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"Every Star shall be our port."

Sovereign who rules over the Kanethara and in times of war is able to call upon all admirals within the Pact.


At least 20 years serving as an Admiral 5 years serving as a lord Admiral


The Sovereign must be a Admiralty Pact citizen and at least 45 years old.


The Sovereign is chosen by the Lord Admiral board after a week of deliberation and if a decision has not been made in that time the High Lord Admiral picks.


Inspiring example for the people. He or she decides how the laws are to be enforced Decides where troops shall be stationed, where ships shall be sent, and how weapons shall be used. Has the power to make laws Making sure the economy runs smoothly.


Highest Power in Abyss Space.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Sovereigns Mantle and cloak.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If half of the lord admiral wishes to hold trial to remove the sovereign, it can be done but the trial will be held by the high lord admiral with a jury of randomly selected admirals under the different lord admirals regime.


The Sovereign was formed after being cut of from Sol, and in very hostile alien territory being unable to retreat for the sake of survival previous rules laws and procedures where rewritten and the fleets sent into martial law until further notice.

Cultural Significance

The Formation of the Lord Admiralty pact lead to increased militarization in abyss space the sovereign is a beacon representing it to it's fullest.

Notable Holders

Samuel Nova Mason Ramirez Violet Wells Seagan Stravinsky Cael Armstrong Nova Tanaka

Nobility, Military
Covenant Charter and Admiralty Command Order-2835
Equates to
Tribunal Minister
Source of Authority
The People
Length of Term
80 years
Related Organizations

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