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Scornfolk Racial Feats

Tailed Master:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, 'Giga-Tail' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 7th   Effects: Your tail's reach increases by 5ft, and you gain the 'constrict' universal monster rule with it. Your tail can now do slashing or piercing or bludgeoning damage.   Their tails swelling with power, these Scornfolk learn to turn their tails into even more deadly weapons, capable of striking further away and crushing the life out of those that it wraps around.
Improved Sapphire Sight:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, 'Sapphire Sight' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effects: The range of 'Sapphire Sight' becomes 1 mile per HD, and you may throw all senses into such concentrations of the chosen element.   Honing their ability to channel the power of their Sapphire Elven ancestors and creators, these Scornfolk take the gifts they were given and hone them further, allowing them to do so from much further distances...and with much more clarity of sense.
Sapphire Steelhide:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, 'Thick Skin' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effects: Your natural armor bonus goes up by another +2. Your natural armor bonus now applies to touch attacks vs ray attacks, and any rays that fail to hit you are reflected back upon the caster. Your fur, scales, or other means of protection can be used to forge metal weapons and armor, and may in time take on the properties of a metal-based special material as you grow in HD(GM Discretion).   With armor plating, iron-like fur, or some other means of protection thicker and stronger than steel, these Scornfolk are walking suits of armor on par with the hardiest Guimogoa.
Improved Seal:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, 'Sealed Shapechanger' Alternate Racial Trait   Effects: Select another category for 'Sealed Shapechanger' you did not pick - you gain those benefits.   Those more skilled with their shapeshifting before their bodies were 'sealed' in their current forms, these Scornfolk have multiple animal aspects on their bodies, giving them multiple benefits.
Primal Awakening:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, 'Sealed Shapechanger' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 9th   Effects: You immediately become one size category larger(Which becomes your new natural size category) and count your STR score as 8 higher for the purposes of carrying capacity and lifting weight. Additionally, you can treat yourself as being the Animal type for any spells or effects that go off of type if doing so would be beneficial for you. You also gain Old Druidic as a bonus language(See Languages of Zheng-Kitar for more information).   A rare mutation even amongst the highly varied Scornfolk, this mutation has been witnessed in those rare few who seemed to have harmonized with their inner, animalistic nature so much and to such a degree of perfection that they, through means poorly understood, form a link with a deeper primal 'spirit' within themselves that only the likes of a Druid, with their animal companion, could match. These Scornfolk, as a result of this spiritual harmonization, double in size as their animalistic tendencies manifest more strongly - becoming far more fearsome much like the animals their long-distant Sapphire Elven ancestors took on the aspects of, blended with, and then whose forms they were sealed in; becoming attuned to nature and the ways of the world in ways that only animals can. Some Ustanan scholars have theorized that this may be due to the influence of the recently-discovered pseudo-divine entity known as Ape God, whose influence in ages past may have snuck its way into the Sapphire Elven and eventually Scornfolk Genome during the blending of animal and man the ancient Sapphire Elves underwent to escape extinction.
Quick Change:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, 'Slow Shapechangers' Racial Trait   Effects: You can activate the effects of 'Slow Shapechangers' over the course of an hour instead of a day. Once a day, you can do as a swift action, but you become fatigued afterwards.   Able to activate their latent shapechanging abilities quicker than most, these Scornfolk are much better equipped to venture into civilized lands so as to avoid suspicion and prying eyes.
Ancestral Weapons:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, At least one natural attack   Effects: Your natural attacks count as one reasonably available special material of your choice(GM Discretion) as well as magic for the purposes of affecting other objects and overcoming DR.   Their claws, tail, bite, or other means of natural attack infused with the power that slumbers inside of them, many Scornfolk gain claws of adamantine, tails infused with mithril, and the like - turning their attacks into even more lethal weapons.
Improved Biomeld:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, Character Level 5th   Effects: As a melee touch attack, you can send a foe's mind into disarray - such a foe you make a melee touch attack against successfully must make a Will Save(DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) or be staggered for 1d3 rounds. Foes who succeed the save are shaken for 1d4 rounds instead. Once a foe has failed the save, they are immune to this ability for 24 hours. This works on creatures immune to mind-affecting effects, but not mindless creatures.   Special: At 7th Level, when using Biomeld normally outside of combat, you may get two pieces of information per round and may delve deeper into a creature's mind, past surface thoughts and into most thoughts and memories not classified as 'core memories' or otherwise important ones, before they recieve a will save(GM Discretion).   Learning to weaponize their natural empathic abilities, these Scornfolk can throw their opponents minds into confusion with a touch, putting them off guard for others to take advantage of the openings in their defenses.
Animal Agility:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, Character Level 7th   Effects: Your base land speed increases by 20ft, and you gain the 'run' feat as a bonus feat. You also gain the light steps ninja ability.   Learning to channel their inner animal, these Scornfolk become supernaturally quick as they learn to move on all four limbs with steps so light as to walk over water.
