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Selena was the first colony on luna, it was dedicated to research and development of Nuclear power. When world war three began it was the destination of the wayfarers to get the selected portion of humanity to a safe harbor.   As thhe expansion and need for more space was previlant mining and terraforming progress began to have the spirits that came with them fufill their promise they made. The verdict was passed to make a Lunar Agol Farm. It turns out if supplied with enough essence they would grow faster in space, though only at 1 20ith the power of Agolbathite grew on planets.   Now a days Selena still holds some of the most prestigious universities and research centers in the solar system with the wayfarer in it's orbit (Rocky) being refurbished into a science nexus, furthering aiding the technological process as well as the magi tech process.   It was here that the Nexus (internet) was created, often you might hear ads or slogans for Selena like   "Science and Math done right."   "We all know there is nothing more valuable then knowledge."   "Gift someone the gift of learning and spark a life long love of learning and nuture their curiosity building problem solving skills on Luna?"

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