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The Temple of Atlas


The leader of this religion is the High Priest of Atlas, he has to be the oldest and the wisest of all the priests and priestesses inside the temple. This position can also be held by a woman, but this has not happened yet. The next High Priest is chosen by the previous High Priest on his/hers deathbed.   Under the High Priest are the priests and priestesses, they are the workers inside the temple.   The guard of Atlas in next in line, these man and woman are usually Zodiac Born. They are in charge to protect the temple and its priests against any danger, from the outside but also from with inn.  


The priests and priestesses are starting the mornings with their morning prayers, in Latin. The temple is then not yet open for visitors. After the morning prayer, they clean the temple from top to bottom. After the cleaning, the temple goes open for visitors.   At the middle of the day the priests and priestesses perform a service for the public, everyone gets a laurel crown on their heads. While the priests and priestesses are praying. After the midday prayer, the next generation Space discovers can come in to pay tribute to Atlas and ask him for a save journey across the stars. During this they are getting Spatium interfectorem cete (Space Killer Whales) meat that they need to eat before leaving the temple.  

Public Agenda

To spread the word that Atlas is the greatest God of all, he likes Poseidon before him guide the next generation of space discoverers on their journey to the unknown.  


The Temples

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The temples are build all over Atlas Temple, the planet in the next solar system. They are all build in the ancient Roman/Greek style, with large pillars that support the roof and a staircase that leads op to the door. For the people who are not able to walk those stairs there is an elevator. The temples are having a public area where a giant statue of Atlas stands. In the back there is the room where the next generation of space discoverers are getting their rite of passes. Behind that hall there are the private quarters of Atlas guard. Behind that quarters of the priests and priestesses, and all the way in the back there are the rooms of the High Priest of Atlas.

The Guards of Atlas

The most of the Guards of Atlas are Zodiac Born, they have trained at the temple from a very early age. The Atlas guards are all wearing the same uniform, it those not matter if they are a man or woman. Their armor is made from cotton with titanium wire, at least the parts that are not covered with titanium. The robe that they wear is also made from the same material, and a purely decorative. They all have a gun that can shoot tranquilizers and rubber bullets. Their shields are made from titanium, and are as strong as the outside of a spaceship. No bullet can get trough to them. To become a Guard of Atlas all trainees need to pass an examination to test their physical abilities and their mental state. Every guard needs to take that last examination every month to avoid loose canons. Before the Zodiac Academy was founded, the trainees were training inside the temples. Now they are training at the academy until they are ready.
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The priests and Priestesses

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The priests and priestesses are not all Zodiac Born some of them are. The priests and priestesses all started at the temple from an early age. They are learning Latin and the appropriate words in English. They also learn the prayers and the other rituals. The acolytes are training behind the scenes from the temple, when the doors are open. All the priests and priestesses, even the acolytes are wearing the same robes. Which are shown on the left. The robes are made from cotton with titanium wire. The High Priest of Atlas on the right wears the same robes, the only difference is that he is wearing a staff, made from olive wood.
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The Temple of Atlas is as old as time, only humans stopped believing in the old god and replaced him with a new God of their own. But after humans reached the next solar system the belief in the old God returned and his temples were build on the new planet Atlas Temple. It is now the main religion on this planet. The other believes are trying to over trow it, with little to no success.  

Mythology & Lore

The Greek/Roman god is the son of Ouranous and Iaetus. Instead of fighting on the side of the Olympian Gods he fought on the side of the Titans. They lost the battle and Atlas was punished to carry the whole universe on his back. He was released of this duty once, when the demigod Herakles/Hercules came to see him. Herakles/Hercules took over this burden, but only for a short time. After that Atlas was doomed to carry the universe until his last breath.   Because Atlas spent so much time carrying the universe on his back, he is the one who knows every planet, sun and astroide.

Divine Origins

The origin of the Temple Of Atlas dates back to the old Greek/Roman times. When the Gods ruled the earth and the rest of the universe.  

Space knows no Limits

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