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Dragonfire Crystal


Material Characteristics

The pink or red crystal is commonly found inside the Dragonship empire. It is found around the year 100. The crystal was found inside a mine, where they were mining for dragon steel. The strongest steel inside the empire.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The crystal is since the discovery used as a power source for all the Dragonfire technology. They can be used for a long time, which will depends on the purity of the crystal. Clouded crystals will be active for 5 years, where the clearest crystal currently used in the engine of the Dragonship, since the time the ship has being build.


There has being studies about this topic, but no scientist has come with a solid answer why this crystal is the way it is. it is being suspected that the crystal is made with the life force of the planet, or moon. But this is just speculation, and no scientist wants to risk his, or her career to prove this theory.

Geology & Geography

The crystals are found in the mines, where also Dragon steel is being found. The only steel that can contain the crystal when it is heated. The first mine was on the planet of origin, but where that is, is unknown.

Origin & Source

The crystal is found next to the only steel that can contains it when it is heated. This steel, and so the crystal, is found throughout the Empire.

Life & Expiration

The crystals' expiration depends on the clarity of the crystal.   The most clouded crystal can last 5 years, and the clearest crystal, which was the first crystal being found, is still powering the Dragonship today.

History & Usage


Discovery Dragonfire crystals     The crystal is bing found when the habitats of the planet were mining for Dragonsteel, the strongest metal ever being found. The purest crystal ever being found, and also the first crystal. Ever since the discovery it has being studied, but there is not much known about this crystal, only that it is a great source of power.   The crystal is being used to power all the forms of Dragonfire technology, this includes the Dragonship, weapons and even just a heater inside a house.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The discovery of this crystal opened a lot of doors for the forefathers of the Dragonship Empire. It was the way that they could develop advanced technology that is not being matched until this day.

Industrial Use

The crystal is being used as a power source, the containers for the power source are made from Dragonsteel. Which is the only metal that can hold it, other metals are melting even when they come near it.


The crystal or rather the energy from it is too hot for living beings to survive. So it really needs to be inside a container of Dragonsteel.

Environmental Impact

There are many theories about this, some even linked to the Lost planets. But those theories are never been proven.

Reusability & Recycling

When a crystal is being used, it has run its course. It is not yet possible to recycle it, but scientist are working hard to change that.


Trade & Market

The crystals are not being traded or distributed under the Moonlovers. They are dug up, by the Moonlovers confiscated and then shipped to the Dragonship. The owner of the mine, usually the owner of the planet or moon, gets two thousand Imperial crowns for every crystal delivered


The crystals are being manufactured inside a factory inside the fleet, which are the now smaller ships. The crystals are stored there inside Dragonsteel containers, until they are being used.

Law & Regulation

All crystals belong to the empire, and there are no exceptions.
2000 Imperial crowns
Nobody tasted it
Boiling / Condensation Point
>5000 degrees Celsius
Melting / Freezing Point
<5000 degrees Celsius
Common State
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