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Irlaman, The Boltbound Empress

The Good Elemental Lord of Air.

Titles: The Boltbound Empress, The Lady of Lightning, The Ruinbringer, The Lonely Queen, The Chainbreaker, The Titandragon   Favored Weapon: Longsword   Alignment: Air   Spirit King: Ziyouqi   Obedience: Spend one hour breaking chains or similar symbols of oppression while maintaining a steady, even breathing rythym.   Effect: You gain electricity resistance 10. You gain +4 to your CMD for the purposes of being grappled and to your CMB for all checks relating to a grapple.

Divine Domains

Air, Travel, Liberation, Weather(Storm Subdomain ONLY)

Holy Books & Codes

The Codex Caelitas

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A dragon curled around a bolt of lightning

Tenets of Faith

As the air blows free, so too must life be lived free of restraint. Protect the freedoms of others and break the chains of oppression.
Seek peace, strive for tranquility, and never give up hope for either, as the world is at its most peaceful after the storm. Work to further both these ideals in the world.
Hold no grudges and learn to move on. Destroy freely, forgive freely, and be as uncaring as the winds to live a life unburdened by unneccesary concerns.

Empress of the Chainbreaking Bolts

Irlaman is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Ziyouqi, the Spirit King of Air. Irlaman embodies the more "Good" and freeing aspects of Ziyouqi's portfolio, embodying both the ferocious storms brought about by the winds and the destruction they unleash as well as the peace and tranquility that follows such calamitous events. A rather unique portfolio for a being with such a titanic and savage appearance, Irlaman has long defied expectations by preaching the ways of freedom, and teaching that just as the winds of the world blowly freely and unfettered by chains or bonds or restraint, so too is life meant to be lived - free of troublesome burden or shackles. So does Irlaman serve and preach as the direct antithesis to beings such as Nazzon, The Godflame Duke, who in fact encourages slavery and oppression, instead encouraging her followers to shatter the shackles of oppression wherever they can be found to return life to its free, unfettered natural state.   Irlaman also preaches the ways of peace and tranquility, as well as solitude. She teaches a unique set of beliefs that tell her followers to not trouble themselves over causing destruction or carnage, or bringing ruin or devastation - just as the storms come, some things cannot be avoided - and so as long as one's intentions are peaceful and in pursuit of tranquility, one should not worry about such things and instead let go of any grudges or hatreds that might arise out of such scenarios. The winds blow freely and without care, and so should mortal life forget their grudges and forgive the grievances committed against them - life is far too short, she preaches, to become obsessed with such useless things. So do her followers believe in striving for a better world, one of peace, and seeking lives of tranquility - and when the chaos of the world catches up to them and devastation and ruin and destruction visits their lives, they hold no grudges and move on.   Thus does Irlaman embody the kinder and more freer aspects of Ziyouqi's portfolio, emboding the freeing, unrestrained, devastating nature of the wind and storm, and the peace and freedom with which it blows without care for mortal grudges, matters, or concerns. Her followers can often adopt a monk-like mindset of the world, learning to shake off their mortal obsessions and live a life of peace and tranquility - as much as is possible in such a chaotic world, anyway.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Azurebolt Palace, The Elemental Plane of Air   Areas of Concern: Air, Storms, Freedom, Travel, Tranquility   Holy Animal: Pseudodragon   Holy Colors: Blue, White   Holy Number: 10

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Chainbreaker: Always work to free those you find imprisoned, enslaved, in captivity, or otherwise bound. Kill those who tyrannize others, enslave them, or who deal in other creatures as a commodity.
Oath of the Nomad: Never settle down in one place for any extended period of time. Keep moving and stay on the road as often as possible, bringing tales and stories and goods to each place you meet. Help those you find along your journey who require guidance or assistance.
Oath of the Pacifist: Never willingly start a fight or act in the surprise round. Work to end strife, war, and violence wherever you can, in whatever ways you can, to ease the burdens of those affected by such things. Spread the message of peace all places you go.


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