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Lord Admiralty Pact

When earth was in isolation there was a plan to expand beyond our solar system. The Lazarus Generation fleet was the ones to do such. The destination the Barnard Star System and beyond. But when they reached different systems they found numerous challenges that lead to the formation of the Board of Admirals as the fleet had to focus on militarization instead of expansion just so they could survive. This was cemented when humanity meet the tuleons and engaged them in space combat in the Abyss the place where no ship sent to fight would ever return.   This changed when humanity found a number of alien home worlds some over taken by the Tuelons others just making first contact. In a pitch to survive the Admirals deemed making allies with such aliens was the only way. This paid off, allowing Humanity to finally acquire information on their long destined rival.   The Abyssal Admirals now under the Name the Lord Admiralty Pact do have a designated meeting place and that is Kanethara a super city ship hooked with asteroids. As time passed the Admiral Board grew in number as humanity was able to procreate with less stress. Though with ever changing views the Abyss Admirals focused on self ruling fleets each with different plans and ideas to acquire a foot in hostile space. Renaming the Admiral Board to the Lord Admiralty. Each Lord Admiral holds the hold power over Admirals below them but not of other Lord Admirals or the Admirals not under their our regime.   There are two other rank above Lord Admiral and that is High Lord Admiral this rank is given when the Board of Lord Admirals need a tie breaker or in a need negotiations held. Though this title has only been used once. And Sovereign who rules over the Kanethara and in times of war is able to call upon all admirals   The D.O.L.L.S were a product of such a time proposed by an admiral who sought to make use of everything humanity had to offer.   Though along with bad came good, the now dubbed Abyssal Humans interacted with aliens so much that when Abyssals came back to the sol system they fought for aliens as they were their brothers in arms helping them survive so they would help them be accepted to the Sol Humans who became jaded towards alien life. This was ordered by the High Lord Admiral and taken to heart as they performed the negotiations.   Of course when they did come back and communications were stable they asked if they would like to rejoin under Sol humans banner, They Respectfully declined as they were now independent though still allies to their mother system. Though the Abyss Admirals take shots are the military of Sol despite there resources, they see them as inferior when it comes to getting results.


Sovereign Highlord Admiral Lord Admiral Admiral Captain Others

Public Agenda

Colonize and defend human space


Barnard's Star System


Sovereign Fleet Miracle Navy Honor Attack Force Syndicate Defence Force Expedition Flotilla Revelation Armada Wraith Diversion Fleet Star Shield Military Extinction Corps Onyx Armada Hallowed Space Service


All Unclaimed Children are given the basic needs for education, at age 7 housed in communal barracks, the young soldiers-in-waiting were instructed in scholastics, warfare, stealth, survival and athletics. until age 12 where they start military service training and further specialize.   Dolls learn at a faster rate on count of there Cybernetic Brain enhancements, where as an normal child would be just finishing there service training a doll would be versed enough to teach it.   Clan Children do go through basic training but with the added advantage of being passed down the experience and maybe connections of the Parents and they have an option to join military service.

"Every Star Shall be our Port."

Founding Date
Military, Navy Admiralty
Alternative Names
Abyss Admiralty
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Abyssals, Abyssians
Head of Government
Sovereign Equinox
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Legislative Body
The Sovereign
Parent Organization
Citizen Union
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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