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Scornfolk Alternate Racial Traits

Large Body: Become a large sized creature. Changes size category.   Due to their incredible level of genetic diversity, Scornfolk can vary wildly in size, from twice the size of a normal Human to half the size of a normal Human.
Small Body: Become a small sized creature. Changes size category.   Due to their incredible level of genetic diversity, Scornfolk can vary wildly in size, from twice the size of a normal Human to half the size of a normal Human.
Enhanced Mind: Gain a racial +4 to resist all mind-affecting effects, and gain one bonus skill rank per level. Replaces Enhanced Senses.   Their minds supercharged with vestiges of the power their ancestors once wielded, many Scornfolk, rather than carry hyper-senses, are renowned for their minds - processing speeds, ability to resist influences, and how quickly they pick up information.
Sapphire Sight: Pick an element from (Fire, Cold/Water, Electricity, Acid, Sonic) - you may throw your sight into concentrations of that element within 100ft + 10ft/HD. Replaces Enhanced Senses.   Though merely the palest imitation of the sight of the Sapphire Elves, many Scornfolk retain the vision of their ancestors and can throw their senses into concentrations of their patron element.
Ssarin Biology: You gain a +4 on saves vs diseases and poisons. You gain scent out to 30ft(or +20ft to existing scent). Each time you reach the next age category for your race, you roll a 1d100 - if the result of the die is greater than (50 - HD), you gain 1d10 more years in the current age category. Replaces Enhanced Senses.   With bodies made supernaturally efficient by the meddling of the Immortal Emperor Cao Lu in the bloodlines of their Ancestors so long ago, these descendents of the servants of Cao Lu find their bodies capable of living longer than normal, resisting diseases and poisons, and often find themselves developing forked snake-tongues to sniff the air with.
Sapphire Bio-Roads: Once every 1d4 rounds, you may as a move action swap places with a creature that is touching the same continuous natural surface as you(GM Discretion) within 60ft. Hostile creatures gain a reflex save(DC based on highest mental stat) to avoid the swap. Replaces Enhanced Senses.   A strange and disturbing mutation of the innate ability of the Sapphire Elves to travel along the natural pathways of the world, these Scornfolk have learned to utilize the ancient Sapphire Network to travel short distances and "burst" from the bodies of nearby creatures, effectively swapping places with them using the pathways that dwell within the natural world.
Giga-Tail: You tail natural attack's damage dice scales up to 1d10, and gains an extra 5ft of reach. You gain the 'grab' universal monster rule with this tail attack. If you take the 'Natural Attack' Alternate Racial Trait with this alternate, you MUST select the tail attack as the primary natural attack. Replaces Powerful Tail.   Their tail developed far in excess of the normal, these Scornfolk have tails as thick as their own bodies, and wield them as enormous masses of fur, scales, chitin, or otherwise - capable of lashing out like lethal whips far further than most would expect them to. However, these tails can take many forms - whether as a tongue, enormous tail, or other appendage.
Monkey Tail: You may use this tail to retrieve objects stowed on their person as a swift action, and are treated as constantly benefitting from the 'Monkey Style' combat feat, ignoring all prerequisites. You do not need to enter a stance to benefit from it, and are always counted as being in monkey stance for such purposes. You may ignore the 'improved unarmed strike' prerequisites for the subsequent Monkey Style feats, but must meet the others as normal. Replaces Powerful Tail.   Veritable masters of acrobatics, these Scornfolk, while not versed in wielding their tails as a weapon, are masters of using it as a counterweight to masterfully endure and strike out while on their back in an otherwise vulnerable position - keeping themselves fully dangerous when their enemies would not think them as deadly.
Quadruped: Gain two additonal legs. Gain +4 to your CMD vs trip attempts, and gain EITHER +20ft base land speed or a climb speed equal to your base land speed. Gain a gore attack as a primary natural attack that begins play at 1d6 Piercing damage. You gain the 'improved bull rush' feat ignoring prerequisites and gain the 'Trample' Universal Monster Rule dealing damage as per their gore attack + 1.5X STRMOD. Replaces Powerful Tail.   Whether they resemble large, horse-like centaurs, arachnid semi-spiders with multiple legs, or some other multi-legged creature, many scornfolk boast more legs than their kin.
