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Menoubra is the inofficial capital of Ouvezia and where most of the political administration is located. Unlike Aresia, Menoubra has no restrictions on who gets to settle there, and the masses of administration officials living there has attracted labor and trade. It is also the central trade hub where all goods headed for Aresia pass through.   Most noble houses have their seats in the countryside around Linal, since the climate is milder there, but keeping at least a town house in Menoubra is a necessity for anyone who wants to play a part in the political theater. Nobles and ambassadors of foreign nations alike have exclusive access to the royal quarter of Aresia, functioning like a gated community to keep the rabble out. It is the highest honor to any non-noble Ouvezian trader to be granted permission to move to a house inside the royal quarters.   Outside of the serene and clean royal quarters, however, Menoubra is a dazzling display of colors, sounds, scents, and smells. It is vibrant and full of life, of the kind that many nobles don't appreciate. Several markets, each specialized on a certain kind of goods and surrounded by warehouses dominate their respectives quarters, and the Officials Quarter is built around the large Announcement Square, where edicts of queen and government are officially announced and displayed.   Scribes and heralds are offering their services for those who can't read and write, reading out and writing their correspondence for them or loudly announcing a certain degree again. The masses of Menoubra have never learned to read and write, yet if they want to move up the social ladder, more and more things require to be fixed in writing.   The most important detail of the Announcement Square, however, is the large pedestal at the northern edge of the square, right in front of the Temple of Dawn. It is here that the Queen and other females of the royal family give birth, proving to all of Ouvezia that their child is of royal blood. The Royal Childbirth is the most anticipated event for all of Ouvezia, and with every royal marriage the rumormongers get new fuel for predictions when the next childbirth will be announced.
Alternative Name(s)
The Capital of the Rabble


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