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Ape God

WIld God of Primates, Deep Woods, Power, Destruction, and Secrecy

7:12 AM: Ritual Area Cordoned Off. All Non-Essential Personnel given evacuation order, citing infrastructural issues.   7:55 AM: Awakening Ritual Primed and Prepared. Primate Test Subject AUK871 sedated and compliant.   8:00 AM: Awakening Ritual Begins. All Casters in Attendance report feeling of Nausea and Headaches as synchronized chanting begins.   8:03 AM: Test Subject awakens unexpectedly and enters cardiac arrest as Subject's body is wracked by convulsions. Archdruid overseeing ritual issues order to continue.   8:05 AM: Test Subject begins to bleed profusely from ears, nose, and eyes. Subject's Sclera go completely black, and convulsions suddenly cease.   8:10 AM: Test Subject's vital signs cease as subject experiences total organ failure.   8:15 AM: Archdruid overseeing gives order to begin cleanup. Most attending casters are sent away to begin preperations for post-mortem analysis.   8:30 AM: Test Subject unexpectedly resumes life functions and suddenly sits upright inside the Awakening Ritual.   8:31 AM: Test Subject begins to emit vocalizations that rapidly induce Cerebral Hemorrhaging in 98% of facility staff. Later Analysis confirms vocalization frequency should be impossible for Primate or Humanoid Vocal Cords, and a match for no known organism on file.   [REDACTED]   11:09 PM: Subject finally terminated following arrival of off-site wetwork team dispatched by the Order of Saint John. All facility staff and equipment unrecoverable. Analysis of blood etchings on facility walls by the Subject imply existance of hitherto unidentified Wild God. Further Religious Studies ordered by the attending wetwork team, direct from the Order of Saint John.
— Top-Secret Report issued by the Government of the Shaoshu Empire on first contact with the entity known as "Ape God"
  Titles: Unknown. Only Recorded Reference to this deity has been in an as-yet untranslated language, and so far has been(likely incorrectly) literally translated as "Ape God", "He on High" and similar epithets.   Favored Weapons: Unarmed Strike / Slam Attacks   Alignment: Void   (Below obedience has yet to be fully translated from its origin language. Parts where the translation has yet to ascertain meaning with certainty are in brackets.)   Obedience: You who seeks the favor of [Ape God] - become mightier than any other. Offer your very bodies to [he on high] as temples to his glory - his greatness [grows its roots] only within the bodies of those [who are strong enough] to attact his mighty eye. Perform [the dance of ages] each morning until your [six(?) limbs] go numb - do so in [the presence of none but he on high]. Once completed, [scar yourself] with his symbol and [paint your skin/fur] to evoke [his eternal fury]. Finally, await the [holy bloodriver] that will fill your mouth and [gorge yourself on its complexities] - do this, and [Ape God's Fervor] will be yours.   Effect: You gain the ferocity UMR, and gain Endurance and Diehard as Bonus Feats. You also ignore racial prerequisites on the Deathless Feats. Whenever a creature drops below 0HP within 10ft of you, you can spend an immediate action to slay them and gain both a +2 morale bonus to a physical ability score of your choice for 1 minute as well as a number of questions equal to 1 + 1 per every 5HD you possess that the creature's corpse must answer as per speak with dead and cannot lie about.

Divine Domains

Strength, Community, Trickery, War(Blood Subdomain Only), and Animal(Fur Subdomain Only)


Any artifacts of the mysterious wild god known only as "Ape God" are utterly unknown, as the Wild God itself, if it truly exists, has remained undetected and dormant across Zheng-Kitar and potentially even beyond for untold centuries or even millennia - the only evidence that the Wild God may even have artifacts is a disturbing ritual performed during the incident(Described atop this page) that led to the god's discovery; Wherein the Primate Subject attempted to use dozens of shattered, smashes corpses as well as gallons of blood and viscera to construct a kind of "Gore Nest" that, as of its death, had begun to pulsate and gestate akin to some disgusting coccoon.   What function this "Gore Nest" would perform thankfuly remains unknown.   In recent years since the incident, investigations started into wild communities of Primates and the unique beasts known as Girallons(Magical Four-Armed Primates) have revealed potential magical relics of this mysterious wild god scrawled on cave walls belonging to seemingly unintelligent communities of primates that each depict a startlingly identical scene: A large primate donning a crown which is then used in following panels to somehow bend vast swathes of living creatures to the primate's will. As such, this "Crown" has been identified as an item of interest to scholars.

Holy Books & Codes

As far as any can tell, the Wild God known as "Ape God" does not seem to possess a holy book - as most of its followers are, somehow, unintelligent primates and wild animals. Such a thing, though it defies most of the common and conventional wisdom about the natures of deities and the mental faculties of primates and animals, explains why no holy book exists - merely a series of pictograms.   However, in the incident(described atop this page) which led to the Wild God's discovery by Zheng-Kitar as a whole, it was revealed that a complex "language" formed of a combination of Phonetic and Ideographic symbols is likely connected to this mysterious "Ape God" - and thus, it may be more accurate to say that any holy books it possesses have not yet been found.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A crown with three spikes coming off of it, gripped in a furred fist

Tenets of Faith

(These tenets were transliterated into the common tongue after the incident(Described atop this page) after they were found scrawled in blood and feces throughout the facility. They may not be exactly accurate.)  
Slaughter the mighty. My power gathers in those who prove themselves mightiest above all others. Grant the mighty the honor of a quick death to release my power from within them.
Seek ever-greater strength. Always strive to empower yourself by any means possible - physically or societally. Grow strong that my power may take root in you.
Welcome the numbing end. The gift of sapience is a curse - welcome its disappearance as my power is released, that your lives may be truly free and peaceful.
The past must not be upended. Under no circumstances should those who were slain be restored to life. Let the past remain dead and buried.
Speak nothing of and guard [his/my(?)] truths. Never speak a word of me or my truths to another being. My greatest weapon is secrecy.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The Divine Goals of this mysterious "Ape God" are wholly unknown - something that frightens many contemporary religious scholars.
A standing reward has been issued by The Ustanan Royal Academy on behalf of the Shaoshu Empire for any info on the Wild God known as "Ape God" - especially in regards to the Followers, Priesthood, Ethics, or History of the Wild God or its followers, as such information is essentially nonexistent. Additionally, any linguistic aid that leads to the cracking of the mysterious language used by the god's followers carries a similar standing reward.
— Notice put out by The Ustanan Royal Academy
Divine Classification
Wild God
Unknown. From what little information has been gleamed, the Wild God known only as "Ape God" is believed to reside within the bodies of primates themselves. This belief has not been confirmed.
Areas of Concern
Apes, Primates, Girallons, Deep Woods, Conservation Efforts, Nature, Battle
Holy Animal
Holy Colors
Holy Number


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