Natural Attack: Gain two claw attacks that count as primary natural attacks, dealing 1d6 damage at base. If you still possess the 'Powerful Tail' racial trait, either the tail or the claws must be a secondary attack(Player choice). With GM Approval, the type of natural attack may reasonably be changed to most any kind of natural attack to simulate the varied mutations of the Scornfolk. Replaces Monstrous Flesh.   Rather than focusing on the defensive abilities of their strange flesh, many Scornfolk instead focus on weaponizing their innate natural abilities - whether that be thick trunks, lethal claws, spiral ram or minotaur horns, or any other number of strange mutations capable of injuring their enemies.
Thick Skin: You gain a +2 to your natural armor bonus. Gain a +2 to resist on all saves vs spells and Spell-Like abilities. Replaces Monstrous Flesh.   Their skin covered in thick scales, dense fur, or some other means of providing heavy protection, these Scornfolk are also covered in swirling patterns of sapphire that glow and pulse - relics left over from their ancestors and the horrors they subjected themselves to in their own Biolabs to survive extinction.
Amphibious: Gain the ability to breathe underwater. Gain a swim speed equal to your base land speed. Gain Cold Resist 5. Replaces Monstrous Flesh.   Born with mutations that allow them to live a life beneath the water, these scornfolk form underwater tribes and often dwell far beneath the waves...
Avian-born: Gain a fly speed equal to 1/2 your base land speed. Gain Electricity Resist 5. Replaces Monstrous Flesh.   Born with feathers or othjer more avian features, these lucky Scornfolk find themselves able to use their avian mutations to soar through the sky.
Undying and Indomitable: Whenever you are reduced to an amount of negative HP that would kill you, make a Fortitude save equal to (DC 10 + 1/2 CON). If you succeed the save, you stay at one point above your death threshold and stablize. The DC goes up by 4 each time you succeed it, and resets after 24 hours. You gain the 'Ferocity' universal monster rule, and can are merely staggered when you are below 0HP, and lose 1HP each round. Replaces Slow Shapechangers.   While many see it as tragic, many Scornfolk have entirely lost the shapechanging abilities their ancestors were once so famous for - and in its place, have inherited the undying will to survive that carried their people through countless calamities and drove them to horrifically mutate and alter their bodies to endure the end of their world. Emboldened by this undying will, these Scornfolk are almost inhuman in their durability - holding their broken bodies together with sheer willpower far beyond what should be possible, stitching their flesh back together with simple stubborness and a roaring will to live.
Sealed Shapechanger: Pick one of the following creature categories - gain the following bonus. Replaces Slow Shapechangers.  
  • Agile(Monkey, Rodent, Cat, Etc): Gain a climb speed equal to your base land speed. Base land speed increases by 10ft.
  • Brute(Crocodile, Gorilla, Bull, Etc): Gain 'Improved Bull Rush' and 'Improved Overrun' as bonus feats.
  • Cunning(Owl, Fox, Chameleon): Gain a +5 racial bonus on perception checks. May make knowledge checks untrained for the purposes of identifying monsters and beasts.
  Much like their ancient ancestors whose forms were sealed away, trapping them as creatures that would over time become the Urqet, these Scornfolk have lost their shapechanging abilities in a similar fashion - though luckily, they only have partial transformations permanently sealed onto their bodies.
Ssarin Pureblood: Gain Detect-Poison as an at-will ability as per the spell. Gain a +2 to your natural armor bonus and as a standard action that provokes Attacks of Opportunity, you can change into or out of a Viper Form, turning into a mundane viper snake. This functions as Beast Shape I, and is an extraordinary ability. Replaces Slow Shapechangers.   Though their numbers have been dwindling rapidly ever since the fall of the Tyrant Cao Lu and the subsequent redemption of the Lamia God-Queen as their creation was deemed immoral and outlawed, the Ssarin Purebloods are those Scornfolk who trace their roots back to the High Lamia who served the Tyrant Cao Lu, whose ancestors were living experiments designed to create a more useful servitor race for the ancient Lamia. Though many now seek better lives, most still reject the ways of civilization and live alongside their more snake-like kin deep in the world's jungles.
Sapphire Bones: You ignore the first 5 points of DR that is not untyped when making melee attacks. Replaces Sapphire Remnants.   Their bones hardened and flecked with sapphire gemstones, these Scornfolk that do not fall victim to poachers seeking to claim the gems in their skeletons at a young age soon develop into mighty warriors whose sapphire-studded bones grant them heavy-handed strikes capable of harming even the hardiest of targets.