Supersonic Speed:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, Base land speed greater than 30ft, Character level 7th   Effects: You can move into any unoccupied space that is within your normal movement range without provoke attacks of opportunity or suffering from difficult terrain. If you have your movement hindered(Such as a tanglefoot bag or a successful grapple) you must free yourself before using this ability. You cannot use this ability if it is used in the previous round.   Able to move forward in fantastical bursts of speed such that they can no longer be seen by the naked eye, these Scornfolk are much feared for their ability to move unseen, darting from cover to cover so fast none can spot them.
Inexorable Advance:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, Natural Armor Bonus +2 or Base Land Speed of 30ft or less, Character level 7th   Effects: Each 10ft increment you move increases your weight and mass by 1.5 times, stacking until you end your movement. GM is final arbiter on what this can achieve. This grants a stacking +2 to bullrush and overrun checks made that turn, and a stacking +5 on checks to break objects made that round.   Rather than moving so quick that they move faster than the naked eye, some rare Scornfolk use their own ponderous speeds and natural armor to channel the power of their ancestors, increasing their size and mass in proportion to how long they remain moving.
Ssarin Masterblood:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, At Least one 'Ssarin' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 9th   Effects: You can use polymorph as a full-round action to take on the form of any Snake animal. You cannot take on the form of a creature with a CR higher than your HD.   As one of the lucky(or unlucky) few who have managed to reclaim enough of their Ssarin heritage as to manifest the shapeshifting abilities once shared by their ancestors as gifts from the tyrant Cao Lu, these Scornfolk find themselves able to tap into this wellspring of ancient power to change their bodies into a large variety of serpentine forms.
Gaze of the Tortured:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, Character level 9th   Effects: Gain a gaze attack with a range of 30ft that inflicts 4d6 magic slashing or piercing damage if the target fails a Fortitude Save(DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CONMOD), taking half as much on a success. Creatures who succeed this save are immune to the gaze for 24 hours. The damage of the gaze increases by 1d6 for every 3HD above 9.   A strange mutation that can appear in a great many Scornfolk, this gaze is heralded by eyes that glow green and black, shining with fields of stars and carrying a disturbing weight - much like ancient monsters of myth said to be able to travel across time and space at will. Many scornfolk claim that those with this gaze are those who have come within a hair's breadth of destruction at the hands of the Yema, and fallen too deep into the dreams that haunt their species...
Sapphire Souled:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, Character level 9th   Effects: Gain a +5 on any save made versus an effect that works on the soul, such as Trap the Soul. Creatures you strike with a natural attack, armor spikes, or unarmed strikes take a -2 on saves verus mind-affecting effects for 1d4 rounds. This bonus does not stack. If a creature is immune to mind-affecting, it instead loses that immunity for 1 round. You can innately sense if another creature within 30ft has some spell or effect that will bring them back or otherwise protect them after death(GM Discretion).   Though not as complete as the protection offered to their ancestors after death, many Scornfolk carry some innate resistances to effects that work on their soul, and can send the minds of others into disarray with the sapphire power that lurks within them.
Biomeld Master:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, 'Improved Biomeld' Racial Feat, Character level 11th   Effects: By touching a creature who died within the last minute, you can replicate a trap the soul effect, replacing the material component with any object you have on hand(Which scales in value to match 1,000 GP per HD of the deceased creature). Additionally, you may take souls held in trap the soul effects and shunt them into other deceased bodies or constructed shells that can hold them, effectivelly returning them to life as per reincarnate into the body you shunted them into.   Special: At 15th level, you swap the minds of two living creatures(One of which may be yourself) or one living creature into a dead one as the true mind swap psionic power.
Sapphire Heart:   Prerequisites: Scornfolk Race, 'Sapphire Souled' Racial Feat, Character level 13th   Effects: When you would reach an amount of negative HP that would kill you, a Small Sapphire Gemstone(AC 24, 10HP, Hardness 5) is left behind where you died that serves as the core of your being. You are not considered "Dead" until the Sapphire is broken and destroyed(And thus cannot be revived until the crystal is broken), but if the Sapphire is implanted into another suitable humanoid or monstrous humanoid corpse(GM Discretion) you return to life conscious at 1hp with 1 permanent negative level. You can communicate telepathically with any creature holding the Sapphire.   The hallmark of the most powerful, pure-blooded, and ancient Scornfolk, the "sapphire heart" is a manifestion of the afterlife of their ancestors, and the ways of old - memories of a time where souls were preserved in beautiful blue gemstones and preserved to allow for future generations to access their wisdom, that the greatest members of their society would live on forever - and now, in the Scornfolk who live long enough and develop strong enough bodies, these Sapphire Hearts can manifest in them as well - allowing them to cheat death and grow over generations.


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