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Zodíaco (Zod-ia-k-o)


The organization was established by former members from NASA and ESA. The most members walked away from their respected organizations after they believed they were not appreciated enough. They believed that the next generation space discoverers were born under certain signs, the zodiac signs.  

Moon station

This is why they are so focused to train these discoverers as young as possible. That was the main reason that the launched the Moon station. The parts of the station were made on Earth. A few Astronauts went to resembled the station, around the year 3978. The station was ready in the year 3980. Still, they sent the first group off children ten years later.  

Watermen Children

The Watermen children were the first children, that were sent to the Moon Station. Two girls and one boy. After two years training, they were called back to earth. Only on the way back to earth the pod went off course and landed miles from the landing zone into the ocean. The pod was heavily damaged and took in water, the children were lucky that they escaped the pod alive. Instead of the organization taking responsibility, they blamed the children. The Watermen twins were so traumatized that they didn't want to do anything with the organization again. The eldest of the children Aquria Watermen stayed. This was seen after a few years as her something remarkable.  

Zodiac Academy

The Zodíaco didn't stop with the Moon station, they wanted to train and educate those young minds even further. So they build the Zodiac Academy, the children that went to the Moon station could study here further in becoming the next generation of space discoverers. They hired old astronauts to give the lessons on this school.

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