Sapphire Scrambling: If a magical ranged touch attack that targets you misses and fails to hit you, it automatically re-targets a random hostile creature as if you had cast it for the purposes of range. Replaces Sapphire Remnants.   Though rare, some Scornfolk have more potent dregs of the Sapphire Elves lurking within them than others of their kind - sporting blue and glittering blood as well as rhinestone sapphires forming on the surface of their skin, these Scornfolk are slightly resistant to some forms of magic and find themselves slapping aside some magical attacks automatically.
Skills for a more civilized age: Gain a racial +2 bonus to Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and Sleight of Hand, and one is a class skill. Replaces Desperate Ancestors.   Though not incredibly common, many Scornfolk do abandon the suspicious and distrusting ways of their people to fully integrate into societies across the continent - and as a result, though they leave their more survival-oriented wilderness skills behind, they gain different set of survival skills - ones oriented to surviving in a civilized area.
Dreamwatcher: You no longer need to sleep, and instead must spent two hours quietly meditating each day to achieve the same effect. You automatically detect when creatures within 60ft of you are having nightmares(Either flavorwise or as per the spell) or are otherwise suffering from dream-based effects. You gain Dream Feast as a 3/day SLA with a caster level equal to your HD - you may use this on yourself while you meditate. Those who sleep while benefitting from this spell gain a +4 bonus on saves vs effects that work while sleeping, such as nightmare. Replaces Desperate Ancestors.   As the old Scornfolk saying goes - "Beware the dreams with eyes of silver" - warnings that have passed down from generation to generation over thousands of years as a warning of the dangers that Scornfolk face in their dreams, where the ancient Yema still hunt them and wreak terrible havoc in their dreamscapes in an effort to snuff their lives out or otherwise make them suffer. These Scornfolk are sacred sentinels of their kin and of the dreamscape, weaving powerful protections to ward off "the evil dreams" so their kin can have peaceful sleep at last.
Progenitor Mixture: You may select a burn 0 Utility Wild Talent from a Kineticist Element of your choice of either 1st or 2nd level. Replaces Desperate Ancestors.   A somewhat common occurance in many Scornfolk, this mutation is one that traces its roots back to their ancestors, the Sapphire Elves, whose mastery over kinetic magic was so great that they are credited by many to be the progenitors of it as a whole - even degraded, a shard of their ancestors' mastery is a useful tool indeed.
Ruinwalker: Whenever you die, you automatically send part of your consciousness back in time to your past self a short while before(Usually day or a week to a month), though longer durations are common. This comes in the form of sudden and intense Deja Vu, and should be used by GMs to signal great incoming danger, to add intrigue and mystery, or to warn of especially foolhardy choices. In addition, in a ritual you may cast once a week by focusing for an entire round, you may open a gate to another plane as per plane shift. Once, you may take yourself and 4 other not dead(Undead notwithstanding) creatures back in time up to a week - though you permanently lose this racial trait when you do so, and cannot gain it back by any means, including miracle or wish. Replaces Ancestral Refuge.   A mysterious and incredibly rare ability, these rare Scornfolk are those out of time, who have a spirit that carries in it a shard from the dimension of time - a powerful gift from their ancestors that allows them to send back a warning across timelines to warn their past selves about future dangers. With these abilities to warn them of danger and the ability to flee to other planes, these Scornfolk are powerful shephards of their people, and are often found leading their tribes.
Qitong Vassal: Whenever you fall asleep or go unconscious, you can disjoint your soul from your body, and wander from the point you fell unconcious or went to sleep as per the spell Ethereal Jaunt for 1hr for every 5HD you possess. You may return to continue sleeping or awaken early at your will - or are forcibly drawn back if awoken by an external force. You do not age while sleeping. Replaces Ancestral Refuge.   Though rare, many Scornfolk do encounter the Qitong during their travels - and on occasion, those legendary servants of the Spirit Kings take pity on the Scornfolk and promise them protection - infusion within them a shard of their own primordial power that allows them to let their minds and souls wander far afield while they slumber...
Animal Change: Pick a single creature of the animal type - typically the one whom you most closely represent - you may shapeshift into that animal at-will as per Beast Shape II, except that this transformation is an Extraordinary Ability. Replaces Ancestral Refuge.   A mutation brought on out of a need for Scornfolk to hide in plain sight from those who hunt them, this rare but useful ability allows Scornfolk to transform wholesale into an animal that their body most closely aligns to.


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