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The descendants of the Sapphire Elves that became something different to avoid extinction

The Scornfolk are a unique race whose statblock encompasses dozens of possible 'tribes'(Defined as a group of scornfolk that have similar mutations), and players are encouraged to be incredibly creative with their appearances - as anything from sixteen foot lion-esque humanoids, human or elven creatures with animal features, horribly mutated monstrosities, or even massive beings that resemble elephants.   The racial traits listed below are designed to be generic to encourage player creativity in designing their scornfolk, as they are a race that has incredible genetic and racial diversity.

Base Racial Traits

Ability Score Modifiers: (+2 to a physical ability score, +2 to a mental ability score, -2 to a different physical score) Scornfolk, thanks to their incredibly varied mutations, can take on a variety of physical forms and mindsets.   Size: Scornfolk can range in size somewhat, but most are medium sized creatures.   Type: Scornfolk are Monstrous Humanoids with the Augmented subtype and either the Elf or Human subtype.   Speed: Scornfolk have a base land speed of 30ft.   Vision: Scornfolk have low-light vision, allowing them to see twice as far as humans in conditions of low-light.   Languages: Scornfolk begin play speaking the Regional Language that reflects their origins(See Languages of Zheng-Kitar), and both Elderspeech and Sylvan. Scornfolk can choose any non-secret languages as bonus languages to reflect their varied origins.   Enhanced Senses: Born from the ancient Biolabs of the Sapphire Elven Skycities, the Scornfolk have bodies enhanced in some way - they can gain either Tremorsense 20ft, Scent 60ft, Low Light and Darkvision 60ft, or Blindsense 10ft.   Powerful Tail: Though their tails can take on strange forms ranging from elephantine trunks to enormous cat or lion-like tails to even draconic scaly tails, the Scornfolk tend to have some kind of tail that they can use to gain a Tail Slap primary natural attack, dealing 1d6 damage at base that can deal Bludgeoning or Piercing damage. They may use this tail to retrieve objects stowed on their person as a swift action, and can use it to stand up from being prone either as a swift action(Giving +4 on AoOs made against you for doing so), or as a full-round action so as to not provoke AoO's.   Monstrous Flesh: Whether fur, slippery scales, chitinous plating, or something wholly stranger, Scornfolk have weird bodies with weirder flesh - this gives them a +4 to their CMD and allows them to move through threatened squares at full speed without increasing the DC for doing so. Additionally, they gain Resistance 5 to an element of their choice(Fire, Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Sonic).   Slow Shapechangers: With bodies mutated and changed in the ancient biolabs of the Sapphire Elves, the Scornfolk can subtly change their appearances to look differently, replicating the effects of an Alter Self spell over the course of a day as an extraordinary ability(Except they are able to become other creatures of their size category as well). This change is permanent once made, though they can revert to their 'true form' at any time over the course of the same duration. However, to transform, they require something to give them a clear mental image of what they wish to look like, or a part of a humanoid they wish to take on the appearance of(GM Discretion).   Sapphire Remnants: Thanks to lingering traces of the Sapphire Elves within their bodies, Scornfolk ignore the first 5 points of energy resistance when dealing elemental damage.   Desperate Ancestors: Though they now have become quite a few species and peoples all their own, the Scornfolk can trace their history back to the fall of the Sapphire Elves, when their ancestors threw themselves into their own Biolabs to escape their butchery at the hands of the Yema. Though they are now safe from such butchery, Scornfolk retain the skillsets their ancestors honed and needed to survive - they gain a +2 on stealth, survival, and perception checks, and gain one as a class skill.   Ancestral Refuge: For a period of up to 8 hours a day(Usually used when sleeping or resting), a Scornfolk can access an interdimensional refuge - this demiplane takes on the shape of a two-story stone and wood mansion as per the spell Mage's Magnificent Mansion(CL 15th). They may, at most, bring one other creature with them into this space each time they enter it(Willingly, and cannot be forced to do so). The mansion, however, is not unique to them - all other Scornfolk within 50 miles share this mansion(Forming more if numbers exceed its capacity), which serve(s) as apartment building-esque demiplanes for them. Unlike a mage's magnificent mansion spell, it only has sufficient food to feed the one(s) who entered, and no more.   Anything to Survive: In their never-ending quest to survive at any cost in the face of the persecution they face, Scornfolk have learned how to ride the fine line between self-destruction and salvation. They can gain a myriad of benefits depending on actions they take, listed below:  
  • By allowing an attack from an enemy to hit them, a Scornfolk may roll twice and take the higher result on any d20 attack or skill roll within the next 24 hours. They may only have one "reroll" banked in this way at a time.
  • By willingly failing their saving throw vs a hostile spell or effect, a Scornfolk may automatically succeed another saving throw against the same within the next 24 hours. They may only have one success banked in this way at a time.
  • By willingly forgoing healing that would be dealt or given to them by another(Not counting potions), a Scornfolk may automatically stabilize the next time they would drop below 0HP or automatically negate one instance of bleed damage they would suffer. They may only have one stabilization or bleed negation banked in this way at a time.
  Biomelding: Thanks to the unique biotech engineering used to create and alter their bodies, Scornfolk have taken the empathic abilities of the Sapphire Elves and turned them into something wholly unique. By touching another creature as a full-round action, they can softly merge their mind with a target's and delve into their conscious and subconscious mind - each round they maintain contact with the creature, they can get one piece of information about them, though anything that goes deeper than recent memories or surface thoughts will likely require a will save on the part of the target(GM Discretion). With a willing(or helpless) target, they can freely share memories, feelings, emotions, and the like(GM Discretion). They cannot alter any part of the mind of the target while doing this, but by forgoing a stealthy approach and attempting to violently tear through their mind, you can delve deep into their mind, increasing the DC of the Will Save to resist this effect by 5 - though if they succeed, both targets take 1d6 untyped damage plus one additional dice per 4HD of the target. Subtly attempting to use this ability does not provoke a will save, but a sense motive check of varying difficulty(GM Discretion) will reveal something is going on.

