual used to regrow or repair lost or heavily damaged organs and limbs.

611 words


A solitary figure that stalked through Redwood

3282 words

Snow Ogre

A subspecies of ogre adapted to the cold.

841 words

Ilma Olie

The Elven Pantheon

2220 words

222 / 07 / 13 - New Tone for Rainbow Bard

John Fennan embarks in a new artistic direction

520 words

222 / 07 / 20 - Fate of Lost Lancers

The fate of a missing group of Eastside Lancers

331 words

Ryn’s Guide to Mountain Plants

A guide to plants written by Orryn

1758 words

Frost Spirit

A malicious fey that that haunts cold and snowy places

591 words

Sylvan Trickster

An archfey who delights in playing pranks and causing trouble

753 words

Silver Wolf

A powerful fey who personifies the hunt

488 words

Fergus the Miner

A dwarf renowned for his generosity who inspired an annual tradition

1008 words


A box containing strings that can only be played using magic

1371 words


A demon which possesses corpses

258 words

Coal and Steel

A 2 player board game played on a 10x10 grid.

1859 words

222 / 06 / 03 - Gang Leaders Arrested

The Patrol arrests gang leaders from East Bank

555 words

Tanai Progress so far

27525 words 275.25% completed!

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  • Lord of the Rings.
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  • Witcher 3.
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  • Skyrim.
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