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Nazzon, The Godflame Duke

The Evil Elemental Lord of Fire

Titles: The Godflame Duke, The Cruel Flame, The Unbroken Anvil, The Thrice-Shattered, The Bolstering Brutalizer   Favored Weapon: Greatsword   Alignment: Fire   Spirit King: Huofeng   Obedience: Spend 1 hour burning yourself or inflict other damage upon your person as appropriate.   Effect: Gain Fire Resist 10 that stacks with existing Resistance. If you are immune to fire already, deal an extra point of fire damage per die you deal to hostile creatures.

Divine Domains

Fire, War, Evil

Holy Books & Codes

The Godflame Tablet

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Two Flaming Greatswords, Blades up

Tenets of Faith

Power is law. Seek out battle and violence to further both.
A weak life must never prosper. Ensure all earn their place and bring those that do not into line beneath those that do.
A weak flame is destined to be snuffed out. Embody the roaring inferno and seek power and passion to vivify your life.

Duke of the Cruel Flame

  Nazzon is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Huofeng, the Spirit King of Fire. He embodies the more negative and evil connotations of Huofeng's portfolio, and is commonly seen as the patron saint of cruelty, ruthless flame, war, and tyranny. He preaches that those who are not tempered by cruelty, by blood, and by violence will not be strong enough to survive the ordeals their lives hold in store for them, so to brutalize and demoralize another creature is merely the first step to encourage them to something better.   He preaches that power is synonymous with law, and that it is on the battlefield and through violence that power is displayed, and thus where law is spread. War is the foremost way to unify and bring order, and so his followers and Saints generally believe some variation of this, encouraging war and violence as a means of unity and achieving order and law. He does not preach butchery or slaughter; all he teaches is done to teach others that life cannot be lived without power - to lack it is to be subject to the whims of fate and others who would seek harm upon you. Power should be sought no matter the cost in agony or suffering so that one can become a roaring inferno that cannot be snuffed out no matter the strength of the gale life throws at them.   He thusly is the embodiment of the selfish desires of his Spirit King Huofeng, a living manifestation of fire's selfish, cruel nature and its tendency to be a helpful thing even though it can run rampant and cause untold suffering in the process. Though it may bring warmth, heat, and good things, fire can often come at a terrible cost and can burn and scorch those who would seek to use it - and that is what Nazzon embodies, and why he teaches selfish accumulation of power - so that one might be strong enough to achieve what THEY want, and withstand all that comes at them. The means are of no consequence to Nazzon - even if cities are razed in the process, if the end result is an absolute unifying power, that is just and desirable.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Godflame Citadel, The Elemental Plane of Fire   Areas of Concern: Fire, Aggression, Tyranny   Holy Animal: Lion   Holy Colors: Orange, Grey   Holy Number: 7

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Destroyer: Never turn your back on a fight. Leave no foe alive. Never craft or create an item or birth a creature. Never solve a problem with guile or wit when power will suffice.
Oath of the Bloodletter: End one life of no less than 1/2 your HD or CR each day. Never stop the bleeding of another creature and never heal them unless they are at 50% health or below.
Oath of the Ambitious Tyrant: Never let an insult or slight against you or your loyal servants or trusted allies go unpunished. Ruin the reputation and lives of every figure of authority that stands in the way of attaining your goals or ambitions. Never leave a foe or potential enemy capable of doing you harm later on once you have encountered them or defeated them.


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