Basic Information


The anatomy of the scornfolk is incredibly varied, to such an extent that it is impossibly to notate it completely here - they are well known for their mutations and biological oddities, such that no two Scornfolk are exactly alike - their appearances and anatomies could range from feline to reptilian.   On average, all they have in common is their humanoid appearance - two arms, two legs, with a head located atop the torso.

Genetics and Reproduction

Scornfolk reproduce through sexual reproduction - and thanks to their genetic diversity this can happen with most any species(Not just other scornfolk). Once reproduction has occured and a female is impregnated with child, they carry the child for anywhere between 7-9 months before giving live birth to their child(ren).

Growth Rate & Stages

Once born, Scornfolk reach adulthood in varying speeds - though most commonly, they hit adulthood after around 15 years. They hit middle age around age 40, become old around age 60, and become venerable around age 80. However, this is not set in stone - their aging speeds are notoriously confusing and vary wildly, such that some Scornfolk tribes are known to live mere 50 years while others live until 200 or more - this is believed to be due to their biological mutations that run rampant through their bodies, some of which prove beneficial for aging while others prove quite harmful.

Ecology and Habitats

Thanks to the incredible variety of the mutations that wrack their bodies, Scornfolk can thrive in most any environments - and because of the extreme variety of scornfolk 'tribes', they are often found in most any environment.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Scornfolk are ominvores as a general rule - though certain tribes may change and prefer vegetarian or meat-based diets.

Biological Cycle

As they age, Scornfolk find themselves increasingly wracked with rampant biological mutations - some beneficial, some cancerous and rapidly metastasizing until they almost completely replace their cells and organic material, leading to rapid onset organ failure and death.   Aside from such mutations, their hair and skin begins to to gray and white with age, withering and wrinkling as they slowly lose strength and muscle mass.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

The average physique of a Scornfolk can vary wildly - they can have an enormous variety of physical traits from trunks to tails, animal ears to human or elf ears, and even normal skin, scaled skin, leathery skin, scaly skin, and much more. They have so much variety in their bodies and faces that many would not assume two 'tribes' of Scornfolk(Defined as a collective who share the same mutations) are even of the same race.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Scornfolk can be found in most any climate or geographic location - they are hardy and adaptable, and very diverse. However, they tend to avoid civilized areas because of a distrust of civilized peoples.

Average Intelligence

Scornfolk tend to be quite intelligent creatures, though not in drastic excess of a Human average.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Once again owing to their incredibly myraid biological mutations, it is hard to describe one set of senses that all Scornfolk possess - they can have incredibly varied senses ranging from scent to blindsense, and the only common sense they all have in common is the ability to see well in conditions of low-light.
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Genetic Descendants
80 Years(This can vary wildly, decades in either direction)
Conservation Status
The Scornfolk are a plentiful people, but one who tend to avoid civilization - on a whole, they distrust civilized areas and instead prefer to live as tribal peoples, though they might inhabit lands controlled by a civilized people. They are thus somewhat rare to be seen by many - they do not like revealing themselves to others they do not trust.
Average Height
3ft - 16ft (0.9m - 4.8m)
Average Weight
Varies wildly.
Average Physique
The average physique of a Scornfolk can vary wildly - they can have an enormous variety of physical traits from trunks to tails, animal ears to human or elf ears, and even normal skin, scaled skin, leathery skin, scaly skin, and much more. They have so much variety in their bodies and faces that many would not assume two 'tribes' of Scornfolk(Defined as a collective who share the same mutations) are even of the same race.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The body tint of a Scornfolk can vary extremely wildly - their hair and skin can be anything from bright vibrant colors to dull and muted greys and whites. Their skin can be furry, scaly, or anywhere in between.


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